First Dance

I will write in detail about our ACTUAL twin troubles later, how Abhi and Achu fight etc. etc, but for the purpose of this post, let me sum up how it is for now. As of now, Abhi and Achu don’t get along that well. They want the same toy all the time. Abhi grabs something first, Achu wants to takes it away from him. Achu has something else, Abhi quickly grabs it and runs away. Few weeks ago, Achu was the crazy baby hitting Abhi when she was frustrated. Thankfully, I was able to deal with it fine and she has now forgotten about the hitting (or is taking a break).  But, now its Abhi’s turn to hit Achu. In addition, he seems to be also reminding his sister about hitting. Sigh! Sigh! (One for Abhi, One for Achu). Oh! There is more. When I am around and when its sleeping time, they both are super possessive about me. Achu insists only she can sit or sleep in my lap, for the rest of eternity. Abhi hates when Achu wants to read with us. So on and on goes the list.

(But, it’s all okay. I don’t think they need to start getting along, right now. They have different personalities, they are growing up at a different pace, so its okay. We resolve every conflict individually, but I am not making any big conscious effort to make them best friends, right now. Besides, they wont get the big picture except for the little things we teach then. It will take time.)

And, in a situation like this, imagine my joy when the following happens.

Yesterday evening, after our regular round of entertainment time (that included cleaning floor with baby wipes, Achu wiping her toy travel suit case, tiger chasing babies, stacking and crashing blocks, eating dumping cereal everywhere etc. etc.), I played songs on my laptop. I have a usual playlist on raaga I play for kids. Few selected movie songs. Abhi and Achu were listening and playing while I asked Achu to dance with me. Murali and Achu danced a bit on the last weekend he was here, so I held Achu’s hands in mine, did a little baby dance moving hands, taking few steps etc. Next, it was Abhi’s turn. Kids seemed to enjoy it. After a while another song began. Abhi comes to me and asks me to hold his hands and dance. I was so amused he was asking me to dance, but, since our copy cat Achu has started to ask me the same, I asked them to hold each other hands, instead of mine. Now, I was expecting that to result in utter chaos. Like, Achu falling on the carpet, kicking her legs and complaining while Abhi would start his real-fake cry routine. But, to my utter disbelief, they held each other hands and starting moving a little like what I did with them. I was literally stunned as I expected the exact opposite. I quickly grabbed my phone and started shooting. I asked them to move a bit and they did. Abhi looked just happy to oblige my word and hold Achu’s hand, but, Achu was thoroughly enjoying it. She was the one moving the hands, actually. It was so beautiful. Few seconds into it, Abhi decides to examine the flowers on Achu’s dress and give her a hug while all Achu wanted was hold his hands and dance. She kept asking, but Abhi moved onto do his zombie acting and ran into the tent, while Achu ran behind him giving him her hands 🙂 . She liked it really. And of course, me the most 🙂 . And I got it all on video. Yayy! The only problem is that the over-happy-me was sounding so excited on the video that I had to watch it on mute 🙂 .

Few minutes later, they danced again. Achu was little disappointed when Abhi left again. They haven’t forgotten what they did. This morning, I stopped them from a small fight over blocks, dragged them out of the tent and made them dance. They enjoyed it again. Me, still the most 🙂 .

This is what made me feel a lot good yesterday night. Finally, there might be, after all, a chance that they will be best friends. We just need to find more moments like this 🙂 .


18 thoughts on “First Dance

  1. I am going awwww with this post 🙂 they play as if they are a two cubs, but when they are united, its more than anything that need to be compared 🙂 and i am happy you shoot it 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh I can totally imagine their dance! Glad you could shoot it on your phone 🙂 And I am sure when you watch the video a few years from now, you would love the excitement in your voice too 🙂

    You know, I and sister used to fight for amma’s lap too. Both of us were possessive about Amma. And yet, we are now the bestest of friends 🙂 So I can totally imagine Abhi and Achu fighting for you 🙂 No doubt they will be best friends when they grow up 🙂

  3. It must have been adorable 🙂

    Don’t worry about them being best friends for now. In my opinion, siblings have the right to fight with each other 🙂 But, they will love each other so much than we would ever know.

    As always, I love reading your posts about them 🙂

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