Movie Time

♦ I am really loving watching movies, these days. Not the ones we watch on TV, but going to a theatre and watching a movie. Its the kind of outing I like, these days. It’s not too long to be away from kids, but, it’s fun enough activity for Murali and me to do. Some of the movies we watched in the last few months, we watched either the night shows after we put Abhi and Achu to bed, when P is baby sitting them or when nanny is at home. We watched ‘Hunger Games – Catching Fire’ some time last week. It was one of the freezing cold weeks here and when we stepped out at night, it was -7c. -10c when we came back. Movie was worth it, though (Murali slept during the movie). But, I liked the first one better. I liked it that they kept it long enough to do justice to the book. I remember, the time when we watched the first one on Netflix, Abhi and Achu were tiny little babies. I have the picture of Achu laying down on the corner of the couch, watching her favorite lamp and sleeping there itself when we were watching the movie. Now, if I am watching a movie next to her, she would jump out of couch, kick that lamp, drag my attention away from the TV in every possible way. 🙂 I wonder how she will be like by the time ‘Mocking Jay’ releases. 🙂

♦ Murali and I watched ‘Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’ in 3D this afternoon. I absolutely hated the 3D glasses, but loved the movie so much. There is so much rich magic to this series that I have totally missed earlier. I haven’t read the books. I don’t remember much from the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series either. (Murali also dozed off during this movie…Grr…) I have to catch the first installment of the series now. And can’t wait for the third part. Next one I want to go watch is 47 Ronin (no 3D).

♦ I told P, the other day, that my time of watching regional Telugu movie films is over. I had absolutely no intentions to go watch a Telugu movie in theatres here. When one big hero (:P) movie released, P was interested, but she didn’t go out to watch. I don’t allow watching pirated copies of movies on internet, but, I allowed once for her sake. So, last week, some night, we watched this movie off of internet. I was totally bored by the movie. Comedy was nothing to laugh about. Action scenes were boring and the logic less drama was boring too. Some scenes, I felt like, were just dragging the sequence. And to say this movie was a hit. Sigh! To start with, I had a bad headache too. So, I left the movie half-way through and haven’t finished watching it yet. I don’t think I will go back and watch the rest of it. Zero interest, what-so-ever.

♦ After a long time, Murali, P and I found some time to watch a movie on Netflix together. It was a British psychological thriller titled ‘Exam’ where the contestants are fighting for a job. In some 80 minutes, they have to figure out the question and as well answer it, following some rules, to win the job offer. It was okay. While we were watching this one, Murali mentioned reading that this movie was remade in Telugu. P and I didn’t believe him first. Because the story line/genre was nothing like our regional movie guys would unofficially copy from somewhere. So, after we finished watching the original movie, we decided to check out few scenes from the Telugu movie titled ‘Key’. We only watched the beginning, some scenes in between and the climax. I have to say. I take whatever I said about ‘I am done watching Telugu movies’ back. Because if the movie is like, I will surely want to watch it. Because it was so damn funny. (Yeah…It was still supposed to be a psychological thriller 🙂 ) First of all, most of the scenes looked like a perfect copy from the original.  Secondly, this is  probably the only movie with worst acting, I have ever seen. When one of the characters on-screen was yelling ‘You….killer’ seriously , we were all laughing so bad. 🙂 In one of the scenes from the original movie, one job applicant tries to write down something other than the right answer on the paper and gets disqualified. In the local rip-off, the same scene starts with writing something too (to get eventually disqualified). I was just then telling P that maybe he will write ‘Om’ on the paper (like we used to do when we were kids) and that’s exactly what the scene had too. 🙂 Applicant writes ‘Om Sai Nath..’ something and gets disqualified. I swear, I literally rolled on the floor, laughing. These guys, they will do worse even when making a complete copy. 🙂 I hardly remember anything from the original movie now, just can’t stop laughing about this copy one. 🙂

♦ And guess, who got bit by the ‘Harry Potter’ bug at home now? Murali. I recently, played the first part again (You know, it’s just been a while 🙂 and I was so desperately waiting to watch Hobbit) and suddenly, Murali takes super interest in watching the series again. This time, with real curiosity, almost glued to the TV. We are guessing, he is doing so, because he is educating himself so that he can tell/discuss the stories with Abhi and Achu. That’s the closest explanation I can think of :). Other than that, when he referred to the names correctly at the end of the second movie and asked some clarifications, I felt proud 🙂 . Abhi and Achu aren’t showing interest yet, but I don’t want them to keep catching these sneak peaks until they are ready. Just don’t want to ruin their first time experience :). Other than that, they watched the owls and cat with some interest; Achu tried to repeat the ‘Swish and Flick – Vingardium leviosa’  spell from the movie; And when I said ‘Alohomora’, Abhi laughs out loud. 🙂 Achu can also say some version of ‘potthher’. 🙂 I am guessing Murali is going to continue watching the rest of the series when he gets a chance. Also, look what he did after he watched the second part. Made a family clock for us like Ron’s here. He pasted tiny photos of Abhi and Achu on the needles. I am thinking, Achu’s pointer should always show, ‘Being Naughty’. 🙂 Abhi’s could say ‘Picking and eating everything off of floor’. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Movie Time

  1. oh the clock needles are so cute 🙂 hehe.. I hope both Achu and Abhi end up liking Harry Potter. Even I am done watching regional movies. I find them sooo boring. I am infact done watching bollywood movies too. I dont like most of the new movies. I liked Hobbit but the movie did not follow the book closely, so yeah I was disappointed 😦 I liked the first movie a lot. I liked Catching fire too, though I did not read the book before watching the movie. First part I had read the book, so liked it more.

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