Pending Settlement

Dear Murali, You couldn’t come be with us and help me out last weekend. I understand. Don’t feel guilty. You were asking if there was anything you can do for me. Yes, there is something. Here it is. PAY UP. You OWE ME some 200 bucks. And its been 2 full months since 2013 ended, already. Seriously, pay up, please.


And to give the rest of you a little background, here is my proof. Right after we came back from India trip, I was breaking glasses/plates as expected and  P soon joined the bandwagon. I don’t know if Murali was panic-struck looking at the emptying cupboards, but he stuck a paper to the door and started making a list. Little did he know he will end up with the heavy dues to pay. Hahaha.

This is for the last few months of 2013, btw. I have also decided to show off my awesome editing skills via this. If you think I could have done a better job, read this 🙂 .

(Notice dad writes Achu’s name first?)


When it comes to broken things,

1. If you broke the object, it’s added to your account

2. If you find the object broken, it’s added to your account. (As in the ‘1 bowl’ assigned to P in her account. She found it broken. Don’t know who broke it )

Initial idea, I think, was also to write what all Abhi and Achu were responsible for. But when, mother nature found out about this list, she was afraid we will be out of paper and there by trees on the planet if we start recording what kids are responsible for. So, for her sake, we dropped the idea.

Almost all the money we lost/gained here is because of bets. Mostly, stupid bets. But hey, why would I complain? I am the one winning here. +120 to Dil was a double or nothing win. Hahahaha. Murali actually owes me more than what’s listed here, I can be very generous, sometimes.

And coming to the what P and I owe to one another, at the end  of the year, P bought a box of 4 glasses. So that settles what we were supposed to give back.

Here is what we have (so far) for 2014.


Looking at his track record, I decided to give Murali the maximum space 🙂 . Murali owing me one is for taking care of car during the new years. One weekend evening, P made perfect tea and put 4 spoons of salt instead of sugar. I haven’t still decided what’s the penalty for that. P and I lost some bets to Murali recently in a cricket game bet. He said score was going to be 292. P said 280, I said 310. Guess what, the score was 292. Hmm. I should have checked if it was a live match. What if we were watching a recording and didn’t know? Huh! Okay. Now, that +10 to Murali is tentative and pending investigation.

Baby awake tests are simple. We do it all the time and I win it all the time. Basically, we leave after kids sleep and before we go home we bet which baby will be awake/still asleep. 10 for each baby we predict correctly.

See. I haven’t broken anything yet in 2014? 🙂 I cant believe it. (Even if I do, I will just hide it and let P or Murali find it 😛 )

So, Please hope Murali and P lose lots of bets, I don’t break anything when someone is around and Murali, I don’t accept checks. Cash or Jewelry only.

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