Talking Abhi and Achu

Me: Achu, say Up.

Achu: Upppp. (also lifts her hands up)

Me: Achu, say Apple

Achu: Apppp

Me: Say Cup

Achu: Cupp

Abhi says and does the same


Me: Abhi, Say Achu

Abhi: Atthhuuu

Me: No, Achu

Abhi: Atttthammm


Me: Achu, say Eyes

Achu: Eyezzzzz (Also shows her and my eyes)


Me: Abhi, say Booster

Abhi: Booothruthruthru. (Still laughs at his own joke 🙂 )


Me: Abhi, say Turtle

Abhi: turturtllle

Me: Say, Boom

Abhi: Boom (and smiles, because he got it right.)


(While giving their dinner)

Me: Okay, lets watch some tv ads.

Achu: Adddzzzz


Me: Abhi, say Done.

Abhi: Dim

Me: No, say Done

Abhi: Dim

Me: Okay, Say Dim.

Abhi: Kab kab kab…

(Two days later)

Me: Okay, mammu done.

Abhi: Dunnnn


14 thoughts on “Talking Abhi and Achu

  1. Lol 😀 😀 😀 I wanna sit next to them and laugh at their words:) 🙂 dim and boothruthru was the awesome-st 🙂

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