Teaching Abhi

Dear Abhi,

You know Achu and you are very different. They way you look and also the way you two behave. But there are times when I look at Achu and realize she is looking like you. In some pictures, you look like her. At the first glance, even though you both look different from each other, there are times when I see you both look a lot like each other. I am very amused when I see Achu in you or you in Achu. It’s very cute. 🙂 Coming to your behavior, you two are very different too, but I always knew you would turn into doing things more or less the same way, at least in few things. These days, I see both of you doing what the other one does. Sooner or later you both catch-up to each other. I don’t know if that’s because you are twins or just kids or that you learn it from each other. Achu sees you reading and she started to do that too. You saw Achu using my phone, and you do that too. The recent one you picked up from Achu is, a not so good one, but I knew it was coming. Her fake crying. I knew you were going to do that some day and you did just that this week. 🙂 Achu realized the potential of fake crying during our India trip. (It has great benefits, I agree. :)). Anything happens, she begins her fake crying routine. Anything she wants, she does it. In fact, she uses this trick every day for a 100 reasons at least. She wants something, she cries and people melt-in  and just give it her. Unfortunate for her, this trick didn’t work for long. You see, that’s when I became the bad person and took a stand that she can’t get things done with that crying (which is in reality like screaming, not a single drop of tear rolls down :)). Distracting or ignoring her are my biggest weapons. That’s the only solution that works for her. Using that on her was very easy. She learnt it fast too. If I ignore her, she now forgets what she is asking for and finds something else to do. I am really glad we found the right solution at the right time. Although, it doesn’t mean that she has stopped doing her routine. She still does it and gets distraction/ignore responses as long as I am watching you two.

Now, the point of this post, is you picking up this trick. I was less worried and more strong when I am doing this with Achu, because I knew it was fake and if I don’t set her straight now, she is going to be a tough toddler. But, doing this with you is my problem. I think, you are very mellow. I have this soft corner for you. I know what happened during our India trip which makes me pamper you in every way now. I just don’t think ignoring your fake cry is the right thing. I haven’t convinced myself yet, but, I see the need to do it. You need to learn that crying is not a form of communication and you can’t get things done that way. In few months, you two will be much more difficult to handle and if I don’t this now, I am probably making it more tough for all of us. Besides, even if it works for now, there is no guarantee that you wont repeat this in few months, but I hope the lesson, no matter taught when, will stay with you. P and I talk about making you sleeping in your crib every time you wake up, but we just can’t see you crying and end up leaving you sleep next to P at nights. Sigh! We need to stop that too, because you sleeping in crib is much more safer for you. But, I will deal with that later because I don’t want to make you double cry. :(. So, we are off to distracting you from your every fake cry routine now. You can’t spill water all over your self baby, you can’t put everything in your mouth; You cant tear all your books. It’s going to be tough for me to ignore your cry, so we will just have to make it work with distracting you. I hope you will co-operate and make it easy for us.

Btw, I also wanted to say the way you close your eyes  a little, start crying without a drop of tear makes your fake crying face look too cute. 🙂

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