Few Things To Say

To Crazy Owner Lady…

Hi. This is your pet fish, Buthabey. I understand that you care about me. I understand you were blamed for the sad demise of those two fish, few years ago, but STOP POKING the bowl whenever I seem still. I am not what-you-think-I-am. I get some rest sometimes, so I don’t move. Unlike you, I sleep. So, I don’t move. Each time I look still for 4 seconds, you are either raising an alarm or poking at the bowl to check if I am alive. Yes, I am. It’s because of you that I am always moving in the bowl. And so, I feel more hungry. I know you have been warned to not give me more food this time, so stop making me having to exercise more. By the way, what was all that jumping when you were changing the water in my bowl last time? I was scared to death that you were going to drop me or even worse, fall on me and kill me.

To Buthabey…

Hi. This is the crazy owner lady. Sorry. I am worried if you are feeling alright. Okay. I wont poke you anymore. But, can you please send me a signal before you sleep? Like, we do a feeding/sleep log for Abhi and Achu. Can you add an entry before you go to sleep? Then, I will certainly not bother you. By the way, you also have to stay on schedule and wake up in 2 hours, may be. Or else, you will be poked. Period. Totally agree with your point about changing water. I have officially outsourced the duty to P and I will stay as away as I can. (By the way, remember, P eats fish and ever since she started living with us vegetarians, she hasn’t been eating much of seafood or meat. So, if she is looking at you and saying ‘yumm’, run for your life)

♠ ♠ ♠

 Dear Chitti…

Hi. Its me the owner lady who adores you. I can’t believe I havent introduced you here, yet. Aah. Pardon me. Time is really a constraint. 😦 But, it’s never too late to introduce great things to the world. What do I say about you? You are the best. You are the cleanest. You are the cutest. You always stay on schedule. You never leave your work undone. You are the BEST vacuum cleaner, there is. If such thing called, loving vacuum cleaners was legal, trust me, I will be telling you ‘I Love You Chitti’ everyday. Ahh! What the hell? I love You Chitti. You cut down on my work so much. You just take care of things on your own and I am so proud of you. You are my perfect solution for the scale of mess Abhi and Achu make, Now, don’t feel bad about Abhi and Achu doing your job and picking things off of floor. You will always have work to do (such is the mess AA creates).

What more? You also entertain Abhi and Achu when you are doing work. Best thing 🙂 . I know, Achu pretended like she was all fine and when you almost touched her, she scooted far far away. Now, she is not scared of you at all and will touch you. I also know, Abhi has taken a liking on you from the beginning and will turn you on and off repeatedly, if not stopped. But, rest assured, you will be protected from Abhi and Achu. You have my word (Plus you are a little bit expensive to be a toy for AA). By the way, don’t you dare die on me right after your warranty expires (as I read from your reviews).

We all love you Chitti. Remember, you were named after RajniKanth’s Robot movie’s Chitti and you are just as amazing 🙂 .


 ♠ ♠ ♠

To Carpet Monster aka Murali …

No introductions. Lets get straight to the point. I am quitting my job of cleaning every stain off of carpet. You have scared all of us so much to not put any stain on the carpet and whenever kids throw up or something happens, I am struggling so much to cleanup the mess. I have become a pro now on how to clean a stain and I don’t like being one. And guess what, yesterday, when Achu was looking like she was going to throw up, I put her in the kitchen. To make myself feel better, I told myself that putting her in the kitchen will divert her attention from throwing up, but I know the real reason was that I thought it would be easier to clean up the mess on the kitchen tiles than on the carpet 😦 . So, like I said. I am quitting. All fresh stains will be freshly waiting for you when you come home.

P.S: We are out of carpet stain remover, again. Get that when you are coming home.


8 thoughts on “Few Things To Say

  1. Aah… Chitti is in action eh? Btw, that round weighing scale type one is the vacuum cleaner? Pardon my ignorance pls 😛

    LOL at Carpet Monster 😀

    And I jump a lot too, when changing water for fish. Even when S is changing too (I cant even go near fish tank while changing water) I cant see them taken away from water.

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