Anniversary Dinner

My version of planning and celebrating any special occasion these days, DOES NOT work. Period. I don’t think I want to write about how sad I was. I will move on to the good things.

So, Murali and I went out to dinner Saturday night, while P stayed home with Abhi and Achu. Since I wasnt in my happy mode, I didn’t buy anything new to wear. I found a blue dress I wore only once so I picked that. I got ready. While I modelled my dress to all,  Abhi looked at me and complimented me saying ‘Nizee’ (Nice) 🙂 . Murali was upset that Abhi didn’t even react when Murali asked how he was looking in his new shirt 🙂 . I wish I trained Abhi to only praise me, but, see, it came naturally to him 🙂 .WP_20140208_004[1]

Murali and I finally stepped out of the house and were surprised to see, it was SNOWING. Really. A huge disadvantage of not watching TV, I had no clue it was going to snow (as if the predictions are always right; Snow was predicted the day before, not on Saturday). I wasnt sure if we should go out, since driving would be tough etc (Lets just call this, ‘I Told You So Murali (ITYSM)’). I even suggested we eat close to home, so if the drive back is a problem, we can at least leave the car and walk. But Mr.Going-by-the-guts guy had to do it the other way. He drove us to the downtown restaurants. I wasnt sure about that but didn’t say anything (well, maybe only a little). We parked, went to Restaurant#1. It was crowded. There was one hour wait time. So we decided to leave and walked to Restaurant#2. Same story. We came back, picked our car and drove to Restaurant#3, a Thai place. I thought this wouldnt be so crowded because they serve only vegetarian 🙂 . I was right. We ordered food and finished dinner. (Food wasnt that tasty compared to our last Thai eat-out) and then the interesting part began.

We came out and by now, quite a snow was packed on roads. Everyone was just driving like crazy and that made the roads worse. Murali was so scared to drive, then. He parked the car on the curb side and declared that he can’t drive. I can’t believe he was that scared. What!!! Who is scared of driving on snow, right? So, I took over, used my special powers to drive over all the cars and got us home safely. Role-Model-Driver, right? 🙂 Erm. Okay, That was actually the opposite of what happened. Fine; I will come to the true story now.

So, not being in snow recently, I actually forgot how it feels like to drive in snow. Without snow-chains or an all-wheel drive car, that is. It was not until our car skidded for the first time when we were waiting at a signal, I realized how tough it was going to be to drive home. Especially, in the downtown area where the roads or all up and down. There are a ton of signals and lot of traffic. I was so terrified even if Murali had the hard job and I was sitting in the passenger seat, just watching. Looks like when Murali and I were eating inside, our car went and got drunk. It was going anywhere and everywhere but where it was supposed to. It was so tough to control the car. Multiple times, we hit the curb and car stalled (I wanted to tell Murali this, then and there, but I didn’t. So I will just do it here, ITYSM). Murali was trying to go straight at an intersection and our car went right and that too into the opposite lane (ITYSM). That moments, I asked Murali to just the leave the car. But, he kept driving. We had to take a free-way to get home, but Murali didn’t want that. He took the longest route and drove really slow and really carefully. I was hoping he would drive fast and get me home soon. We were talking about what route to take. It was like we drove forever. We took the route I drive on everyday to work and it never felt long. It’s very steep too so Murali had to drive extra carefully and the whole place is elevated, so there was always chance of skidding and falling. I kept my eyes closed for a long time. I hope Murali didn’t do the same 🙂 . But, I saw multiple cars stuck, ambulance rushing, snow-trucks….aah the whole setup. We drove and drove and drove.

Finally, we reached the restaurant we would have had our dinner at, if Murali let us. ( I didn’t do this then, but, for my pleasure, let me say what I now wish I did then –  Ask Murali to stop the car and get him out; Punch him in the stomach with his favourite ‘hmm’, ‘hmm’ sound and scream million times ITYSM. Okay. That felt good. 🙂 ) *

Our home was now very close. Walkable if we had to. We kept driving. Oh, I forgot to mention. In addition to being a hero-snow-driver for the night, Murali also threw another challenge at himself and said he will get us home by 10:15 PM. At 10:14 , we are at the turn into our parking lot. Murali turns the car; Our drunken car doesn’t want to go home, so it goes and hits the curb again. I was so laughing out loud that moment. It would have been terrible to get stuck there. So close to home. Finally, it gave in. And then Murali asks me in which parking spot he wants me to park the car. Yes, I almost banged my head 🙂 .

Anyway, my hero of the day, saved the day and the special occasion. This is how I will   remember our anniversary, this time 🙂 .

* Please don’t think I hit him all the time. He thinks its funny when I do this fake punching with Hmm..Hmm sounds 🙂 .




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