Twin Things

♥ Hiding behind my clothes in the closet is one of Abhi and Achu’s favourite things.  Earlier they used to stand in front of the clothes, close their eyes and think they are actually hiding. 🙂 But then, I showed them they can hide behind the clothes really and they do that each time. It’s actually a part of Achu’s sleep time routine. 🙂 Yesterday, Abhi decides to hide there again. I can actually see his head and I pretend like I don’t see him. I keep saying ‘ Huh! Where is Abhi, Where is Abhi? ‘, look here and there and I finally find him. Abhi and Achu laugh. Now, Abhi goes hiding again. Before I say anything, Achu steps out of the closet and starts behaving like I would in finding Abhi. She starts saying ‘huh! huh!’, pointing her hands like she doesn know, looks around the room, in the crib, outside, goes back into the closet and finds Abhi. Abhi, Achu and Amma laugh this time. 🙂

♥ While I was in the kitchen, Achu comes to me and says ”mammu…mammu’ (she is asking for an empty food bowl) and then asks for ‘Poon’ (spoon) (She did this last week, trying to communicate for the first time about what she wants using words, otherwise its pretty much always ‘wai wai wai..’ 🙂 ). I give her a spoon and she walks away. A minute later Abhi comes by. Asks for ‘mammu’ and then ‘Poon’. 🙂 With empty bowls and spoons, both of them go to the patio door, sit next to it. Apparently its THEIR place to make mammu. They sit next to each other and start mixing mammu in the bowl with the spoon. Also saying ‘missing missing’ (Mixing). All of us, including the invisible kaki (crow) outside, also get to eat the invisible mammu from their bowls. They even feed each other. Each time they feed anyone, they definitely mix the mammu once with their spoon. Maybe, it tastes better that way 🙂 .

♥ It’s snack time for Abhi and Achu. I give them one of the finger foods they can eat by themselves. Both of them walk to the patio door again, sit next to each other (effect of having them always sit next to each other in booster seats, I think 🙂 ) and slowly and carefully bite the snack and eat. When they are done, they come back to me, ask me for more, take a new piece and go back to their places. 🙂

♥ Achu decides to climb the toy box and stand on it, ( like both of them do, N times a day). Each time this happens, one of us calls out ‘Abhi or Achu … get down’, something like that. When Achu climbed the box yesterday, Abhi spots that and says ‘Achhuuuuuu’ like we do. 🙂 Achu didn’t get down or anything, but I was pretty amused seeing Abhi trying to do what we do and controlling his sister 🙂 . ( I did think that neither of the twins should try to control each other. Because its kids, they don’t know when to stop and then one of them will always be controlling the other. Besides, I am all eyes to see Abhi and Achu gang up together for anything 🙂 .)

♥ Best of all current twin things is Abhi kissing Achu. That means, he will gently touch her head with his head , touch her hair. We all say ‘Aww’ and both giggle. This mostly happens when we ask Abhi to kiss Achu. But, sometimes, Abhi sees Achu and decides he wants to kiss her. 🙂 Sometimes, Achu runs away when Abhi is trying to kiss. 🙂 For some reason, it’s not Achu’s thing to kiss Abhi. She will only give him a hug, if she wants 🙂 .


9 thoughts on “Twin Things

  1. 😀 😀 its really a wonderful time to see their bonding 🙂 🙂 i am loving their activity!!! this is the one plus to see a twin rather than the individual kids 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i love their spoon feeding activity and kiss part a lot , i laughed and laughed 🙂 🙂

      1. i am happy unless and untill she bites others 🙂 but seeing a twin fun will be less than they play with others 🙂 🙂

  2. Very special and very previous times. I am sure you are video taping a lot for viewing by the entire family in about 15 to 18 years from now.

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