If Only I Had A Penny

       ….. For every sleepless night and for every morning I woke up tired,

       ….. For every day I felt useless at everything despite all I do in a day,

       ….. For every moment that I felt so lonely and wished I had someone who would understand me,

       ….. For every time someone said, ‘Oh, you are a strong person. You are managing home, work and kids and that too without your husband’ and I wanted to yell back, ‘No.  I am not’ and wanted to bang my head at the nearest wall,

       ….. For every drive back from office or dinner time that I had to listen to office politics and things about others that I definitely don’t care about,

       ….. For every time someone from India says something stupid about how I raise my kids or what we do here and each time I wanted to give them a straight response but shut up,

       ….. For every time I wished I made different choices in life,

       ….. For every time Abhi and Achu fell sick, suffered and I felt worse,

       ….. For every day I stayed back home from work because I don’t have a backup for kids and felt guilty and punished for doing so,

       ….. For every time I wished my dream world was real and that’s were I lived,

….. I would be so damn rich!!


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