Mixie Time

I was having another drowsy morning, this morning. Abhi, Achu and I were awake. I played with them for a while and stepped in to the kitchen for cooking. I gave them their precious little sippy cups so that they wont complain about me not being in the living room with them. Abhi and Achu were drinking their favorite kab-kab(water) from the cup. One minute they were on bear and haathi. Abhi, now, wants to drink lying down on carpet. So, copy cat Achu joined him (Of course she grabbed her blanket first).

Few minutes later, I announced, ‘Abhi, Achu…It’s mixie time’. Mixie time is still a big hit with kids. The moment I let them know, they are at the kitchen gate, so excited. I put my hand up in the air, count, 1…2…3 and say ‘Go Mixie’ and we jump all the time mixie is on, singing ‘mixie time, mixie time, mixie time’. When the mixie stops, we do ‘Shakey Shakey’ a bit and resume. These days, Abhi and Achu count with me. Abhi more than Achu. He says,Β  ‘One…Two…Thee… Goooo Missie’. Achu does the jumping part well πŸ™‚ .

But this morning, Abhi and Achu were so engrossed in their sippy cups and trying new places to drink it in that they didn’t pay any attention when I said ‘mixie time’. In the not-so-fresh mood I was in, I decided to go ahead without them. Mixie on, standing there, I was still observing them so busy in drinking water. Suddenly, Abhi gets up smiling. Smiling ear to ear. Looked like he just realized it was mixie time. He Β walks over to the kitchen, but hides behind the corner wall. I was watching him all the time. Waiting there for a second, he pops his head out quietly, beautifully smiling, looking at me. I know this is all in my head, but it totally looked like Abhi was saying ‘Did you think I ignored it was mixie time? I was trying to surprise you’. Soon, Achu joined him and started smiling too.

Of course, I ran mixie extra time so that I could get more of those beautiful smiles. I really don’t know how to express this better, but Abhi made my morning with that silent popping of his head from behind the wall while I was waiting for them πŸ™‚ . He did surprise me. I hope I can remember those beautiful smiles and the feeling for ever. Sometimes, I feel short of words to write what I really feel like. I wish I was better at writing.

Every time after I turn off mixie, Abhi and Achu have to taste what we just made. Like if I made chutney, they have to taste it. Achu actually insists. She says either, ‘taste it’ or ‘put it’ pointing her little finger to her mouth. This morning she asked the same, ‘Taste it?’. I laughed again and said ‘no taste it’ because what I was making was sambhar powder πŸ™‚ .

16 thoughts on “Mixie Time

  1. Cannot get enough of these narratives and happy surprises .Makes me smile every time.
    You are so wrong at the last line of the last second Para. Recording the little things and milestones is one thing but creating memories so beautifully, I have not seen anywhere before. I can only thank you for all the smiles these posts create ,that stay for a long time afterwards.

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