Seattle Aquarium

Secret note: I didn’t write most of this. Guess who wrote this, then? Not me, because then, I wouldn’t have said anything like ‘I didnt write most of this’. Not Abhi and Achu, because, we all know they can’t write anything yet. :)…

Another hint: There is only one other person in my family who reads this blog. His name starts with M.

That’s it. No more hints. Figure it out yourselves.


Yayy!!! We did it. We stepped out with kids on one of the cold weekends and made a trip to the Seattle aquarium. Not that this was anything like climbing Mt.Everest, but given the weather outside and our energy levels, it is something we are very glad we did. Fish was one of the words in Abhi and Achu’s dictionary before this trip, so we are double glad we got to show them that fish don’t just exist in books or flash cards, they do exist in real world. We hope they did realize that. 🙂

We were very excited on one front to take Abhi and Achu out and on the other, little skeptical as to whether it would make any sense to them at this age. Turns out, it was a decent start to our outdoor exploration and discovery mission. Abhi was really excited. As soon as we entered the aquarium, there is a huge glass enclosure with lots of fishes. Both Abhi and Achu got up close to that exhibit and kept staring both at the fishes and other small babies who came to visit. Now that Achu is a super walker and Abhi has started to show interest in walking, we just love it when they start exploring things on their own, going where they want to (Not too far for now, anyway :)).


 But, you know, our Achu madam is like a drunken monkey when she is home, but when we go outside, she turns into this shy, innocent and scared girl who just doesn’t want to get down and be on her own. I mean, imagine Achu not wanting to walk. Wow! While Achu starts to tighten up like this, Abhi flexes his muscles and starts exploring things around. As we walked from one exhibit to the other Abhi showed good interest in bright-colored fishes and other marine life. In particular, we were able to show him Jelly Fish (he has this on the Alphabet Flash Cards) and fishes small and big in general. We then entered enclosures where they kept birds and there started his interaction with them. He started mumbling few words and caught up pace as we went on to watch sea lions, otters, sharks etc. We were amazed to see how psyched he was. 🙂

Abhi is all excited….


Some colorful things… 🙂


Star Fizzzzzzzzz..


One side-effect of taking a trip with little kids is that we get so lost in looking at their bright lit faces and their excitement that we don’t really pay attention to what we were looking at. But, its much more worth sharing their little excitement than experience anything of our own. 🙂 The whole world is so new to them.  There are so many things that will surprise them. Ofcourse, they didn’t grasp much at this age, but they got a chance to look at many things new in this trip. That must have been so exciting for them. 🙂

Murali calls this ‘Ugly Fish’. Poor thing. 😦


We bought a little souvenir gift for Abhi and Achu from the aquarium. Something to remember the trip by. It has great shiny pictures of sea world. Abhi, obviously loves the book. We say a book is a hit, when even Achu takes interest in it. :). This book is a hit.

Pretty blue eyes…


This seal was pretty big swimming in its huge enclosure…


The trip began with lots of enthusiasm on our end (in particular Dad) to show them around, explain to them, laugh and make sounds etc but as we wound our trip and started thinking about this whole thing, the images we took, the excitement we saw on Abhi’s face, Achu’s reaction to outdoors and new people around left us in a somewhat deep thought. There is so much to show them, so many places to take them around and do it with lots of energy and fun. Hope we will show the same levels of energy and enthusiasm going forward and appreciate everything around us as we see all of it one more time perhaps through their eyes.

More pretty things…








Amma’s Highlight of the trip in her words: Half way through the trip, we took a break and gave Abhi and Achu some milk. Her highness, Achu, who was almost frozen by then without wanting to move at all or go anywhere on her own (that is so not like her. :)), She prefered to either being carried around by Murali or stay in the stroller. While she was finishing her bottle, Abhi took a little walk with his dad. And here comes the highlight of our trip. I was sitting next to Achu, waiting for her to finish her bottle, Murali holding Abhi rushes to me and says something like ‘Abhi is talking to Fish’. When he came rushing to me like that I actually thought something went wrong like, Abhi threw up or something. But when I realized what Murali actually said, I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂 He wasn’t joking btw, Abhi was indeed looking at all the fish in the tank and talking to them. Ofcourse, we didn’t understand we he was saying. Murali says he is talking something like Parseltongue. :P. I think he was saying to fish, something like, ‘Run for your lives. Achu is coming. :)’.


Amma’s another highlight of the trip: It’s one thing to have kids get super super excited looking at a nice dog. But, what to say when the dad gets super excited seeing a dog? 🙂 So much that he is beaming with joy and smiling so much looking at the dog and makes us take a picture of him holding babies with the dog. 🙂 🙂


9 thoughts on “Seattle Aquarium

  1. Murali ji!!!!! arey yaar we don’t know any more M’s :/ the ugly fish looks like a tank cleaner!!! omg!! look at the googled eyes! do we need to call it as a sea cleaner or tank cleaner (Rolls EYes) Achu not walking!!! shall I book a page in the record!!!! he he 🙂 🙂 look at the lil dude!! geared up all the way to use this outing a best way 🙂 Lol 😀 😀 😀 I am like the mind thoughts that u have replaced for abhi talk with the fish 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 poor girl ha ha ha 🙂 its time for you to get a dog dear *smiles* 🙂 🙂

  2. Hope the travel destination grows and you four share the same happiness in different place with new memories!! so when will you take us to zoo DIL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. You should next take them to a zoo.. I am sure they will love it.. Haha.. Abhi talking to fish in parseltongue like language asking them to run for their loves.. hehe.. your sense of humor is too good 😀 😀
    Oh yeah there are so many places where you would want to take them na.. so many museums and what not to show these kiddos.. have fun Dil 🙂

    1. We will think about zoo Ash. Its completely outdoors. I am still not comfortable taking kids out in the cold weather. But, yes, there is so much to show them. Hope we will always have the energy and enthusiasm. 🙂

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