Last Week

Phew! Another tiring week, last week. Both Abhi and Achu were sick. Starting last Sunday night, I have been pretty much sleepless at nights. Sunday night, Abhi first fell sick. He was sick for about two days. He was recovering when Achu caught the cold and cough from him and fell sick (Yep, always Double Dhamaka for me right!). Then, they both were sick and now, not better completely yet, but recovering. Nights had been the same as before. Me, shuttling between the two rooms putting each of them back to bed. I also ended up taking the first three days off hoping I could sleep at least in the morning, but that didn’t work either. I had to put them to bed in the same room for few days (they are not used to it, yet) and both of them ended up complaining a lot, going to sleep crying (and waking multiple times crying). Sigh! I could just keep writing on how hard it was.

Friday night, I was putting them to bed again in the same place and I figured out a better way. It didn’t work completely, but it was much better. That’s what makes me feel better after these days happen. End of the week, I gain some confidence that I learnt something and that I survived it. Enduring all this is hard, but it gets better (touch wood 😦 ).  It all has to get over at some point, right! Friday night, I did better, at least in the aspect of putting kids in the same place. I have been thinking of doing this for a while, but I keep postponing it since I don’t see the immediate need.  But, I need to do it now, at least.

When kids get sick, what I hate most is that they get so crazy that they forget all that I have taught them. Even after they get better. Abhi doesn’t want to sleep in the crib. Wants to be rocked to sleep while I hold him and walk in the room. Achu doesn’t want to be put down. After they get better, they forget how they used to sleep or behave before. It took us two days to keep telling Achu we don’t have to hold her because she is better. One night, just one night, Achu sees me rocking Abhi to sleep and now she wants me to do the same to her 😦 . I worked so hard (months really) to get rid of that habit and now, she is back to square one. Crying to sleep etc.etc. She used to even sleep on her own without any of us in the room for couple of weeks, a while ago. She caught cold then, and after that she wont sleep on her own again. She fights so much, which is what makes teaching her something she doesn’t like, SO tough and worse. I some what negotiated with her again today, gave her a little of what she wants and yet didn’t give in completely and she slept. God knows how its going to go for the next few days. I really wish I had better help and a backup. I need a clone. Clone of me, really.

Thursday, I had to go to work for meetings. In the morning, I cooked for kids and thought I would sleep for few minutes and I just dozed off. I woke up an hour later and rushed to work. I didn’t wash the dishes as I would normally.  I came home in the evening and realized our nanny had washed all the dishes. She usually washes one or two I leave in the sink, once in a while (even though I asked her not to do it). But, this time, it was full load of dirty dishes, not just kids. Ours too. I thanked her in the evening and she said, ‘you looked very tired and I wanted to help you’. I felt very thankful.

Last week was also tough on work front. I had to do something I don’t like doing. I took someone else’s advice and did something and ended up screwing it. I still don’t know if what happened was for my good or bad, but I couldn’t do anything to fix it. I will just have to wait and see. (I really want my mentor back 😦 )

Murali couldn’t come be with us this weekend. Timing couldn’t have been worse. I could have really used some help this week. Abhi and Achu are getting crazier by day and being sick makes it more worse. Hopefully they wont fall sick again this season.


15 thoughts on “Last Week

  1. oooph..just reading your turmoil is getting me the feeling of exhaustion. Managing twins and the home and being a working woman is definitely not a walk in the park !!!
    You are one Super Woman !!! Trust me you are doing great !
    Just a matter of time DOR, as they grow up things will surely get better 🙂

  2. Hugs Dil, it isn’t easy to manage home and work especially when kids fall sick. I have gone through it and I wish I could do something, all I can do is to pass you a virtual hug. You will be OK, hang in there.

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