One Girl… Many Names

I always thought I’ll have two girls. I wanted to call them Ammu and Achu. But, after we found out we were having a boy and a girl, I chose the second name, because Achu was born second. (Although we all think she did everything she could to come out first. 🙂 Somehow it didn’t happen.) So, I named her Achu.

I don’t know when, but now and then, Murali started calling her Akki. She answers to that name too. Mostly because it’s her DAD calling her. In fact, she would answer to any name her dad will pick. 🙂 I call her other names like Achamma, Thayaru and she never answers to me.

And since Dad and Daughter are very attached to each other, you know always cuddling, smiling, hugging types, we called them ‘Fevicol Jodi’. But then, we realized, when she gets a chance or based on her need, she will be the same with others. (Not as much as with her dad, though. Dad is still very special for Achu) So Nanny P said one day, Achu is Fevi-Stick. She comes with glue and gets attached to anyone. Crying time, bathing time, Ishi Ishi time, she is ready with her fevi-stick to get attached to anyone. (If Abhi lets her, she will take that too. :))

Abhi really wanted to call her ‘Achu’, but he couldn’t get to saying Chu, so, he instead said Thu. Then Achu became Athu. She is fine with this name change too, btw. Even she calls herself Attu. When Abhi learnt to say Akki, she started calling herself Akki too.

Sometimes, P calls her ‘Papa P Suseela’. (It’s one of the super funny comedy lines from a movie) and Achu thinks she is also that… Papa…pp 🙂

What do I say about Achu’s drama acts? They are just so many. She doesn’t get something, she takes out her drama queen avatar. Walks away to the couch, rests her head on it and fake cries. 🙂 Sometimes it happens on the floor. Sometimes, she will stand near the wall. Since she doesn’t get our attention when she cries like this, she mostly stops, but, never stops doing these acts. Sometimes she acts so sleepy (Take her to her crib…she will play for half an hour). Sometimes, she acts like she is super hungry. (Nothing except for water goes inside then). Even if she doesn’t do anything, sometimes, she stands next to couch, facing away from it, spreads her hands on it and bends backwards resting her head on it and relaxes. I look at her and say ‘Ey..Eye..Drama Queen…’, she smiles and does more of these heroin acts.

P also calls her ‘Veshala Papa’ for the 1000 funny acts she does every day and how she makes us laugh. Rough translation of this name is also ‘Drama Queen’. Still, she needs two names to justify all the acts she acts. She totally deserves it.

We are so lucky that some of the times, we can still divert her attention away from something she super desperately wanted 10 seconds ago. All that she couldn’t live with this 10 seconds ago is now all forgotten. For that, we also call her Ghazini.


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