Baby Creativity

Please don’t think Abhi and Achu have done something super creative like painting a Picasso or designed a better dishwasher for amma, okay? Like I titled, it’s only baby creativity they showed. Aka what surprises this not-at-all creative/innovative mom about something unexpected Abhi and Achu do.

♥ Abhi and Achu have a big bag of stacking blocks. They have gotten so good at stacking, these days. Last time Achu stacked and said her usual, ‘wow’ to tell me she did something. I looked and saw three blocks next to one another. I didn’t realize first. Then it occurred to me that she put those pieces next to one another in line, stacking horizontally. Right? who said all blocks need to be stacked vertically. Huh?

♥ One day to capture Abhi and Achu’s quick attention, I took one of their cute and colorful toy cars and ran them over the wall. Simple, right? Abhi and Achu loved it instantly. Since that day, cars and animal toys are being driven on all the walls. Walls in the living room, next to kitchen, bedroom door etc., etc. Few drives later, Abhi points his car to the roof. Guess what he was doing. He was trying to drive it on the roof too. Now, I didn’t think of that.

♥ Entertaining Abhi and Achu also means, handing them new stuff (non-toys too) once in a while. Last time, I gave them a cooker gasket (that round rubber thingy). Achu carried it around her neck for some time as it were some necklace. When Abhi got his hands on it, he puts it down on the carpet, steps inside the gasket circle and tries to walk, moving the gasket but staying inside it. He tripped a bit but was seriously trying to stay inside and walk. I don’t know where he got that idea from 🙂 .

♥ Eating cereal is one of Abhi and Achu’s favorite things. All though its more like dumping cereal everywhere than eating it. The cereal they eat is tiny little rings. Abhi picks up one ring after the other and instead of eating it, he starts stacking it. Tiny tiny little rings, one on top of the other 🙂 . Meanwhile, Achu noticed cheerios were sticking to her dress (it was pretty colorful), so why not stick them to the wall? (Aka amma has a lot to cleanup each time she hands them bowl of cheerios 🙂 )

♥ Recently, we got back to having Abhi and Achu watch something on laptop when they eat (Thanks to the last sick-week). As long as the songs/ads are running, Abhi and Achu gulp down food as fast they can. Once in while that doesn’t work either. Then we say, ‘Okay. You are not eating. Laptop bye-bye’. They start eating again and laptop is back on. Last time, Abhi wasn’t eating, I flipped the monitor to the other side so that they can’t see. Now, Abhi wasn’t complaining at all. Guess why. He was happily watching the song in the reflection on the mirror on the other side. Hmm 🙂 .


10 thoughts on “Baby Creativity

  1. They are smart and cute 🙂

    I always have a feeling that kids have more fun with stuff like gaskets, utensils, empty card board boxes etc than their toys 🙂 I used to give an empty cereal box to Sarath and he used to have fun with it for hours. It is just amazing how creative they get with that stuff.

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