Little Things About Achu

♦ Achu doesn’t like Sun. When we are in car and little sunshine (whenever we get blessed and that happens) falls on her face, she squints, twists her face, covers her face with blanket, will pull the canopy seat over her face; anything to keep that light away. She also tells us ‘Turn’ to turn the car so that light wont fall on her (Just by fluke?). Last time nanny was trying to change Achu’s diaper next to patio where sun was out again, Achu started squinting and covering her face again. She would have literally hid her face behind the yucky diaper, if she had to. Luckily, nanny moved her over, so she was okay. (Worried about you complexion already, Achu?). But, no worries. She will fit perfectly in Seattle weather since there is not much sun here, anyway.

♦ Achu has sort of baseline. If she is used to drinking milk on a pillow on the carpet (this was before we had Bear and Haathi), she wants that every time. No change accepted. One time I gave her a bottle of water, she goes looking for her pillow for drinking even that. Now-a-days every drink needs to be had either on Bear or Haathi. No where else.

♦ When Achu has to signal that she wants to go sleep, she will pick up her blanket and go bang on the bedroom door, where her crib is. After she got used to sleeping on her pillow, she takes blanket in one hand, pillow in another and walks to her room. (And we think its easy being a baby)

♦ Achu loves her blanket. Period. Anytime she is cranky, if she is given her blanket, she will be better (i.e. makes less drama). Since blanket is made unavailable not available most of the time, she loves to hold some object in her hand. Not anything. She has few things she approved. Most of them are round. For many days, she carried a plastic CD toy disc in her hand. Some other days, it’s the Vicks baby rub bottle. When we visited kids first nanny R’s house few days ago, R gave her a real orange. Achu carried that orange for two days, calling it tomato.

♦ Sometimes she is a mystery. When I started to let them play in one of the bedrooms, after I opened the door, Achu runs into bedroom, comes back into living room trying to find something. She looks and looks, finds the Vicks baby rub bottle and takes it into bedroom. For few days, she didn’t go to bedroom without the baby rub bottle. Last time I caught her licking her hands in her crib. She bangs her head on wall once, she complains of pain (of course), but goes back and bangs her head again. I still don’t know why she is sometimes scratching her back on the wall.

♦ Talking about Achu’s talents, her recent once is doing magic when we play along. She first shows you an orange, makes some funny faces, hides the orange, pretends like its gone and takes it out from where she hid it and says ‘Mazzic’. Also, she has improved her yoga position. Now she lets her hands go and is trying to do a somersault.

♦ Yesterday, I was pointing to her some baby in a book and she immediately tilts her head, rests it on her shoulder saying ‘Awwww’ and falls on the carpet. So, now she thinks she is grownup already, that she is going awww over another baby? 🙂


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