Even though Abhi and Achu have been saying lot of words for quite some weeks now, I still can’t believe we are getting to the point of having conversations now. Some of the words they say or responses they give us are making some sense now. They use few words quite often correctly. Some of the conversations are so funny for me.


I am in kitchen, cooking. Abhi is standing at the kitchen gate following what I am doing.

“Abhi, look… Okra. I am making okra curry for you both today.”

Abhi stays busy observing other things. Few minutes later, P walks in and asks me,

‘Hey, What are you making for lunch today?’

Abhi responds, “Okra”.


One of the words Abhi and Achu grasped very well is ‘Done’. They let us know when they are done doing something. Like they say ‘Mammu Done’ in a minute after we start feeding them. Achu doesn’t like taking bath, these days. She keeps screaming ‘All done..All done’ during her bath time. They are done reading a book, they put it away and say ‘All done’. Same goes for diaper/dress changes too. Recently, I was laying down on the carpet for a minute resting. Achu walks to me. I tell her I am resting. She responds, ‘All done’ and tries to pull me up.


“Abhi, look at the time. Its 8:40. Tell me, what is the time?”

“One Chapathi”

I have no idea where that came from.


Each time I am busy with something and Abhi, Achu walk to me, I say ‘Hi, Abhi’ or ‘Hi, Achu’ to acknowledge them and continue doing what I do. Abhi realized this after few days. Now, whenever he comes to me in the middle of the play, he says ‘Hi amma’. I respond, ‘Hi nanna’ or ‘Hi Abhi’. He likes this so much, now-a-days he comes to me to only say this, listens to my response and goes away to do his things. Achu, of course picked this up watching Abhi 🙂 . She says the same ‘Hi amma’ waving her hands at me. Its one of my favorite moments in the day when they say this. And they say it so many times, everyday.


Abhi and Achu think we do everything as family. Like Abhi says, ‘Amma bajjundi, Nanna bajjundi, Abhi bajjundi, Achu bajjundi (bajjundi=Sleeping)’. Achu says, ‘Wakeup amma, Wakeup nanna, Wakeup Abhi, Wakeup Achu’. If it was just things like this it would have been fine. Unfortunately, there is also, ‘Amma Poopy, Nanna poopy, Abhi poopy, Achu poopy’.


In an attempt to teaching ownership and taking turns, we introduced words like ‘Abhis’, ‘Achus’ to their dictionary. They grasped it pretty fast and really well. Achu looks at all the clothes in our closet and says, ‘Nannas’. Oho. Poor Achu. I tell her those are all ‘Ammas’ 🙂 . Yesterday, while I was cleaning up Abhi in the kitchen, Abhi looks at the ton load of dishes in the sink to be washed and says , ‘Ammas’. Sigh!


One of the movies Abhi and Achu watched a bit is Polar Express. I used to repeat one of the dialogues from the movie, ‘We need more altitude’. Abhi and Achu love it. They repeat with this as ‘We need more….Attitude’. That’s right. We need that too.


Coming, Going are probably the words Abhi and Achu use the most. That too correctly. They take the walker or are going to leave the room, Abhi says ‘Abhi going’.  He is trying to get behind the barrier, keeps screaming ‘Going, going, going’. Achu wants me to come out of the kitchen, she yells, ‘Amma coming. Amma coming’. My surprise moment came, few weeks ago, when we were watching something on Netflix and the video was still being streamed, Abhi says, ‘Coming.’


Abhi and Achu are lying down on bear and haathi and drinking milk.

Abhi looks at his milk bottle and asks, ‘Amma, Nanna, Abhi, Achu –  What is this’ (See, he has to ask the whole family)

I answer, ‘This? This is your Sippy cup’.

Achu asks, ‘Is it?’

Abhi responds, ‘It is.’

I am just staring at each of them and having a hearty laugh at the conversation I heard.  I still can’t believe we had this conversation.


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