This And That …

♦ Murali gave me some good news on Friday evening. And as expected, I felt very very very happy about it, but hadn’t expressed it in anyway. The reason, simply being, that I cant celebrate or jump around or be excited about everything all by myself. Then, I got upset about how I wouldn’t make the most out of a happy news, especially, given that they are SO rare. Then, I fixed myself and moved on. All in one evening. Long time ago, life has gotten to a point where things go wrong just as much as they can even after everything looks normal and good. That has only made me, not be happy about things as I could be; Not as much excited about the future as I can be. So, I guess, I changed myself to be like someone else and just take the news as ‘whatever’. I know that’s not how I was or how I grew up. I know that’s not good at all. I know that’s not the way it should be. But, that’s what I have become now.

♦ Last week when I was driving home from work, I saw a car in front of me, stop for a pedestrian to cross at an intersection. This pedestrian was not near the crossing even, yet, the car in front of me waited for the person to walk to the intersection and cross. Otherwise, pedestrian would need to have waited for the cars to pass, in the cold weather. Few minutes later, I was at another intersection, I saw another person walking towards crossing the road. This time, I waited and let her cross. She thanked me with a smile. ( And while smiling to myself about what happened, I turned right into Murali’s old office as I was going to pick him up from there. I don’t know why I did that. I didn’t realize I had turned into the wrong way until P told me.)

Same last week, I came home from work, like as usual, made Tea for everyone and since I was in rush to finish some office work, asked someone to finish making tea and stepped into another room to get work done. Everyone had their Tea, but none of them bothered to get a cup to me. Next day, I was in similar rush and so instead of starting with making tea for everyone, I went on with doing my other important chores.

Bottom line, I see good, I do good. I get bad, I give bad. (Of course, the next day I realized what I have done and let go of all that because I don’t want to be a bad person.)

♦ These days, it doesn’t really take a trip to Hawaii to get me all excited. The day before, I had this thought of moving the couch a little away, unblocking doorway and putting another gate near the kitchen to stop kids from coming in, so that, Abhi and Achu can have more space to explore or play in. You have no idea how excited I was about doing that and seeing Abhi and Achu walk in more space (that was forbidden for them before). From the moment I had this thought, I was so waiting to get this done and see how Abhi and Achu will react in the new space. P and I got that done yesterday night. Placed an extra gate near the kitchen entry, moved the couch, even leaving a little space between the couch and the wall for another secret hideout for Abhi and Achu 🙂

Abhi woke up first in the morning, he looked like he wasn’t sure what happened. 🙂 He was standing near the end of the carpet and looking at me, like ‘I thought I wasn’t allowed here. But there is nothing blocking here, Can I go?’ Hahah. I said, ‘Common Abhi baby’ and he quickly started exploring the new place. Found something really tiny on the corner of the carpet that our vacuum cleaner hasn’t picked up, tried to stuff it into his mouth. 🙂 Now, he wants to step into the shoe closet and stuff all the shoes in his mouth too. (Great idea, Abhi. 🙂 ) When Achu woke up, as expected, she was little hesitant to step on the new space. Near the main door entry, there was no carpet. Just flat hard surface. Once she stepped on the hard tiles, carpet was like half an inch above the flat surface and she put up a face like she doesn’t know how to walk over that. 🙂 She stood there for few minutes, hoping one of us would rescue her (really half an inch difference :)), but, she figured it out. Its looking like they are going to be very occupied in the new area of the house for next few days, at least. 🙂 There is just something amazing about seeing kids running around the house. Makes the house looks more lively and cheerful.

♦ I always knew baking would be such fun, but, for the fear of having all those baked goods end up inside me, I never seriously tried it. Last week, P and I were going through pediatrician’s chart for helping Abhi and Achu gain a little more weight and we made a list of extra foods we can make. Muffins were one of them. of course, I didn’t want to give them store bought muffins, so I bought the baking mix, other things and baked muffins yesterday evening. Abhi and Achu were watching me mix and prepare everything. Abhi lost interest after a while, but, Achu payed attention all the way. And our muffins turned out perfect and yummy. If I could bake things that nicely, it only means that the cake mix made it pretty easy. 🙂 We already gave it to Abhi and Achu. Achu, very much, preferred to spread the pieces on the carpet and eat it off the carpet. ( Whatever you prefer Achu, as long as you eat. 🙂 ) Since the effort was a success and fun, I want to bake pretty pretty things every day. Provided some one promises to make them immediately disappear from my sight, right after I finish baking and have taken a picture)


♦ P and I finally had our long planned facials done at some spa. Lady at the spa told me my skin was pretty good. 🙂 Nice, right? While massaging, she told me I was carrying lot of stress on my shoulders. That’s exactly what I was told at the last spa. Huh! I guess I am really stressed, then. We also tried some microdermabrasion for the first time and P tells me my skin is glowing now. 😛 It was nice to finally get this done. Also because P and I look a little beautiful now. 🙂

6 thoughts on “This And That …

  1. Muffins for kids, spa for you, good new for Murali. Those are the things we need to focus on.

    Stress on the shoulders, I can understand. But do take these little breaks every once in a while. They always help 🙂

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