Him: Do you want to get a boy cut? It will be like fall special.

Me: No. Why boy cut? and Why is it fall special?

Him: Remember one time you cut your hair very small

Me: Yeah. Did you like it?

Him: Yeah. That was good. Did you not like it?

Me: Well, I got a hair cut 3 weeks ago, but no one noticed.

Him: I did…twice. First when I saw you and then when I saw the credit card statement.. 🙂


Him: Make a note …this can go to your blog.. 🙂

(I am still laughing. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, it’s on the blog.)


Me: Look at this funny bug in my code.

(and show him some code issue)

Him: Is it a runtime bug or compiler bug?

This will be the unintentional and funniest joke he ever cracked because his programming skills are as good as Abhi and Achu’s. 🙂


Him: Lets order some take out food.

Me: Okay (and I start thinking about where to get food from, what to order etc.)

Him (almost immediately): So, what name should I use when ordering food?

He has this fantasy for saying weird names on the phone when ordering food. Sometimes he is BalaKrishna, Sometimes he is Chiranjeevi, sometimes Amitabh. Last time he even said his name was Vijay Khanna on phone. 🙂 Sometimes, I think, he only orders food over phone so that he can do this. 🙂


Me: I taught Abhi donkey yesterday. He says aww-ee-aww–ee now. He learnt it fast.

Him: Cool, I was thinking about teaching them how to read elements and symbols from a periodic table the next time I am there.

Me: (Speeeeeeechlessssss)


(Last Saturday night I was upset over something and wanted to eat ice cream. We were out of ice cream and I was really hesitant to ask him to get ice cream from the store. It was late and really really cold)

Him: Are you sure? I can go get it, no problem

Me: No. Its too cold.

Him: That’s okay. No problem. Store is pretty close anyway.

I said no couple of times, but I was feeling low, so I asked him to get it for me.

I was waiting for him later and thinking he is doing the sweetest thing for me, getting me ice cream that late and in that cold weather. There I was, thinking that this was very romantic really and guess what he comes home with, our favorite ice cream and a zombie movie DVD.

What a combination really !!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Him

  1. Elements :O M ji I can very easily see they will prefer arts in this tender age 😀 😀 😀 awww awww some one blushing with the ice cream eh!!!:) 🙂

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