All From Last Weekend

♣ Murali wanted to watch a Hollywood movie (on Netflix). P wanted to watch a Bollywood movie. I just wanted to do the dishes and clean my kitchen. Murali wins and plays SkyFall. In silent protest, P goes to her room and sleeps. Eventually, Murali falls asleep in front of TV. And I sit and watch the movie as long as I could.

♣ Like every weekend morning, Murali is in charge of Abhi and Achu. That means, he will play with them, give them breakfast, bathe and get them ready while P and I get extended sleep (Very sweet, I know. 🙂 ). This time, after they got ready, Abhi and Achu decided to rush into our bedroom and wake me up. Its one thing to get to see them running into their favourite bedroom and closet in the morning, but to see them stunningly dressed? more awesome. 🙂 Murali dressed Achu in pink shorts and black full sleeved top. Abhi was wearing a black T-shirt in his cute cute jumper suit.

♣ Last week has been the coldest of so far. It’s really like the chilling weather now-a-days. And at a time, when everyone would stop taking kids out for a stroller walk, we are taking them out for a stroller walk. Abhi and Achu are dressed for the weather, but I still worry how they would feel. But, they are always excited about going out. You should see our Achu baby highly co-operating when we put on a thick jacket on her. You know, she know we are going out and hence the co-operation. 🙂

♣ I always tell Murali that he should be cooking for Abhi and Achu. P says, what I am giving them now is right for their age, but I am not very sure. I mean, they could be eating yummy yummy Aloo Parathas daddy suddenly decided to make in the afternoon (Even though I had already finished cooking lunch for all adults too.). So, after Abhi and Achu ate something barely edible that I made, P, Murali and I ate the yummy parathas Murali made for lunch.

♣ Whats the best thing than to eat yummy yummy parathas for lunch, put kids to sleep and then take a nap yourself in the afternoon. Weather was so cloudy. We were going to head out somewhere, but we didn’t. Just took a nap. I fell asleep quickly (that’s a huge pleasant surprise as it rarely happens). And then, making and having a hot cup of tea after a good nap is also very heavenly. 🙂

♣ Apparently last Saturday was Karthika Pournami (a follow-up of Deepavali where we light diyas again). We realized it a little late, so we didn’t have anything special to do. However, our super creative Murali had the super simple and beautiful idea of lighting the diya in this lantern hanging in the patio. Why didn’t I ever think of that? I mean, that’s what it meant for, right? Anyway, I loved it so much. 🙂


♣ It does really look like I am the strict one at home, not pampering kids too much, controlling what they do or how they react etc. Imagine my joy, when I get to let go of my little rules and pamper them. Especially, Abhi, whom I spend less time with. Saturday night, Abhi ditched P and I got to put him to bed. We both cuddled, I sang to him, rocked him and he was too happy seeing me next to him. I mean, he loves P, but I felt like, having me there next to him, meant as much to him as it meant to me. 🙂 I watched him fall asleep, put him in his crib and left the room with more sweet memories 🙂

♣ P on phone conversation with her husband, V

P: Murali made Parathas today.

V: When I come there, I will make some special type of dosas.

Me (Telling Murali): Ahh! How long has it been since we had dosas.

After few minutes, Murali disappears, no notice of going out whatsoever, drives to the far far away indian grocery store and comes back home with ready-made Dosa Batter. 🙂

And that’s also how, we had dosas for breakfast the next day (I should also mention that I seem to be good at making perfect shaped and crisp dosas. Surprising. I know. :))

♣ Sunday afternoon, we went to our friends place for lunch. It was already 2ish by the time kids finished their lunch and we left home. Murali packed my favourite little 3 Muskeeter chocolates for us to eat in the car. When we started driving, he asked me if I was hungry; Before I could answer, he took these chocolates out and gave it to us. 🙂

♣ Our friend V has become a super good cook (she used to be just like me at cooking. Looking at her now, inspires me) and made yummy food for lunch. We ate so much. She always packs us food for home, because we are busy with little kids (P and I had food ready for the next two days). Whats more, she also packed my favourite, delicious home-made boondi laddus, only for me (Aka Dil is gaining weight now but not complaining only because its laddus. I finished them by Monday evening, btw. :))

♣ Sunday evenings are the same every time. Murali wants me to say bye, I don’t want to. But it does happen, every Sunday evening.  Earlier, there was this hope of ‘Okay. It’s all going to end soon’ at least.  But now-a-days, I don’t even think about it when he will come back. It has become something I can’t hope for anytime soon.


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