Fun For All …

Whatever Abhi and Achu do during the day, its not just fun for them. Most of the times, we have lot of fun watching them try new things, saying new words, being naughty or nice etc. Some times, few moments turn fun just for us too. So relieving it is to forget everything and have these little moments of joy, simply laughing out loud.

* There is this elephant toy that was a gift to Abhi and Achu. It comes in separate pieces and needs to be assembled. That’s the activity. Somehow, I never got to putting it together. When I tried to do it, Elephant’s trunk was behind the behind or there would be some empty space between the pieces or things like that. 🙂 I finally, gave up. Some time later, our nanny tried doing the same. She didn’t succeed either. Hers came nothing like an elephant. One evening while P, nanny and I were playing with Abhi and Achu, P took that elephant pieces out. Both nanny and I declared, its impossible to put those things together and the toy was broken. P didn’t agree, she set out to prove that she can assemble it. Nanny and I were so waiting to see her go wrong too. Each time P did a combination, we all would loud so hard looking at how the elephant looked. After some attempts, P finally cracked it. We finally had the elephant ready with all its parts where they should be. 🙂

* Abhi and Achu were playing with alphabet flash cards (as in, Abhi is scanning the cards, while Achu just throws them to her back). I said I wasn’t sure if we had all alphabet cards in the stack. Some of them should have gone missing or eaten (thanks to Abhi). P thought the same. So P and I started checking it out. We went by each alphabet, what object was in the card for that alphabet. P would ask me, ‘Okay. What was in R?’, I say ‘Rainbow’ and we would find the card. So funny, by now, I know exactly what objects are for alphabets in the set. We found all the cards, intact, btw. Many of them bitten, but none missing.

* Here and then, I would do hugs with Achu, but I never taught her that seriously. One evening when nanny was about to leave, Achu suddenly decides to shower hugs to everybody. First she goes to nanny, almost falls on her, puts her arms around and rests her head on nanny’s shoulder. While we are going awww..P asks Achu for a hug. Achu runs to P, give her a tight hug. Nanny asks her again and she runs to nanny. P and nanny kept asking for hugs and Achu kept giving them. Abhi and I hugged tight too watching Achu running between nanny and P giving them sweet hugs.

* Singing and dancing are another fun things P and I have everyday. Listening to good music, singing along songs like no one is bothered, such relieving it is. What’s more special is that I have a devoted listener to my singing. its Abhi. Each time I sing some songs (that quickly became his favorites), he stares right into my eyes, keenly listening to my singing. For one song, he even sings along with me. 🙂 Thanks to him, no one can ask me to stop singing now.:) P and I play our favorite songs every evening while we play with Abhi and Achu. Friday nights, we dance to party songs. Abhi and Achu, shake a leg sometimes, but mostly are watching us two adults, probably wondering if we have gone mad. 🙂

* Weekend evening, as soon as Murali comes home, I open the list of naughty things Achu keeps doing. This list of complaints doesn’t come out intentionally, but it just happens. Last time, Murali said he doesn’t want to listen to anymore complaints on his darling daughter. So this time, I decided to tell him differently. I thought of making a list and sticking it to the front door. I engaged nanny and P too. While nanny and I were feeding Abhi and Achu, P started writing this on paper. Honestly, we were thinking when writing these because we were not sure which ones to write. 🙂 There were just so many. P, nanny and I laughed out loud so much deciding on which ones to write. Finally, we settled on this Top 10. When I opened the door to let Murali in, I saw him smiling scanning the list. 🙂 This is all in one day, btw. 🙂



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