Future Professions

Sometimes I think about what Abhi and Achu can be when they grow up. I have actually decided what I think they should be. But based on all the naughty and funny things they do, I think they could be so many things. But, to start with what I want them to be…

-> Achu will be a cop. Yep, she will put all the bad guys behind the bars, locked up for ever. She will be like the ninja fighter combined with cat woman combined with Hermione Granger. She is just many things and she will become a cop. There are good chances this could come true, you know. You should see her in action, kicking her legs when she is upset or angry. If only there were bad guys near her, all their bones will be broken from one kick. 🙂

-> Abhi will become a superhero. I know, I know, I have to, but I haven’t picked a cool nickname for him, yet. Of course, costume too. I am thinking he could just wear a T-Shirt with a hood. That would be simple. Don’t you think? I mean who said superheroes have to wear those ugly and uncomfortable costumes? Anyway, coming back to the main thing, when he turns a teenager he will go to the Himalayas and acquire superhero powers. He can fly, he can be invisible, he can do magic. After he gets his super powers, he stops crime even before it happens (he just knows magically when bad things are going to happen and he will be there in no time) and then handover the bad guys to Achu. Achu will lock up the bad guys for ever and ever.

Then, all will be fine with the world. Isn’t it? But, who knows what they are going to be. I mean, going by the clues they are dropping now, they could be anything.

-> In one of Abhi’s newest books, Abhi combines the pictures of Shark’s head and a Whale’s body. Guess what, he could be a scientist who do these things (or just a tailor). If this is not a field yet, he will be the first one to be a….what shall we call it…huh…who cares…all superheroes need a dull and boring real life job…this sounds like one.

-> After I watched the movie Gravity, I decided Achu will be a space cop. She does a pretty amazing job doing stuff like hanging upside down, rolling backwards etc., so zero gravity will not be a problem for her.

-> When I watched a zombie apocalyptic movie last week, I learnt that zombies are drawn towards sound. Apparently, sounds make them stronger. I didn’t know that before. You know what, that’s exactly like Achu. She is also super drawn towards sound or even the tiniest little little little scratch of sound. She could make a perfect zombie cop. Common, even zombies need a cop. 🙂

-> Abhi and Achu could be gymnasts. Two reasons; One, they are pretty flexible doing yoga positions, so they could teach that. Two, everyone in the house is always running behind them. That’s got to burn a ton of calories.

-> Achu could be a DJ. I handover my touch phone to her (my nephew copied a ton of movie songs on my phone, teenagers…I tell you) and Achu does a perfect job of mixing songs with a touch of her little finger. Its something that keeps her occupied, so I let her do that, but the only problem with her DJing is that no one will actually listen to any song for more than a micro second.  Hey…who know may be that will be the trend then… 🙂

-> They both could be those ‘who pick stuff off of carpet’. If it’s not a real profession, we will make it one, by then too because they both are super awesome at it. Achu, even has a specialty. She will very carefully pick up hair strands she sees and hand them over to us. But, there is a side-effect if Abhi takes up this profession. We have to be ready waiting next to him to make sure he doesn’t put it in his mouth. He doesn’t have a preference. Anything he will put it in his mouth…err…pick it up from floor…I meant.

-> Abhi is super at opening and inspecting handbags or purses. So…he could be a….thief. 🙂 I know, it doesn’t go with his superhero avatar, but it will be a perfect disguise, don’t you think? No one will suspect him. Ofcourse, he is also going to be like a good thief, the ones who steal and give money away to those who need it.

-> Achu could also be a videographer. One of the side-effects of handing a 15 month old, a smart phone is that there are lots of videos of our carpet. But, I swear, they are very very artistic. 🙂   So, tell your friends our little baby is ready to shoot.

Who knows what they will be. But, until I know what, I can have fun imagining what all they can be. 🙂


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