What They Say …

What they say… And what they really mean …


“Amma coming…Amma coming”

“Amma… Stop whatever you are doing and present yourself in the living room next to us…IMMEDIATELY”. Even if I am in the kitchen right next to them, just with a safety gate in between. That’s not acceptable.



Abhi or Achu have stacked blocks and are presenting to us what they stacked. Impressively, sometimes they stack up to 10 or so blocks; Sometimes its just one. Apparently, the first few times they stacked blocks we all said in unison, ‘Woww’. So, now Abhi and Achu display what they stacked with calling it ‘wowww’

Achu: “Abhi Wowwww”

Achu is displaying what Abhi stacked and left behind. She is not the one to take credit for something she didn’t achieve. See, good girl 🙂 .


Abhi: “Abhi’s turn”

Abhi is saying its his turn for something (everything)

Achu: “Abhi’s turn”

Achu is saying its her turn now 🙂 Yep. She calls even Abhi’s turn, her turn. In reality, she hasn’t figured out yet that she is supposed to say ‘Achu’s turn’. Since she is not picking it up, nanny taught her to say ‘my turn’ (trying a new angle).


Abhi and Achu stop whatever they are doing, stand up, stomp on the carpet fast, going round and round screaming ‘Tika Tika Tika Tika’.

That’s the excitement dance that amma or nanna finally came out into the living room 🙂 .


Abhi: “Gud Jub Abhi”

Abhi has accomplished something he thinks he deserves someone to say, ‘Good Job Abhi’. He starts out with clapping for himself first.


Achu: “Mammu…Mammu..”

Achu finds some dust particle on the carpet, picks it up and hands it over to us. And we have to immediately dispose it.



Abhi or Achu, have just scratched off the plastic tapes on the wall or the hair bands on Achu’s head. Since we say ‘Peekava?’ (Removed it?), they immediately say, ‘Peekaba?’


 Achu: ‘HUH! HUH! HUH’

Something is wrong. It could be anything. Any open door; Vase not where it was supposed to be; Nanna leaving his jacket on the couch again (Thanks, Achu); Grocery bags on the floor. Anything where it was not supposed to be, Achu wont accept it.


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