Dad And Daughter

Or as we like to also call them, the Fevicol Jodi. In the first few weeks after we came back from India trip and when Murali was visiting us on the weekends, I would find in number of pictures and videos, Achu is always in hug-mode with her daddy 🙂 . We don’t know when the fevicol relationship began exactly, but we noticed her getting a tad bit more attached to Murali than Abhi was. She worked her magic such that, pretty soon, she had her dad on her side. And whenever we (P, Nanny and I) openly talk about the daddy and daughter duo team, Murali is all happies inside. 🙂

Last week, while I was in the kitchen and Abhi, Achu were playing with the nanny, Abhi took something away from Achu. When I heard that, I told Abhi that its Achu’s and he should give it back to her. Nanny quickly responds saying ‘Achu tortured Abhi, so he took the toy away from Achu’. I was laughing listening to that, thinking, ‘Oh Achu. There is no one to support you except for your daddy’. 🙂 P and nanny, both side with Abhi. I have to stay neutral, you know. ( Not that I don’t have complaints against that girl 🙂 ). And so, Dad always sides with Achu. According to him, we all tease his little baby Achu a lot. Because from his eyes, she doesn’t do anything naughty or wrong. She is the most innocent girl there is. She never takes anything away from Abhi. She never throws anything across the room, never pulls Abhi’s hair, never pushes him etc. etc. According to dad, she does none of that. She just sits in the corner, reads books, eats whatever we give her and doesn’t complain about anything at all. Really 😀 . Add to that, anything *good* Achu does, things like really reading, sharing properly etc all magnify 100 times in dad’s view.


(I missed getting this on time, but this would have been a totally appropriate Halloween costume for Achu 🙂 )

We know dad has closed his eyes to all of Achu’s mischief. But it’s not just on dad’s side. Achu has put on her own magic, you know. Why else would she eat without complaining when Murali is around. On the weekends, if Achu refuses to eat a spoon, I say ‘Achu..Nanna is looking’ and Achu gulps down the food as fast as she can and looks at her dad. Dad is all super impressed and Achu has immediately added 1000 points of ‘Aww, my darling daughter’ to her account).  One week, she was cranky all 4 days of the week and when it was Friday, suddenly she became a mellow baby. You know why? Dad’s coming home in the evening and she is transitioning into her good baby avatar. 🙂 P claims that, whenever Murali comes home on the weekend evening, he holds Abhi first and then Achu. Because, if he holds Achu last, he can hold her for as long as he wants (P said it; Not me. 🙂 ).

Weekends, Achu gets more pampered than ever (Not that she is getting anything less on the weekdays) . Some time back, Achu suddenly woke up at 11:30. Murali picks her up from her crib and gets her to our bed. ( I never do that. Reason#1, Even though she has a little body, she does all her gymnastics so well that she manages to kick me out of the bed and assign me little space to sleep. Reason#2, Even sleeping in that little space is not the problem. She continues her gymnastics even in her sleep that she rolls over to all possible directions and for the fear of she falling down, I continuously watch her not sleeping . 😦 ) That night, Achu immediately got into play mode, did this and that, jumped all over the bed and learnt to blow kisses. Yep, at some 11:30 pm, some weekend night, Achu, playing around with us, learnt to blow kisses. Some other time, we were driving, I am asking Achu to sleep. Achu, obviously, doesn’t listen to me. Once, just once, Dad calls out from the driving seat, ‘Achamma, close your eyes’ and Achu immediately shuts her eyes, pretending to sleep. 🙂

You know, everything she sees is ‘Nanna and Achu’. Like the two birds pasted on the wall are always ‘Nanna and Achu’. There is a photo of someone in the book, it’s always ‘Nanna’ (We have already discussed the problem of amma being no-where around. 🙂 ). Oh, there are just so many more instances, I want to write. But I don’t think I will have enough space here. Maybe, Dad and Daughter can open a new blog and record all their things there. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dad And Daughter

  1. Interesting and good that Dad and Daughter are bonding. Hope dad makes sure that the son does not observe that to make a difference in his mind.

    I have a question. I am reading your blog only for the past one month. Please tell me who is P? Thanks.

  2. I am my Daddy’s achu too!!! hHEHEHEH!
    Dads and daughters are always like that I guess!
    I loved how achu’s good behaviour gets magnified 1000 times for her dad.

    heheheh the part whr u said achu is a good girl and only reads books, eats..

    1. Hehe..Same here. I feel so happy that my daughter will also have that relationship with her dad. 🙂

      oh yeah, Murali keeps asking us 100 times about the tiniest thing Achu does, just so he can feel more proud. 🙂

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