Little Things

♦ Abhi and Achu are learning numbers these days. Abhi can count from 1 to 10 in order. Some of the numbers he can pronounce correctly. Rest of them are just his cute version of pronunciations. He says ‘Nine’ so nicely. Achu can also count to 10, but she discards some numbers she doesn’t like. There is no number eight in her dictionary. 🙂 Three is ‘thee’ for both Abhi and Achu. Six is ‘siss’. In most of the books we have, when ever we see more than one animal or thing of the same kind, we point to each and start counting. Abhi and Achu keep repeating numbers now, randomly pointing at things. Yesterday our nanny taught them to count their hands. So, Abhi now points to his left hand with his right hand, says ‘one’; Points to right hand with his left and says ‘Two’ 🙂 . Achu, however, counts her left hand as ‘One, Too, Thee’. It seems Achu’s one hand is equal to three. 🙂

♦ Abhi and Achu spotted a tigress in our home yesterday evening. This crawling tigress tried to catch Abhi and Achu. Abhi and Achu are very smart that they ran in different directions. Tigress was really surprised at their strategy. Tigress tried to catch the cranky tasty baby first, Achu. Achu ran to her secret corner and since there was nowhere else to run to, closed her eyes tight, covered her face with hands and waited. However, when tigress reached Achu, she felt sleepy and then jo-jo’d. Later tigress tried to catch Abhi, who ran to the other end of the room. After reaching the end, Abhi also couldn’t go anywhere, so he also shut his eyes really tight, came to tigress and held her face in his hands. Abhi, Achu and tigress laughed so much.

♦ Since we have to do new things to keep Abhi and Achu entertained every day, we emptied one of the toy boxes yesterday evening. Most of the times, they find something interesting at the bottom of the box. Achu got the stacking blocks. I got it months ago so that they will learn to stack, but all that they were interested in was crashing the stacked blocks. So, I used it as opportunity to teach them in taking turns and to wait. Yesterday, Ms. impatient Achu decided she will stack on her own (finally!!!) and then crash it. She counted blocks, “one, too, thee”  while stacking three blocks and then crashed them with ‘Boom..Cashh’ (Boom..Crash).

♦ We are not just music people these days, but, we also got some dance moves. Murali taught Achu some, ‘Wave dance’, which is really like making waves with hands. Achu repeated it perfectly. When Abhi did it, it really looked like ‘Chicken dance’. So, we taught them to do chicken dance, added words ‘cluck cluck’ and moving head back and forth. Abhi now knows wave dance is not chicken dance. He just holds his hands and moves them lightly for wave dance. Chicken dance he also perfected saying ‘cuck cuck’.

♦ Amma and Achu hid inside the blanket today, no one watching them, hugging and staring at each other because Achu wanted extra hugs (She doesn’t need extra hugs the whole day, you know. Only all the time she is awake. That’s it. 🙂 )

♦ For the last three evenings, emptying one of the storage boxes in our closet is Abhi and Achu’s favorite thing. They are very interested in exploring the contents of the new box and discovering new things (It’s just random stuff of ours and kids). One of the boxes had some greeting cards Murali and I exchanged in the first few years. Somehow, Abhi and Achu didn’t show any interest in them. 🙂 . There were some beads I bought ages ago because I was planning to make some window curtains with it  😮 . Abhi and Achu learnt the word ‘beads’ from this. Each time, Achu is picking the blue beads packet and is giving Abhi the pink beads packet (She also says to Abhi ‘Take’ while giving this 🙂 ). One of the boxes, the handle was out of its socket. And even before I said anything, Abhi set out to fix it. He plugged the handle back in the hole and when he was done, even clapped for himself 🙂 . I finally found a box with my ear rings which Murali so confidently claimed are in the locker :p . Second box had our wedding album and photos of us. We looked such a happy couple 🙂 . I also saw one of my uncles in the album, who died couple of years ago and I suddenly wanted to see him again 😦 . (Some pictures, I just wanted to cut few people out of it, but I realized I am more mature than that)

Then came the last box which contained Abhi and Achu’s clothes when they were tiny. Abhi and Achu emptied every cloth out of the box. There were also some papers, our hospital tags, ultrasound pictures of my pregnancy, which I had to immediately save from them 🙂 . Achu put on most of the dresses like she was wearing a bib and asked ‘Nice?’:) . I put on one of her tops from the first few months. She wore it on top of her dress like this 🙂 . By the way, guess who had to clean up all the mess? 🙂



I can’t believe Achu used to fit into those two dresses on the left. P gifted the red and back one. Blue and green hats are the only things I knit for Abhi and Achu. That red glove was a practice glove I knit. It came well, but I never got to knitting the second one.



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