Role Model

Amma says I know everything. You know, like what to do and what not to do. ( Phew! It should be tough being me, then. Knowing everything and all, right! ) .

Like, I put something in my mouth I wasn’t supposed to and since everyone around me would ask me not to do that, screaming ‘Abhiiii’, I start saying ‘Abhii’ as soon as I put something in my mouth.

I start reading a book and since I suddenly get excited, I start tearing the pages. Then I say ‘No Tearinggg’. I know I am supposed to give back the books I tear, so I immediately also say, ‘book bye bye’ and kick the book away.

Then I pick another book and decide to stand on it. I tell myself again, ‘No tanning’ (No standing), I step down, say ‘book pommachi’ (book is God) and I do the thing that I was taught to do after stepping on the book. That is, bend down, touch the book with my fingers and then touch my head. I move on.

Amma is busy cleaning up the food on the carpet I just vomited. That perfect ‘orders-obeyer’ little girl, my sister, Achu is guarding the cleaning spot, telling me ‘No Touchey’. Yeah. Sure. I just bend down, touch the cleaning spot and say ‘No Touchey’.

I suddenly wanted to thank Amma for everything. I go to her, lean on her shoulders, pretend like I am going to kiss and start biting her. I immediately also look at her and say ‘No biting’.

I am in bedroom now, on the bed, precisely. I stand up, say ‘No standing’ and then I sit. See, I know I am not supposed to stand on bed. So, I start jumping. I also say ‘No jumpinn’.

I run away when my diaper is being changed. Pants is not one of the things I like to wear. I run as far as I can, calling myself, ‘Notty boy’ ( naughty boy). I am also ‘ditty boy’ (dirty boy) depending on my mood.

I unplug the power cord I was seriously told not to touch and say ‘No Touchey’. I put, whatever that thing was, inside my mouth and say ‘No, no’. I close any open door I see and say ‘No cossing’ (no closing) (Even if that meant I would get locked), I stand on the toy basket and say ‘No tanning’. I also touch the yucky diaper and say ‘No touchey’.

(I should also mention that my little sister, Achu, keeps running behind me, half of the times, yelling ‘No Touchey’ for everything I do.)

Wow, I really do know everything. That’s why Amma also says that. But, knowing doesn’t mean I have to follow them, right. Besides, Amma doesn’t know the truth. In reality, I am trying to be a role model and teach all the kids what they are not supposed to do. Like I tear something and say ‘No Tearing’. See, I am trying to teach by example. Whats wrong in that?

< Shuts the laptop down and says ‘Cosse’ (Close) >


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