That Unpleasant Thing

There I was, happy and content as I could be about how life was going for the last few weeks; Happy that Murali was staying with us for a week continuously (longest in last few months); Hopeful and excited about the new year and out of no-where, that unpleasant thing  knocks my door and reminds me that things can go so unexpected anytime and be not normal. Sigh. On the morning of 31st, our nanny who was driving into our parking lot, noticed a car with a broken glass window, saw two car seats inside and told us about it, thinking it must be our car. Murali went downstairs to check and yep, it was our car indeed. 😦  Driver’s side back seat window was completely broken and there was a big dent on the door. It was pretty bad to see our car like that. We had some not-so-nice history of repairs with our car when Murali bought it, so whenever something happens to the car, it feels pretty bad. Especially, this time, for no fault of ours. Initially we thought someone tried to break in. But looked like it wasn’t the case. That wouldn’t explain the big dent on the door. Murali said, it’s probably that some car was backing up (pretty fast) and bumped into ours, breaking the window and putting the dent. No matter what the reason was, it felt sad to see the car in that way. Whoever hit it, didn’t leave any sort of note or anything. Really really bad on their side.

And then started the long phones and emails with the insurance. Since we didn’t have the other party who should ideally pay for the damage, I was worried if it will get covered completely under ours (Body repair shop guys yesterday told me it could cost up to $2000). We also had to call the police to confirm what happened.

Murali made all the calls, talking to insurance guys again and again, patiently giving them details and a police office arrived some time later for investigation. And when officer came, Murali was on phone so he sent me.  I went downstairs with officer KC to assist in the investigation. Did you read that? I assisted in the investigation. Haha. Officer KC said, she had to discard the evidence outside because of the rain and  just checked indoors. I mentioned nothing was stolen. GPS and car seats were intact. We had nothing important inside. She checked if there were any papers that were scattered (like someone was trying to find something valuable under the papers), but our car was decently clean, so there were none. Looking at the dent on the door, she also concluded what Murali said, someone backed up really fast and hit our car. And then officer KC and assistant Dil tried to figure out where the car could have been reversing from (as if it was going to help find out who did it). There wasn’t anything left for officer KC to do anymore. She said, she was going to drive around the parking lot and see if there were other cars that had dents (the impact should have damaged their car too). See, now-a-days, no one thinks outside the box. Why does everyone has to simply think it was some car backing up? Allow me to present three out of the box thoughts of the top of my head on what could have happened.

♦ Someone (lets call them Hard Hitter or HH –  Murali’s pick) was walking by. HH sees the car seats in the back of the car. Achu’s car seat call out of them…”Precioussss” (Yeah, its the Lord of the Car Seats 🙂 ). HH can’t help it. HH has to get the car seats now. HH breaks the window. HH didn’t know that it was Achu’s car seat tricking him to come in, only to beat him up pretty hard. As soon as HH touches Achu’s car seat, the power of Achu’s car seats kicks him far far away. HH flies and flies, hits Mt. Everest. That impact bounces him back. He comes back to our car, this time bumping his head into the door. That explains the dent on the door; Also why HH didn’t leave a note. He immediately lost his memory and didn’t know he had to leave a note.

♦ HH decides to break in. Not for the car seats, but for my office note-book in the back of the car. I am actually a super secret undercover FBI agent and am posing as a software engineer to mislead people. HH finds out about it. To steal the super secret information in my note-book, just casually laying there in the back of the car seat, he breaks in. To get to the book, he casually puts his hand on Achu’s car seat. Boom. He made Achu’s car seat very angry. Suddenly car gets into action. Engine starts. Lights in the car flicker. HH realizes he is in trouble and tries to run away. When the door closes and he starts running away from the car, that moment, Achu’s car seat sucks him back into the car. See, that dent was actually caused from inside. Car door opens, car seat walks out of the car, hits HH hard on his head. Hence, memory loss and no note from HH happen.

♦ One Tyrannosaurus Rex ( respect everyone, respect) time travels into ours and ends up in our parking lot. Our car and car seat, having known the magnificence of the animal in  front of them, stay put. T-Rex is suddenly feeling cold. It tries to get into our car and in the process, shatters the window and puts the dent. In that case, Mr. T-Rex, our car is all yours. No offence taken, what so ever.

 See, don’t you think they are all feasible options? We did we have to just assume that it was some stupid (stupid) car backing up? May be, we should have called Mr. Monk for a private investigation. By the way,  officer KC also was wondering what time of the night this could have happened. I actually knew when this could have happened. I didn’t say it, because she wouldn’t have believed it. You see, our future super cop, Achu was a little cranky sleeping that night. You think it was a co-incidence? I think not. It started at exactly around 1 AM or so. That’s when the hit and run happened. Achu was actually trying to tell us something bad was happening. Alas, we didn’t catch the message on time.

Anyway, whatever happened, happened. We are basically car-less now. I dropped off the car at the repair shop yesterday and its going to be a week at least. Repair shop guys said, the may have to replace the whole door.

One thing that surprised me is that, Murali and I seemed to have not taken the issue as serious as we would have earlier. I don’t know if its good or bad. I was thinking that after kids come into your life, we set our priorities real straight and not let other things bother us. May be its that. Or maybe, we have gotten used to all this. I don’t know.

You HH, You *******, you *** (and many many *******), you know who you are. Don’t you dare think you got away with this. I am telling you, you conscience will certainly kill you for what you did. You will pay for this in some way. I am not cursing you for the extra bucks we have to spend on the car now, not for you ruining our plans, not for doing this to our car, not for the inconvenience you caused us, but for making me scared again about how things can go wrong in life. Especially on new years eve. By the way, fair warning. When Achu papa grows up, she and her side-kicks (our car and her car seat, obviously) are going to come find you, kick your ass and bring you to justice. This damage and the inconvenience it caused us will be avenged. Mind it. Also, YOU SUCK.

Dear car, Sorry this happened to you. Murali and I will never talk about getting another car when you could hear us. Each time we talk about you, something happens to you. Its like you can hear us. Hmm. Ishi Ishi, bye bye car.

On a related note, Murali was supposed to drive back to Vancouver on 1st night. We had to drop the car at the service station on the 2nd. He asked if I could take care of it and I readily agreed, to take some load off of him. Before leaving for Vancouver, he tells me that if I said I couldn’t do it myself, he would have stayed back these two days, as well. 😦 Now, I feel so stupid. If I said that, he would have stayed back for two extra days and the weekend. Because of my answer, not only we lost those two days, but also the weekend (He is not coming back until next week now). See, no one should be punished for being proactive and trying to help/share responsibilities. 😦 Before leaving, he said he owed me one. I will remember that for sure.

11 thoughts on “That Unpleasant Thing

  1. We recently had an exact similar incident. The glass wasn’t broken but the door was damaged badly. And who ever didn’t leave any note. How annoying isn’t it? R was heartbroken. We don’t hve comprehensive coverage on that car, so can’t even imagine repairing that. The car value itself would be less than the repair cost.

    I loved your out of box thinking 🙂 It cracked me up. Also since I am tipsy I am laughing so much. I got to go and sleep now.

    That’s my girl!!Make sure Murali pays you in what ever form for those sacrifices you making OK?

  2. Wow! Your explanations! There are only 2 possible reasons how you could come up with such humorous stories, even in such a situation:
    (1) You have toddlers and you have gotten so used to spinning stories to entertain them, it comes naturally to you! My sister does that a lot with my niece.. 😀
    (2) You have an amazing amazing sense of humor coupled with disaster management skills. Maybe you really are an undercover agent! 😀

    Hope things get sorted out soon! 🙂

  3. I like your sense of humor. Sorry this happened to your car. I know the feeling of helplessness. Originally, I had assumed you live in USA. I think you live in Canada. Anyway, did you take photographs to show the insurance people? Also, did the insurance company give you a rental car (at their expense) for use until your car is repaired? Hope you did not have a large deductible.

    1. We are in USA (seattle). Murali is temporarily in Vancouver on project work. He visits us weekly.
      I think they said it was going to get covered, but yeah, we do have the deducitble. Large or not, feels back to pay for something we didn’t do.

      We had the rental car option for some fee, but we didn’t go with it.

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