Little Helpers

We have two little helpers at home, you know. Yes, they are also the major mess makers 🙂 but they do their part and help out in some ways. The major help comes from them when they are sleeping and not making any more mess than they already have. 🙂 There is more, also.

♥ Achu was our first ‘Wipes-Box-Incharge’. And its a HUGE responsibility. This means, each time Abhi or Achu is poopy cleaned, wipes box we used needs to be put back on the table, precisely inside the diaper caddy basket. No matter how heavy the box is, after we tell her, ‘Achu, box back in the basket’, she carries the box with her little hands, holding it so close to her body, walks to the table, lifts it up and leaves it in the basket. I told you, its a huge responsibility. 🙂 We just have to clear the big toys in her way and bring the basket to her reach. Her hands are already full, right? 🙂 She followed the routine for quite a while until Abhi took over. Same thing. He also so carefully carries the box to the table. They wont rest until the box is properly deposited in the basket. Leaving it on the table is not acceptable. 🙂 Now, sometimes, there is competition on who gets the box into the basket first. Sometimes, neither of them cares.

♥ We ask Abhi and Achu to get diapers from the same basket whenever they need to be changed. They always get two. One for Abhi and one for Achu. Ofcourse, they will surely run away with those diapers, we have to chase them and change them. 🙂

♥ Achu is also our ‘Baby Cop’ in a way. Since she is always keeping an eye on Abhi (how can she copy him, otherwise? 🙂 ) and she knows whats not supposed to be done, she lets us know when Abhi is doing something wrong. The minute Abhi throws a toy behind the baby gate, she comes to us saying , ‘Tho Tho’ (She also has the face of ‘Huh. Look at this baby; Committing unpardonable baby crimes’ 😀 ). If Abhi is going to touch something or if I am telling Abhi ‘No Touchey’ for something, she joins in saying, ‘No T’ (which is sounding more like Naughty these days. Hmm that’s true too.). Same thing when Abhi puts something in his mouth. She goes screaming No T, No T. Huh, If only she did this all the time! I could have made her ‘Abhi in charge’ and relaxed. Unfortunately, most of the times, she knows doing the wrong thing is more fun than not doing it. So, she thinks, lets throw all the  toys behind the gate, but when Abhi throws, let’s go complain. 🙂

♥ You know who also helps us putting all the toys and books back in the basket when its bed time. Both, Abhi and Achu (mostly Achu. She loves when she is appreciated for something 🙂 ) But, there is one clause for now. We have to call out each toy/book by name. It will take a while and sometime in between they give up and start bringing toys out of the box, but, mostly everything is put back in.

♥ I move Buthabey into our bedroom at nights because its warmer there. In the morning, when I get the bowl back into the living room, I somehow forget where I have to keep it. 🙂 Really. Abhi and Achu come to my rescue. While Abhi leads the way continuously pointing at the mantel, Achu helps in holding the bowl with me. How can I carry that heavy thing, otherwise? When, she comes close to the fireplace, she just throws her hands away to the mantel. (Buthabey cannot fly, Achu 🙂 )

♥ When I pretended to get stuck in some play tunnel last time,  Achu was just watching me. Maybe, she didn’t want to interfere in the rescue effort waiting for someone or thought I was better off there. I mean, think about. No one will ask her to eat or sleep or oppose anything she does. Abhi baby on the other hand, put his little hand on me and was trying to drag me back. 🙂 I couldn’t believe that. I could see he was actually making an effort to drag me back. Seriously, a baby who saves his mom. what other help can I ask for? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Little Helpers

  1. So never a dull moment. Enjoy. After a few years, these wonderful times will not come back. Unless, of course, a third one comes in the family. It would then be much easier time since Achu and Abhi will take care of the third one.

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