What The Color?

So, a community around here decided to repaint their houses. Good idea; Given that rain here makes everything look dark and old. I mean, if you painted your house today, next rain will make it look like it needs painting again (No. I am assuming paint dried off and rain didn’t wash away the fresh painting). Anyway, they painted. Someone chose blue. Someone painted light blue. One house went with Beige. And there is this another house. They painted Purple. You read it right. They painted their big house, all of it, purple. PURPLE. Really. Not the indoors, not a patch here or there. ALL of it.

Now, I know I have no say in how they paint their house. I know that. But, this house happens to be on the road I drive everyday. Once in the morning and back in the evening. And as someone who fancies elegant homes and is a self-proclaimed interior decorator/enthusiast, can you imagine what my eyes have to endure everyday? PURPLE HOUSE! Really? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

The first time I saw the house all repainted, I swear I wanted to stop by their house and ask them why would they do such thing to the man-kind. I didn’t because I thought they will ask me ‘Alright! So what color is your house?’ and as someone who doesn’t own a home, I wouldn’t have an answer to give. So, I backed off. Decided to close my eyes distract my sight when driving at that point. So far, no success.

So, I thought and thought and thought and came up with a unique and superb solution. To start a foundation called, ‘People Against Purple Houses’. You all are enrolled-in by default, btw. I know you all hate purple houses too. I mean, who doesn’t? (Tell me, if you don’t and I will enroll you into something else) As members of this foundation, our responsibilities are simple. As fun-loving people, we wont go into morchas or rastha-rokos or strikes.

First, you all sign the right NDAs and stuff. Then, we all go partying. Here is what we do. Get a bucket of color. Any color will do. Well, except for purple, of course. We decide on a time; Surround the house (get ladders too) and just dump the paint on the exterior walls of this house. When we are done, this house will be so colorful. Also beautiful (when compared to what it is now). Mission accomplished. My eyes are pleased and my drive gets better. I am happy. We are happy. Now, some of you, checkout my wish-list of toys on Amazon.com and buy those toys. No, no. These toys are not for the house. They are for you to use while you baby-sit and entertain Abhi and Achu. What? When I am fixing all the purple houses in the world, who is going to feed and take care of my kids? (Besides, I don’t think I can write a post without their names popping up. Guilty.)

Nice idea, right? It will be so much fun. Plus, we are doing such a huge favor to the society (Dreaming of a society without purple houses). I have other colors we can attack next. But, they can wait. Purple houses need to be taken care of, first. They are a looming threat to the society. Who knows, the next day, some drunk driver will be driving by that road, look at the purple house, admire it (because he/she is drunk) and paint his house purple. GOD. No.


She’s The Boss

It’s reading time. I say, ‘Okay, Lets read a book’. Achu runs to me first with a book. Which means, she will get to sit in my lap while Abhi sits next to me. It also means that we are reading ‘Baby Duck’ book. It’s her favorite. Achu settles down in my lap while Abhi was standing a few feet away doing something else. Before I could call Abhi, Achu begins – “Abhi… Come Here”. Abhi walks to us. “Sit here”, she continues, pointing to whatever space was left in my lap after she occupied it. Abhi didn’t decide to share my lap with her, so sat right next to him and we read the ‘Baby duck’ book in Achu’s style (as in, she decides when we flip a page or what we focus on)


Abhi and Achu’s new obsession –  Standing on the end table, pulling the light fixture next to it, examining the lights and then move to standing on the window. Achu is now standing on the table, while nanny is watching her. I just got back from work and I told her I would go change and come back in 2 minutes (The magical phrase. As far as kids know – we go to office or anywhere and come back in 2 minutes). But, I went near her, anyway. She sends me away. ‘Bye-Bye Bye-Bye’. Okay. That’s my clue. Change first. Same is applicable for removing my jacket before going to her. Jacket has to be removed and hung in the closet or I will never hear the end of ‘HUH’s from her. So, I go change and go to where she was still standing. Now, when I am standing next to her, it means at some point she has to get down. She didn’t want that. Looks at me and says, ‘Amma Two mitts. Bye-bye. Bye-Bye’. She actually sent me away.


Abhi and Achu are stacking blocks. I ask Abhi to stack blue blocks and he starts to stack blue blocks. I look at Achu, show her red blocks and ask her to stack those. ‘NO’, a response comes from her. Pretty clearly. She picks up other type of blocks and stacks them.


Achu has my phone. She is flipping, playing songs, trying to increase the volume to infinity, playing video, changing profile photo, giving my phone a different and meaningless name each time; So many things. Abhi sits down next to her, brings his little finger to phone and just TRIES to touch it. “ABHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… NOOOOOO TOUCHEYYYY”. Screaming.

While they are playing in the closet, Achu starts pulling out some clothes from the closet. Abhi comes in and starts doing the same. “ABHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… NOOOOOO TOUCHEYYYY”.

Abhi grabs her blanket. Even if he intended to give that to her, in that one micro sec, she goes, “ABHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… NOOOOOO TOUCHEYYYY”.

She may not be able to express it clearly. What she means is – I own everything in this house. I can do anything I want. But when Abhi tries to do it, it’s a big “ABHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… NOOOOOO TOUCHEYYYY”.


Nanny or I are in the kitchen and we accidentally left a cupboard door open. “DOOR OPUN”, “DOOR OPUN”, “DOOR OPUN”, “DOOR OPUN”. Screaming in loop. Until one of us runs and closes the door. One time, I left the freezer door a little ajar, by mistake. I didn’t even realize it. But, nothing can escape from Achu. She could see that tiny thing too. “DOOR OPUN”, “DOOR OPUN”, she went. She stood next to the kitchen gate, kept screaming until I found which one she was talking about and closed it. When nanny’s kid is here, he usually forgets to close the bathroom door behind him. Guess, who comes to the rescue? 🙂


Abhi is doing some funny walking and I am trying to record it on my phone. I keep talking to Abhi, when suddenly Achu opens a book next to me and finds a balloon. And of course I have to see it immediately. “AMMA.. BAOON”, “AMMA.. BAOON”, “AMMA.. BAOON”, she screams until I stopped whatever I was doing  and gave her attention. So, I watch the video now and I see Abhi doing funny walk somewhere in the corner and Achu screaming “AMMA.. BAOON” in loop.

She will make sure she gets attentions. Always. 🙂

One Dinner

During a weeknight, we made an impromptu trip to a restaurant. We don’t usually do that because of kids schedule and all. But, this day I was feeling pretty low about something and just wanted to cheer myself up. We got kids ready and headed to an Italian restaurant.

♠ Abhi and Achu spotted moon in the clear sky. It’s worth mentioning because there are no real clear skies here much. Even if there were any, Abhi and Achu wont be out at that time of the night. While Abhi stared at the moon, Achu spotted the ‘Tarrr’ (star) too.

♠ Her highness, Achu doesn’t like being driven in the cars these days. Of course, not. No one can hold her in the car, right? You know, I forgot to get her blanket with us this time? So we had to go back home to get it. There is really no Achu without the blanket.

♠ From the last visit to this restaurant, I started giving Abhi and Achu outside food. Last time we were here, I gave them little pieces of bread sticks and they ate. This time, Abhi wanted to take the whole piece, take a bite himself and eat (That’s the growing up part. Aww. My eyes are wet) . Achu carefully held on to the bread stick without taking a bite. Nope. We can’t trick her into eating anything. Even if she is at a restaurant, seated at a table, holding food in her hand. No fooling her, No.

♠ As if someone didn’t know how to make pieces of a bread stick, Abhi tore little pieces of it and threw it around the table. I am sure he called the pigeons to come eat, they just didn’t get the message. (Poor waiters had a lot to cleanup. But, hey. Compare to what we do at home, this is nothing.)

♠ Abhi and Achu smiled, said ‘Hiiiiiiii’ to everyone walking by, seated at the next tables. Achu stared at others like it was all her business. When I was taking a video of them, she told me, ‘Photo bye-bye’. When I didn’t listen to her, she pointed to camera and yelled, ‘Put it here’, ‘Put it here’, ‘Put it here’ (On the table).

♠ When the sippy cups surfaced on the table, Abhi and Achu decided to pour water from the sippy-cups (that we carefully washed and cleaned) into plastic transparent God-knows-where-it-came-from cup and drink it from there.

♠ Murali and I got up only about 10 times (each) from our table to get Abhi and Achu something that they accidentally threw.

♠ Food was tasty (Of course, right. It’s Italian. It’s all cheese) . We ordered more number of appetizers than the main course.


♠ On our way back, Murali said our kids are very well-behaved when in a restaurant (typical Dad, right!!). I said, Wait for it.

Going out to dinner on a weeknight was actually much better than going out on a weekend. Weekend means, cooking, cleaning, feeding kids and then stepping out. Weekdays, since I have help, few things are already taken care of (Feeding them, I mean feeding them. The most tiring one). So, weeknight dinners are my current favorites (provided Abhi and Achu continue to behave well) 🙂 .

More Baby Talk

It’s breakfast time for Abhi and Achu. Bread toast – Not Achu’s favorite. In fact, anything that needs to be touched with her hands or chewed upon and then swallowed is not her favorite. So, she is protesting, kicking her legs, trying to get out of the booster seat, screaming, yelling, fake crying, everything. The whole package. Nanny suddenly asks, ‘How are you doing Achu?’. Achu continues to do what she was doing. Along with all that, she screams in response, ‘Pine. Pine. Pine’ (Fine).


Abhi, Achu and I are doing cleany-cleany with baby wipes near the entrance door (Yes, Out of the whole house, they chose this specific place to clean). Abhi is wearing a T-shirt with an alligator on it. I ask him, ‘Abhi, what’s on your shirt?’.

Abhi: “Aggator baby”

I am laughing at what he said and asking him to repeat while Achu was saying a million ‘Huh’s asking me what was on her dress. I tell her ‘You have flowers on your dress, Achu’.

She asks, ‘Nice?’

Me: ‘Yes, Very nice Achu’.

She points to Abhi’s dress and asks, ‘Abhi, Nice?’.

Me: “Yes Achu. Abhi’s dress also very nice. Whats on my dress?”

(I was wearing a hello-kitty t-shirt and was hoping they could see it)

Abhi: Keetanu (germs)

I laugh out loud. How come they are wearing flowers and exotic animals while I have Keetanu on my dress? Not fair.

Meanwhile, Abhi continues to elaborate on the alligator details.

“Biiiig Aggator Baby”

“Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Aggator Baby”

Apparently the Alligator is so big (and yet a baby, somehow) that he had look up to the roof when saying big. It was that big. 🙂


Achu has done something and we need to say ‘Good job’. I say it (I am not the one to have a bone to pick with her on that),

“Nanna, good job?”, she asks.

“Yes, Nanna is also saying good job”.

“Pama, good job?”

“Yes, Pama is also saying good job”.

Then she confirmed our nanny, our nanny’s son will also say good job. I say, yes and yes.

“Buthabey, good job?”

Buthabey!! Really? Our fish? Sigh. I said ‘Oh.Yes. Buthabey also says good job’

“Blanket, good job?”

Sigh! That was the last. How can I say blanket is saying ‘good job’. By the way, the tiniest thing she did that she thought deserved a ‘good job’ from us, didn’t take as long as the ‘good jobs’ did.


Few months ago, I showed Abhi and Achu where brain was. I pointed a single finger to my head and poked it 2-3 times and said, ‘Brain’. That’s it. That response got locked in Abhi’s and Achu’s brain. Now, whenever we ask them, ‘Where is your brain?’, they point a single finger and poke their head.

So, last week I asked them again. Where is amma’s brain? nanna’s? Pama? etc etc. Abhi and Achu showed them all perfectly (aka poked our head a little more than they need to).

Then Abhi asks, ‘Buthabey’s?’. Hmm. I didn’t think of buthabey’s. But since I wont let them poke that tiny fish, Abhi pointed to the bowl saying, ‘Buthabey’s brain’. Fine.

Next time, he asked, ‘kaki?’. Since kaki (crow) was no where around, he pointed to the patio door, saying ,’Kaki’s brain’.

Some time later, nanny asks, ‘Abhi, where is my brain?’ and Abhi just stands there not doing or saying anything. Poor thing, nanny was just laughing. I didn’t know what to say.

Welcome Here

Dear Vaks,

Okay. I didn’t go with the other short names we discussed. No. Somehow ‘Vaks’ seems nice to me. Its original too, right? :). So, its been some 3 months we got back in touch with each other. Honestly, I still can’t believe we have been the BEST of friends for 4 years and then lost touch with each other for some 10 YEARS. I just don’t believe it. But, that night I heard from you, that moment you told me it was you (because I didn’t save your number on my phone), it has to be one of the best moments of life. I mean, getting back in touch with you.

You know Vaks, as much as you made me happy and excited that night, you also made me cry like a baby. You, telling me details about that horrible accident. You, H and my little precious A going through that phase. How I wish that never happened. How I wish I was at least there to help you get through. How I wish A never had to see such thing in her life. But, it all happened. You know, you are so strong Vaks. You got through that. You recuperated. You are back enjoying life. Going to work. Taking care of A. You are doing such an amazing job. You are indeed the strongest to have faced what you did and most importantly, survived that. I am so thankful that you all got out of it. Still, each time you tell me you are in pain again, my heart breaks. I feel that pain like my kids are sick and in pain. I SO wish you wouldn’t feel that. I really wish you a complete recovery very soon. I want to see you out of those shoes and wearing anything you want. Doing anything you want. I know you will get there very soon. I believe in it happening. I just do.

What do I say about the last few weeks I have been chatting with you everyday. I have realized we have been through so many phases in our life – wedding, pregnancy, kids, jobs, places etc., but the friendship hasn’t changed at all. We still talk like we used to. Like it was just yesterday we spent the whole night on the street waiting for your brothers to come home and let us in. We missed the premier of Kuch Kuch Hota hain on Sony TV that night (something, we have been so waiting for). You are still the queen of PJs 🙂 . No one can compete with you on that. I recollect all about our good times, these days. Remember the time we were chased on our scooty? That time we went to exhibition? All the movies we watched? Me sitting in your class in your college? (Ohh! How much we wished we both went to the same college, right!!). Oh! I almost forgot. Our diary. Having spent chunk of a day together, it was only appropriate for us to write a dairy together. Remember the first entry? About you predicting that some kid was going to tear his sisters nice dress and THAT prediction coming true? LOL. You are a genius Vaks 🙂 . Remember how we would gobble all snacks down fast from that chat place; We even checked menu items off the list one time because we didn’t know what to order. I must specifically remind us of that time you bought first day first show tickets for a popular movie, showed it off to all of us, but took us (including our moms) to the wrong theatre.  ROFL. Like I said, you are a genius.

Btw, it is in my plans to sit down and record all our adventures. I would give anything to relive those days. That was life. That was fun. That was FUN.

The day you pinged Vaks, as much happy I was about being able to talk to you everyday, I was also worried inside that I would lose touch with you again. But, I think we have learnt our lesson well. No matter what way. We sort of tell each other we wont lose touch again and we mean it. 🙂 So, I will say this now. I will bug you everyday for the rest of my life. I am so happy you are back in my life. I want to hear all about your day. I want to hear everything about A. I want to tell you everything about my day.

Except for kids and Murali, I havent said this much to anyone else; I love you so much. I love little A just like she is my own. I wish you all good health and happiness, every moment of life.

And with that, Welcome here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

With lots of LOVE,


P.S: I might even make you start blogging, pretty soon. So prepare for that. 🙂


Baby Talk

Amma and Nanna go home in the evening. After saying Hiiis etc., Abhi runs to go get something. Comes back saying, ‘AMMA…NANNA.. ZEE THAT..’ ( See that), so excitedly and shows us one of his toys.


Abhi is on his toy phone having a chat with someone/something that I can’t decipher. Few minutes, he is done talking. Comes to me and says,

‘Amma… Look at that. Cows saying – Hi Abhi ‘.

Amma is speechless.


Achu and Amma walk into the living room in the morning. The moment she steps out in the room, Achu looks at the patio and the sun shining bright, says, ‘Sunny!’


Achu was crying in the other room while Amma was putting Abhi to bed in his room. Abhi hears Achu cry and asks ‘What is that Sound?’

Amma is impressed.

Another time, Abhi passes gas. Asks me again, ‘What is that Sound?’

Amma is laughing so crazy because she doesn’t know what to say.


Abhi had a pee accident. In the corner of the room, near the end table. P walks in that same moment when we discover the spot. Abhi looks at P, shows her the pee spot and asks, ‘What did you do? Pama’

(P = Pama)

P is stunned. Rest of us are laughing crazy, again.


Indoor tent is not in any shape close to what it should be. It should have been sort of a square box, where as it’s currently looking like a cave.

Nanny asks, ‘Who did it?’

They answer, “Abhi, Achu did it”

We are yet to find who is responsible for those pencil arts on our bedroom door.

(Amma also needs to find out where they sell this magic eraser in bulk)


Abhi and Achu are self-instructing babies. Is this any cue to how they are going to be in future? They only do what they want to do? And why do they need to announce everything they are doing? (Okay, I am not complaining. I am really amused they do that 🙂 )

Achu finds the alligator toy on the table. Before she grabs it, she says, ‘Take it.’

Abhi gets a book. Since he is equally fond of tearing and eating pages as much as reading them these days, he says, ‘Eat it’. (Really Abhi, REALLY?)

Achu is actually crying/cranky for some reason (There could be a million reasons, you know 🙂 ). What she wants now is kab-kab in a bottle. Fine. I give her a bottle. She is still in crying mode. Whining a bit. Walks to Bear and tells herself, whiningly, ‘Lie down’.

Abhi or Achu don’t want to stay in their crib. And hence comes the instruction, ‘Come out’. (Why did I ever say that to them?)

Any kind of thing that Achu cant name yet and still wants it is ‘Mant it’ (Want it). Mixie time is done. Achu is ready with ‘Taste It?’ or ‘Put it’.

(Word ‘It’ rules Abhi and Achu’s dictionary. Every sentence has to end with ‘It’)

Achu gets to the couch or our bed. Now-a-days it’s a cake walk for her to climb anything. In that one second it takes for her to get on the couch, she goes, “Ekku” (climb). Later “Digu” (Get down) first and she gets down.

As if self-instructions were not enough, they pass instructions to me on what to do. This morning I went to Abhi’s room after he woke up. He was still in his crib. He says, ‘Etthuko Abhi’ (Pick up Abhi). Later comes,  ‘Kab-kab here’ (Put water in the bottle).

Its Achu’s sleep time. She walks into the bedroom while I follow her. As soon as the bedroom door closes, comes my first instruction, ‘ON ON ON’ (Turn the night light on). She steps on the bed sometimes, finds something, says ‘Thow’ (throw) and throws it away.

And why would anything stop Abhi and Achu to give instructions to each other? Last time, Abhi ran away with Achu’s potty seat (Thankfully nothing inside 🙂 ) . Achu runs behind him, literally screaming, ‘Abhiiiii…Put itt…’ (She means put it down). Achu is taking it all to the next level, claiming everything as her own. She says ‘No Touchey’ to Abhi over something she has, just like we would tell the kids. She means it 🙂 .

And there is the constant going or coming of everything. ‘Walkie coming’, ‘Car going’, ‘Abhi Going’,’ Amma coming’. According to kids, there is just a lot of hustle in the house. Everything and everyone going and coming 🙂 .


And my other little darling A told her mom that Sun’s full name is Santoor. Aww. These kids!!