Thier Own Ways

Achu’s favorite food is Sambhar. When feeding, if I say, ‘Achu, Sambhar mammu’, she will open her mouth wide and quickly gulp the food down. But, but, if that food didn’t taste like sambhar (Well, we of course use this trick to get her to open mouth), she will not stop until she spits out the last piece of whatever she ate. Plus, she will also give us a really dirty look.

Abhi’s favorite food is ‘Last spoon’. Say, ‘Abhi, last spoon’ and show him an empty bowl, he will open his mouth. He is kind enough to finish the feeding headache process by considering the last spoon of food at least. I am not saying he will let us put the food inside his mouth or swallows it. But, what to do! That’s as good as it can get.

However, If I ask them, ‘what are you eating?’ or ‘what do you want to you?’, answer from both of them is always, ‘Rasam mammu’.


Abhi’s way of reading books is like – Get one book from the basket (“Ocean Wonders”. Its almost always Ocean Wonders), sit in our lap and follow what we read or show him. Every word we say. Every thing we show him. Sometimes he goes back a page, if he wants us to read it again to him.

Achu, being Baby No. 2 has two ways of reading books…

             – She gets a book (has some preferences, but, in general, is okay with most of the books), sits in my lap or on bear/haathi/booster seat/potty seat, opens the book. I turn to page no. 1, she says ‘All done’ and puts the book back in the box.

             – Gets a book. Opens it. Points to Object number 1, say, a pumpkin. I say, ‘Its a pumpkin’. Next points to an orange. I say, ‘Orange’. Points back to pumpkin. I say Pumpkin. Next Orange. Next Pumpkin. She just keeps pointing to the same one or two objects and we just keep repeating their names until we get tired (she never does). Either she is trying to be very thorough or is teaching us those things.


“Abhi, This is Porcupine”

Abhi (After one or two practices) says, ‘Porcupine’.

“Kookaburra”. Perfectly repeats, “Kookaburra”

“Achu, Say porcupine”.

Achu says  “Taka Taka”

“Hmm. Say, Kookaburra”

Again says  “Taka Taka” and laughs

Once again, I remind myself to not ask her anything. I go back to Abhi.

“Abhi, say Macaw”

Abhi responds, ‘Taka Taka’ and laughs too


14 thoughts on “Thier Own Ways

  1. ha ha ha i am happy at the day end you are too sane 😀 🙂 oh my god i thought they are a silent kids who are too way chamathu 🙂 but boy 😀 how many story coming up 🙂 achu i cant believe this, you are so vallu than your bro 😀

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