What’s The Title?

So, What’s the title? I didn’t want to give away the title first because I thought no one would come to read this. So, initially I meant to say whatever I wanted to say and then write the title at the end. But since I am a good person and would want to give you the choice to read these stories, no matter how funny they are, I will let you know the title now. Its ‘Potty Training Stories’. Run if you want to. Now!

Btw, If you are a parent already, you have already crossed all this stage and will read all the potty stories like ‘whatever’. I know, I will.

Also, hence forth, Amma has decided to address herself in the third person to save a yucky face when she reads this in the future. Then she can imagine it was someone else who did this and not her.


So, when potty training is in progress…..

Question: What’s worse than a baby who wont let us know until after he has pooped?

Answer: A baby who is ALWAYS yelling at the top of her voice. ‘POOPY COMING…’, ‘POOPY COMING’. Not now; Not then. All-the-time.


If you were happy when your baby took his/her first steps, wait until he/she rightly does what is supposed to be done in the potty. You will be double happy.


Event#1 : The original approach of potty training kids is to put them on their seats and wait. But on day#1, even before we got things ready and figured out what to do (Amma usually reads a lot, but for this she didn’t), Abhi came and stood near the kitchen gate with his ‘I-am-pooping’ face. We asked, ‘Abhi, Poopy yes?’. He kept the same face. Suddenly, all the adults looked at one another. Like it was an emergency, they rushed. P went to get the potty seat from the bathroom. Nanny and Amma rushed to get Abhi who is now in ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ mode, undressed him and put him on the seat. Achu was looking at us like we were mad-women. Abhi wasn’t sure why he was being dragged like that. Alas. No matter what, by the time we got Abhi into his seat, it was all done. Operation ‘Catch-it-if-you-can’ was a major failure. But all the adults laughed like crazy.


Event#2 : After ‘Catch-it-if-you-can’ operations failed completely, we went to do the original approach. Put the kids on the seat when its their poopy time and WAIT. Hmm. So, we are talking about making two 18-month-olds sit on two not-so-comfortable chairs for 30 minutes and for about 3 times a day. Naturally, we need to provide some entertainment, but not too much (Any volunteers to entertain, btw?). If one of them decides to run, other one is gone before we go get the first one. In the poppy time entertainment program, we sing songs. We read books. We tell them blah-blah-blah.

Nanny was singing yesterday.. ‘Give me some sunshine…Give me some poopy’. I laughed out loud. True. We need both 🙂 .

P comes home yesterday evening. Abhi and Achu are sitting on the seats. P starts singing, ‘Aha aaja..ahaha aaaja…’.

Every song or rhyme we sing, we include the Potty word. Meanwhile, Achu is screaming ‘Poopy coming…Poopy coming’ every 30 seconds with nothing coming 🙂 .

Abhi and Achu have grasped nothing about this yet, but the songs are super hilarious for us.


One time, nanny was signaling Abhi and Achu to poop by making hard noise. Another time, to divert their attention from running away, I pretended to push the wall. So, now Abhi and Achu think pooping means making hard noises (twisting and turning their faces) and pushing the wall 🙂 . Sigh!

Week one and we have made zero progress, so far. We are only gaining the experience of ‘how to make two toddlers sit at one place for a while’. Hey! That’s an awesome thing to be able to do too 🙂 .

Next time, I will have a cool name to replace the P word. I have used it too many times already 🙂 . Btw, if you want to be further saved from these stories, pray that Abhi and Achu get potty trained really fast 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “What’s The Title?

  1. These times are so much fun to talk about and remember. Each mom has their own unique stories and trust me when I say, potty stories stay long after the kids are out of diapers 😀

    Abhi and Achu, please not to give Mom a hard time and get on with the program.

    Dil, give it another week and you will see marked progress. And once the wheels lock in to place, it gets really easy. Hang in there till then and enjoy the songs 🙂

    Oh and keep the stories coming 😀

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