Where Is Amma?

Me: Abhi, Who is in your family?

Abhi: Abhi, Nanna…Achu…

Me: What about amma?

Abhi: Abhi, Nanna, Achu, Nanna, Abhi… (Loops over)

Me: Yeah, what about me? Amma? Who is in your family…Say, Abhi, Achu, Amma, Nanna…

Abhi: Abhi, Achu, Nanna, Kaki…



Abhi and Achu are reading little duck book. She is just born and discovers the family and friends around her.

Nanny (Pointing at the right ducks): See, Baby Abhi duck, Baby Achu duck , Mamma duck, Nanna Duck.

Abhi & Achu (randomly pointing at ducks): Abhi, Baby, Kaki, Nanna, duck, Nanna duck…

(Mamma duck or Mamma is no where)


I decide to try my luck again, with the same book.

Me: Abhi, where is Salamander?

Abhi flips to the page and shows me Salamander. (See, Salamander he can point out)

Me: Where is Mouse?

Shows me mouse.

Me: Where is Moon?

Shows me moon.

Me: Where is mamma duck?

Nothing. He keeps flipping pages, staring at other things.


I have a picture of Murali and me on my phone’s lock screen. Abhi looks at it and almost screams with excitement, ‘Nanna’. I point to myself in the picture and ask, ‘Who is this?’. He points back to Nanna and screams again, ‘Nanna’. I ask again, ‘Okay. But who is this?’. Abhi points back to Nanna and says ‘Nanna’ in loop.


And since I didn’t want to give up yet, I asked again.

Me: “Abhi, who is in your family?”

Abhi: “Abhi, Achu, Buthabey”

I think I like this answer better. No Nanna, No Amma (Insert evil laugh here). It doesn’t look like I am going to get on that list anytime soon, so, I will give him a break. But, one last time, I asked Achu.

Me: “Achu, Who is in your family?”

Abhi: “Abhi, Doggy”.


Its official, guys. Amma is missing. She doesn’t live here. Abhi and Achu have totally forgotten me. Now, who was that person Achu was so crying to cling on to this morning? Whose face was that Abhi so fondly held in his little hands this morning (and then tried to bite it)? Most importantly, who was that person who changed diapers for them everyday for the last 18 months? Hmm. I wonder who that is?


10 thoughts on “Where Is Amma?

  1. LOL 😆 Your last para cracked me up. Should see how Abhi and Achu will react on reading this when they are grown up 🙂

    PS – A regular reader of your blog, commenting for the first time. Will be regular from now on. You have a lovely blog and the way you write about Abhi Achu regularly.. hats off to you 🙂

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