Two Weekends

* Last to last weekend was very different for us. Good different and as well bad different. Good because Murali was here for until Tuesday night. He had some training on Tuesday, so he took monday off, attended his training on Tuesday and left that night. Bad because Abhi and Achu fell sick with cold and running noses. It’s very hard when kids catch cold. Especially with twins, when one of them is sick, other one falls sick immediately. In this case, Abhi caught cold first and then Achu got it in no time. We try to be careful when one of them is sick, like we feed them from different bowls, don’t let the same toy get into others mouth, but, its difficult. They are always playing in the same area, so close to each other, touch the same toys, so it spreads easily. They are doing better now.

* One of the nights of this weekend, reminded me of our first year with twins. Achu crying in full force, on and off, for about some 2 hours. She was having difficult breathing because of cold and somehow she thought I did something wrong :). So, she kept crying and crying. By the time she slept, it was 11. I came out to see Abhi coughing, I lift him up to pat him a bit and then he threw up his entire dinner over me. Before that, Achu did the same exercise in her crib. Yep, Just like our first year. :).

* Winter time means that our outings are very limited. Murali and I like to go out and do something every weekend, but I am usually tried by the time kids finish their lunch and we do ours. And then its their nap time etc etc. When that’s done, it’s too cold outside. Stepping out means wearing thick jackets, scarfs, shoes, socks and still feeling cold. Naturally, I feel lazy or tired about getting Abhi and Achu ready and still make them feel cold. So, these days even a run to local grocery store counts as an outing for us. That’s the only thing we did.

* I never thought I would do a food related post on this blog, but it’s happening. I have a favourite food now. Murali and I ate some appetizer with Brussel Sprouts at a Thai restaurant last time and loved it. So when we spotted a frozen bag of this sprouts in the store, we got it to try it at home. And Murali made it super yummmmyyy. Recipe is very simple. Just point to the bag at the store and Murali will take care of the rest. 🙂 I loved them so much that I had him make this three saturday nights in a row. First time, Murali served this with Fried rice, second time with Pasta and last weekend with noodles.



* Monday, I took the day off too. Slept in the morning while nanny watched the kids. Afternoon, Murali and I stepped out to eat Thai at a restaurant near our house and then watch Gravity 3D. Food was okay, but the movie was very good. It’s difficult for me to not feel guilty when I am doing things like this when kids are at home. I don’t know when I will overcome that. But, I really liked the movie. It was worth watching in 3D.

* Ofcourse, we came home with two sets of 3D glasses. Abhi and Achu had fun with them. (I still have it) Achu wore the glasses and walked (ofcourse, what else would she do :)). Abhi took some to examine them. He wanted us to wear it. You know, just making sure we are not tricking him or something. 🙂 Here is Abhi putting the glasses on little teddy bear. 🙂


* Coming to last weekend, Murali and I were like real full-time parents. P was out this week, so I was doing cooking/cleaning and kid stuff back to back. Murali helped me a lot watching kids while I was in the kitchen. And he still cooked sprouts dinner for us. He didn’t get any rest either. I was so tired by Sunday evening that I couldn’t stay awake. I felt sad we didn’t step out at all.Especially for Abhi and Achu. We are planning a trip to the aquarium for next weekend.Hopefully we can take them out.

* Sunday was Dasara. What a crap, festival celebrations are turning into at our house these days. Except for dressing up Abhi and Achu, and some extra cooking, there is nothing religious about a celebration. I don’t think this is what I want for Abhi and Achu. I want them to be as excited as I used to be as a kid when a festival was approaching. I want them to see what each festival really means and how it should be celebrated. Hopefully we will do better next time.

* Sunday night, P came back and couple of our friends came by too. And they bought new set of toys again for Abhi and Achu. Abhi and Achu probably went to sleep thinking about the new toys that will be waiting for them when they wake up in the morning. 🙂 Yayy..New toys to fight over… 🙂 This is the living room Sunday night. I already took the building blocks and the flash cards away because kids were coming and they might step on it and still, this is how the living room looks after Abhi and Achu play. Beautiful, Isnt it? 🙂 You see the three little ducks next to the big orange ball, you have no idea, how many fights are happening between Abhi and Achu for those three ducks. Poor duckies.



8 thoughts on “Two Weekends

  1. Lol the three ducks look so cute.. And loved the food pics.. And how are they doing now, cold is better ? We saw gravity too, very different movie, worth watching in 3D.. 🙂

  2. Kids and cold seems to go hand in hand. There is no preventing them from getting once any one in the house gets it. Sad but true 😐

    The food looks so good. I want to try some too 🙂

    I love a room filled with kids toys. It tells a tale of kids playing and having fun 🙂

  3. Drooling at the food pics.. Murali is a very good cook looks like.. you are lucky 🙂
    We watched Gravity too and loved it..Hope the kids are feeling better now..I loved the toys too..

  4. I would have been the third kid to fight for duck 🙂 that’s so cute 🙂 🙂 Cold sigh!!! its really a terrible period! fingers crossed for the next week trip 🙂 🙂 pls make it and I am waiting for the post now 🙂 🙂 M ji is cooking awesome!!! food is drool worthy 🙂 🙂 lucky you 🙂 🙂 I love the play area! its fully splashed with toys 😀 😀 😀

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