Buthabey was one of the first words Abhi said and that he repeatedly kept saying for many days. He still says it. It doesn’t really mean anything in any languages I know, but, when he said it, it sounded so cute. All of us still keep repeating the name, so that, we can hear him say it back.  Abhi’s vocabulary, these days, is growing so fast. At out last pediatrician’s visit, when our dr said Abhi was at advanced level of language skills, I had no clue how much he can do. I dont know if Abhi understood what dr. said 🙂 , but he seem to be really picking up a LOT of new words these days. It’s his new found love…Learning new words and repeating them. He has been pretty much repeating at least one word from what we, adults, say. Even if we are just taking to ourselves or on phone, I can see he is very keenly listening to whatever we are saying. All of us, now, watchout for what words we are using, because, last time, Murali said ‘crap’. Abhi also said ‘crap’ 🙂 .

So, just for fun, I wanted to see how many words Abhi knows and says. P and I started making a list. Initially, we got down to some 60 words. And that didn’t include the animal sounds or songs he sings with us. We kept the list open, because we were sure we were missing many. We even progressed on to recording the words in a different page. 🙂 Now, the count has easily crossed some 120.  Most of these words on the list we recorded, he can pronounce exactly and rest of them at least 90% correctly.


I love it how correctly and cutely he pronounces some of the words. Like bathtub. Latest addition to his word collection is the word scissors, pronounced like zizzors. 🙂 Also, the word awesome. 🙂 He seems to be good at pronouncing longer words better than short ones. I loved it when said, cleaning, going, coming, dirty, chapati..all the first time he heard them. 🙂 Most of the times, if he didn’t pronounce the word correctly, he pauses and corrects himself. Like when said ‘gasses’ for glasses, he was trying to include the missing ‘l’ and say it again. Any words he cannot pronounce, he repeats them as ‘Abhiya’. 🙂 That’s probably like a placeholder for new words, I think. 🙂 He has, now, proceeded to saying two or three words at a time. ‘Kaki Come’ (Kaki = Crow) was the first double words he used. Next one was also regarding their favorite friend kaki, ‘Kaki Come Here’. 🙂

His sing-alongs are pretty neat too. There are some Telugu movie song lyrics, he repeats with me. He knows when what words come, so he watches out for the words he knows or he likes.  He repeats some nursery rhymes with us. ‘Baby McDonald had a farm’ was the first rhyme he sang with us with ‘ee aa oo…’. We sing ‘Ba Ba..black sheep’… He goes ‘Yezza…Yezza’ ( For ‘yes sir’).  Also Twinkle, Twinkle..

“Twinkle Twinkle Little” Abhi: “Tarrr”

“How I wonder what you” Abhi: “areee”. “Up aaaa”

“Above the world sooo” Abhi: “highh”.

“Like a diamond in the..” Abhi: “kyyy”

(He once was drinking milk from his bottle, when, he had to sing along and finish the above rhyme. He took his bottle out, said ‘kyyy’ and resumed drinking. See, thats how dedicated he is about his words. 🙂 )

Not only is he repeating words, this last week, he seems to be interested in making a conversation out of them. I asked him yesterday, ‘Abhi, do you want your nasal drops?’. He gave me a long ‘ nooooooo’ for an answer.

Every time after they get dressed, I let Abhi and Achu ask each other how they look with ‘How does Achu/Abhi look?’. They say ‘nizeee’ (nice). So, when Abhi was sick with cold, I asked him ‘Abhi, How are you feeling?’. He improvises and says, ‘Nizeee’. 🙂

Each time he is done drinking milk or when he doesn’t want to eat anymore, he tells us ‘Done.’ 🙂

When we are taking anything back from him, because, we say ‘give me’, now when he is giving us something, he says ‘give me’.

Everything he hears from us, he repeats at least one or two words from our sentence. I said, ‘This is not good, babies’. He repeats, ‘Goo babies’ (That’s not what I meant Abhi. 🙂 ). I said, ‘See, you made this all wet’. He says, ‘all wettt’.

He also very casually says words like ‘Commmooonn’, ‘Take it’, ‘Bettherr (better)’.  These days he thinks its funny to say things on low voice. I can hear him repeating the word correctly, but he says it all hush-hush. Keeps smiling all the time when saying that.

Achu is also picking words fast, but, she mostly gets them from what Abhi says. You know, she pays more attention to him than us (keeps an eye on him, all the time 🙂 ).  They are learning new words so faster than I can keep track. Every day they surprise us with some new word and I cant believe they are growing so fast. Saying all those new words already. :). I know, there is much more to come and I really want to keep track of new words they say. It will be so much fun to read the list in the future. 🙂


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