Special Deepavali Wishes

Our most favorite Atta Pati of all has sent us this special Deepavali Greetings.  In her own words addressed to…. “achhu kutti, abhi pandu and all family”. 🙂


She is the most creative person in my family. I learnt knitting only after seeing her knit and be creative in so many ways. Anything she finds, she turns into something beautiful.  She also published children stories and still writes stories for magazines. When I was in India, she wrote few stories and she would let me read them. Her writing on paper would be so tough for me to read, so, even though I can read Telugu well, I would be like someone who is just learning to read. 🙂 I remember she wrote this story after seeing an old man at the park selling peanuts in small packets. Atta goes to this park everyday and he sees that no one actually buys from him. Even she comments, who is going to buy these things these days? Apparently, one day someone did and the Rs.5 the old man got, he donated to some beggar. She titled the story Ranthi Devudu. I didn’t know that name before. He was a king who was very generous (If I remember it correctly), she told me. She is also an avid reader of Telugu/Hindi literature. If I ever read Telugu literature, it will be for her. She has few of Telugu literature gems in her collection too. (Its not important  to mention this now, but she actually borrowed one of those books from library and never returned it. 🙂 Yes, I make an angry face whenever this topics comes up, but, you know, its like, ‘how can you be this naughty at this age’ angry face? 🙂 ) She actually taught Hindi for many teachers. She is the only one Murali and I wish on Teachers day every year (or at least we try to). She is the one everyone says I have taken after when it comes to eating food (According to others, neither of us eats well). She is also my coolest aunt who uses an iPad and sends me emails/photos with it.

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I wish she would come visit us. Not for any help or to watch kids, you know. I wish Abhi and Achu get to know her, listen stories from her, watch her do some artistic creations.

Happy Deepavali to you too Atta Pati. We all wish you awesome health and happiness. Wish you could see us growing up now. – Abhi and Achu


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