New Years

The last day of 2013, I had planned to go out and do little shopping, to get gifts for all and do things like that. But that day happened to have begun with somewhat of an unpleasant surprise. So, Murali and I had to take care of few things in the morning and afternoon. We remained calm and did all that we could. Of course, all other plans had to be cancelled. But, since it was the new years eve, we wanted to set things right again and ignore what happened. The week before, we took Abhi and Achu to the pet store. Idea was that they could see the birds (kaki (=crow), as they call it. 🙂 ), fish and other things. Abhi and Achu had a gala time at the store. It was Murali’s idea and it worked great. The same time, we were also thinking of getting first pets for Abhi and Achu. That would be fish. We looked around a bit, asked few questions but didn’t decide on what to get. Idea was to get Abhi and Achu, one fish each as a pet.

So, 31st afternoon, we headed back to the pet store. I don’t know if it was because of what happened in the morning, we played safe a bit and just decided to get one fish. So, now Abhi and Achu are the proud pet owners of a beautiful red Betta fish. 🙂 Days before we got the fish home, we asked Abhi and Achu what do they want to name the fish. Achu randomly answered Kamagi. :). So were going to name Achu’s fish Kamagi and Abhi’s Buthabey (Two words they randomly blabber all the time). But, as we only got one I wasn’t sure what we were going to call it. Dad who is biased towards Achu said ‘Kamagi’ 🙂 . After we got home, suddenly P started calling the fish, Buthabey (you know, she is biased towards Abhi 🙂 ). And so our new fish is now called ‘Buthabey’. (Don’t worry Daddy and Achu, we will get Kamagi home too )


Little Buthabey is doing well so far. I was like given strict orders to not over feed the fish this time. I am little worried about keeping the temperatures right for Buthabey. Since we decided to start small and its a small bowl, we don’t have the heaters and filter setup to go with it. So, we got to see how this works.

As we wanted to bring things back to normal, we also decided to go with what we planned for new years night. It was nothing fancy. It was just Murali, P and I celebrating. 10 PM on 31st night, we started streaming StarGate movie on Netflix. I say ‘streaming’ because no one was really watching. As soon as the movie began, Murali dozed off (no surprise there 😦 ). I went to work in the kitchen, preparing for the next day, P was chatting on phone and we both were watching movie here and there. When it was close to mid-night, movie was almost ending, I woke Murali up ( Insert 2014 sighs here for having to wake up a person to celebrate the arrival of new years 🙂 ). When the clock struck 12, we all wished each other, wished friends and families on phone and opened a bottle of Champagne. And that’s when the fun began. 🙂 This was P’s first time drinking Champagne, but we made her drink. She was hesitant to drink another glass and I ended up emptying her glass for the fear of she dozing off soundly while Abhi is awake and screaming in the room 🙂 . Best part of drinking is that I get to jump like monkey. 🙂 . That’s Murali’s words, exactly. And I just love jumping like a monkey, laughing out loud, saying silly things. Its been more than 2 years we drank anything. I don’t know if its that or something else, but, this time, I think I got drunk. Last times, I remember, I wouldn’t feel much with just one bottle. But this time, I remember only half of what happened. Its a free pass for me to behave like monkey and I turn into one without even trying. 🙂 When I was feeling it, I stepped into the balcony and did some dance (like Kamal Hassan in that movie dancing on the well 🙂 ). Murali said there were two tests to check if a person was drunk or not. First one was cat-walking on window blind without tripping, which I did perfectly to prove that I wasn’t drunk. I don’t know what happened to the second test. 🙂 Apparently, I also called P something like stupid P. 🙂 After we emptied the bottle, P complained that Murali didn’t serve any snacks, like in Indian bars. There was some store bought masala snack and they ate it after having Champagne. I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember much what happened exactly, but I remember laughing so much, having so much fun that this has been the best new years celebration in a long time. 🙂 You know, I actually was pretending to fall down and I fell down really losing control. That’s when I realized, I was a little drunk. 🙂 It so much fun being a monkey. Everyone should try it. Its the best thing. 🙂 By the way, after we decided to call it a night and go sleep, I came back to living room and slept on the carpet. I had no idea, why. 🙂 Thankfully I had a comforter with me, otherwise it was so cold. I woke up once or twice, thinking Murali is going to come get me any minute and then I dozed off again. We all woke up around 9 along with kids. 🙂


It seems, our dear little prince and princess also knew when the clock stuck 12. Why else would they wake up at that time, exactly, huh? (It could be the sound of Champagne bottle popping, but let’s go with that they knew about new year’s arrival 🙂 ). Quite thankfully, they woke up one after the other, so Murali and I had time to cuddle with each of them for few minutes, wishing them ‘Happy New Year’ and kissing them. P kicked me away from Abhi’s bedroom early, because if he sees me, he will wake up and also jump with me like monkey and then he wont go back to sleep for another hour at least. Abhi and I are real cuddling people. 🙂 Later, anyway, I remember Abhi waking up, smiling ear to ear and that made me super happy. 🙂


Rest of the new year’s day went normally. Mostly baby stuff. Abhi wore a new dress and Achu wore her pattu langa.  I made some special food and kids enjoyed it too. 🙂 Evening, we cut a cake. Abhi and Achu ate Jamoons and tasted Chocolate for the first time. They loved chocolate very much. Kept asking for it. 🙂  We couldn’t go out because of the thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post. New years is all full of hope, but seeing things like this makes me a bit scary. As in, you never know what can hit you, sort of way. Any how, New year began well. I hope this year will be a good year for all of us.


14 thoughts on “New Years

  1. Glad you had a great new year eve party at home. I like those people who laugh when slightly drunk. Many people argue and fight and some cry.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Happy new year to you guys :)Happy to hear that you guys had a lovely adult time… Did P liked it?? i would like to see the jump you did 🙂 🙂 🙂 the new pet is too cute 🙂 and i love the tank as a whole!!! wish it gives a lot of happiness to you guys!!

    1. Thanks Chipmunk. Happy New year to you as well. Yes, P liked it. She had one and was thinking like she emptied the whole bottle herself. 🙂

      Okay…Next time we meet, we will jump together like that. 🙂

  3. OMG! Buthabey is such a cute name!! And so cool of you guys to (a) buy pets at such a young age. It will teach them so much. (b) let them name them in their own cool lingo!
    Damn sweet..I tell you, I learn so much from young Mommy bloggers like you! 🙂
    And what an awesome party you seem to have had! 😀
    Here’s wishing all you guys a very very happy new year with lots of more insane posts like these! 😀

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