Movie Time

Last weekend, Murali was here for two extra days. He was leaving on Tuesday night instead of Sunday. Monday afternoon I was at work when Murali pinged me and asked if I wanted to go watch a movie with him. We had planned to watch a movie on the weekend, but it didn’t happene because of other things. Saturday night, P took us and couple of other friends for dinner and I guess we were pretty tired by Sunday night. It was on my mind to remind Murali about the movie, but I didn’t. On Monday, when Murali asked me if I wanted to go, I wasn’t sure. I really don’t do things that impromptu. All things have to be well planned. I haven’t really enjoyed doing things unplanned in the past. So, I told Murali I wasn’t sure and he asked me if I wanted to go shopping instead. I still wasn’t sure and left it to him to decide.

Murali decided that we will go watch a movie. (Apparently, between watching a movie and shopping, I will better remember the experience of watching a movie. 🙂 ). The movie we wanted to watch was Enders Game. I knew it was some sci-fi futuristic movie, heard some good reviews, that’s all. We went to watch the movie at one of the coziest theatres I have ever been to. I have heard of this place from couple of friends, but we never visited it before.

Since it was a week day, the theatre was almost empty. The specialty of this place is that it has super cozy reclining seats, all set with pillows and blankets. There is more. This place actually serves food inside the theatre and we can eat while watching movie. 🙂 I was very excited about that, I have never been to a place where I could eat and watch. Its the best thing while watching movie on a big screen. After we got seated in the theatre, movie was about to begin (sound system was also awesome, we could actually hear the sound rocking through the floor) and we scanned the menu. There wasn’t many options, especially for us poor vegetarians. Murali said we should try Tater Tots, while I had my eyes on breadsticks. I loved it that when ordering, Murali asked me if fat food was okay? 🙂 I keep complaining all the time that I don’t want to eat anything fat. But, this time I really wanted to just have good experience. Murali also ordered a soft drink and popcorn was served too. Food was served when the movie began. After looking at the order, I realized, we ordered too much and there was no way both of us could finish it during movie. 🙂 We are really not that food people. But, I tried, really. Through out the first half of movie, my goal was to eat and then keep watching the movie. I really liked the thought and was so excited that together, we finished the drink, popcorn and the tots. I couldn’t really eat the breadsticks anymore, they were too cheesy than I could ever take.

Movie was okay-ish. Graphics and storyline were good, but I didn’t understand why it had to be some kid who is doing all this or why he had to be the final option when it came to saving earth from alien invasion. But, it was not bad at all. Like I said, the cozy seats, pillows and food were delightful and that itself made up for my movie experience this time. I don’t think I ever liked the movie going experience better than this. 🙂

The experience all together was awesome. It was super relaxing to watch the movie that cozily. It was the best movie time, ever. :). Murali was right. This is something I would remember better than just going shopping. :). I told Murali that I wont watch a movie anywhere else, anymore. It will only be this theatre from now on. Hunger game’s Catching Fire is releasing soon and I am sooo looking forward to it. (This time, we should remember to order less food). I really cant wait. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Movie Time

  1. That sounds fun Dil. I have never been to a theatre with food service before. Wonder if they have any in California. We watched Ender’s game too. Try reading the book someday. The movie was not as good as the book. They were in a hurry to finish the movie and left out some of the important details.

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