First Halloween

Last Thursday was Halloween here. If Abhi and Achu were a little older we would have gone trick or treating on the same day, but since they are still small to understand anything and the weather here is pretty cold for kids, I didn’t think about taking them out anywhere. So we decided to only buy costumes for them and celebrate something indoor. I wanted Abhi to be Harry Potter and Achu to be Hermione Granger, but I didn’t find those costumes for kids of Abhi and Achu’s age. So I had to go with whatever we will find in the store here. One trip to Costco and we brought home a Ladybug costume for Achu and a Tiger costume for Abhi. Actually, we didn’t know that Abhi’s costume was a tiger first. We were thinking it was orange bug or something. But, after Abhi wore it, it was pretty clear.

Almost all of our festivals and events have to wait for the weekend, because its no fun doing any event without Murali. Besides, I don’t want Murali to miss out on anything than what he already is missing. So, this Halloween also happened on the weekend, last Saturday.

After Abhi and Achu had lunch in the afternoon, we dressed them up in their costumed. I thought it would be difficult but it was very easy to put on the costumes. Abhi and Achu looked very cute in them. πŸ™‚ Achu, especially looks pretty good in red and black. Abhi, for some reason was very uncomfortable in his dress. He kept insisting on taking the hood off . The hood actually has the tiger face on it. But it was good enough even without he putting on the hood. His costume actually came with a tail too. P pointed him to the tail and Abhi kept looking at it. He sat down, pulled it and start examining it too. πŸ™‚


Fun part of dressing them up is taking pictures of them. Since they wont stay in one place, it wasn’t easy to take pictures of them posing with their costumes. While Abhi and Achu were standing at the patio glass door, Murali and I surprised them from the other side. I was making funny faces and showing them SunRisers Theme Song (It still works for them :)) on my phone so that they will stay at one place and that Murali could take some pictures. Finally we got great pics. Murali, P and I also stepped into the cold patio with kids and took pictures with Abhi and Achu. (Note to self: Please go take a look and fix yourself next time before your picture is taken).

(Does she really think she is ladybug? :))IMG_5481

We had to take Abhi’s costume out sooner because he was getting cranky. But Achu totally liked her costume. (Even otherwise, she likes to dress up wearing new dresses. :)) So, she posed nicely for most of the pictures. She even got comfortable in it and even started playing. At one point, she was following Abhi and his tail. We were joking that in our case, this tiger is actually afraid of the ladybug. πŸ™‚ Just now, I found a picture of Achu pointing at the frog in one of their books and doing an evil smile. I am sure she was telling the frog, ‘If only I were real, I would be eating you’. That poor frog. She would have done it. really. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I actually thought Abhi would be interested in Achu’s costume, because he likes Ladybug very much (at least, the flash card πŸ™‚ It was the first one he learnt and a long time favorite. I haven’t seen that card in a while. Who knows what happened to it. :)), but as he was a little cranky he didn’t care much. Maybe, when we dress them again for fun, he will take notice and have fun. πŸ™‚

Next year, we should be going trick or treating. There will be no stopping them from eating all the candy they will get. Well, at least, I will be competing with them for the candies. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “First Halloween

  1. OH my god..there costumes are adorable ! I also want a ladybug costume now 😦
    They both look precious πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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