Special Deepavali Wishes

Our most favorite Atta Pati of all has sent us this special Deepavali Greetings.  In her own words addressed to…. “achhu kutti, abhi pandu and all family”. 🙂


She is the most creative person in my family. I learnt knitting only after seeing her knit and be creative in so many ways. Anything she finds, she turns into something beautiful.  She also published children stories and still writes stories for magazines. When I was in India, she wrote few stories and she would let me read them. Her writing on paper would be so tough for me to read, so, even though I can read Telugu well, I would be like someone who is just learning to read. 🙂 I remember she wrote this story after seeing an old man at the park selling peanuts in small packets. Atta goes to this park everyday and he sees that no one actually buys from him. Even she comments, who is going to buy these things these days? Apparently, one day someone did and the Rs.5 the old man got, he donated to some beggar. She titled the story Ranthi Devudu. I didn’t know that name before. He was a king who was very generous (If I remember it correctly), she told me. She is also an avid reader of Telugu/Hindi literature. If I ever read Telugu literature, it will be for her. She has few of Telugu literature gems in her collection too. (Its not important  to mention this now, but she actually borrowed one of those books from library and never returned it. 🙂 Yes, I make an angry face whenever this topics comes up, but, you know, its like, ‘how can you be this naughty at this age’ angry face? 🙂 ) She actually taught Hindi for many teachers. She is the only one Murali and I wish on Teachers day every year (or at least we try to). She is the one everyone says I have taken after when it comes to eating food (According to others, neither of us eats well). She is also my coolest aunt who uses an iPad and sends me emails/photos with it.

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I wish she would come visit us. Not for any help or to watch kids, you know. I wish Abhi and Achu get to know her, listen stories from her, watch her do some artistic creations.

Happy Deepavali to you too Atta Pati. We all wish you awesome health and happiness. Wish you could see us growing up now. – Abhi and Achu


Twin Things

* Abhi is sitting in front of me and flipping pages of book like he is reading it. Achu is doing her thing aka walking. Suddenly, she stops by Abhi and me, bends down to Abhi’s level, puts her face right in front of Abhi’s, says something and walks away. She has done this twice, so far. I have no idea, what she meant or said. 🙂 Abhi didn’t look confused at all. Either he ignored her or understood what she was trying to say. 🙂

* Abhi and Achu are in their booster seats eating without any trays on top of their seats. So, Abhi can see the straps hanging loose. He holds them in both his hands and starts chewing the straps. I am there right next to him, saying, ‘Abhi, here is your mammu. Eat this, not the straps’. He doesn’t listen. So I go get the tray for Abhi’s booster seat, put it on his seat. He can’t see or get to the straps now. Right then, before I could do my evil laugh, Achu finds her straps and gives it to Abhi to chew on. 🙂 The name ‘Twin Troubles’ can now be justified. 🙂

* Last time Achu fell somewhere and of course, there was some fake crying for the fall. This time, she shows me her feet and says ‘shi..shi..shi’ (We are all at that stage when all adults look at one others face trying to see if anyone understood what Abhi or Achu said; We don’t get it most of the time). So, rubbing her legs gently I say, ‘Okay, Ishi Ishi..bye..bye’. (They are masters at bye-bye-ing everything away happily:)). With that, Achu is fine. Next time, Abhi was crying because some toy fell on his hand. I bring Achu to Abhi and say, ‘Achu, Abhi is hurt. Say Ishi, Ishi..bye..bye’. She quickly, sits down and starts rubbing her legs. Apparently, rubbing legs is the cure for everything. 🙂 That must be true because even Abhi was fine after that.

* Abhi and Achu,both, decide to read. Yep, Its something remarkable when Achu wants to flips pages like that. They are flipping pages from different books same time mostly, but this time, they both were eyeing the same book. So, they are sitting facing each other, book in between. Achu flips to one page, Abhi flips it back. Achu flips it again, Abhi flips it back. I am thinking we need two sets of everything, now. Dont we?

* None of us, I mean, none of us adults can stand next to the kitchen countertops in the living room. If we do, we will be immediately pushed away. Achu was the one who started this first. She stands behind us and pushes our legs that we have to leave the place. Abhi stands holding on to our legs and tries to bite us. If you are not wearing jeans when you are standing there, you could get hurt really. Believe me, I did. 🙂

* Abhi and Achu have a secret place. They needed a secret place to hide from the adults (or the other kid), you know, especially, when they know they have done something wrong or snatched something away from each other. Dont tell anyone, but the little space between the bedroom and the bathroom is their secret hang-out place. We swear, none of us can see them when they go sit there.

* One weekend, I leave Abhi in the crib with his bottle. He can finish it by himself and by then I could get some quick chores done. After few minutes, he signals he is done (opens the door next to his crib and keeps smiling, waiting). I go and see some milk splashed all over his eyes. 🙂 Few minutes later, I go into Achu’s bedroom and see milk spilled all over the headboard. If this was not a way of twins communicating silently and secretly (across rooms), what is?

* Abhi is crying because he got diaper rash. A little more than his usual so he is crying when I changed his diaper. He usually doesn’t cry or crib like that, so, Achu noticed the difference. She stops by us (you know, she was walking, otherwise). I tell her, Abhi has ‘Ishi,Ishi’ and show her how to pat him on his chest gently. She sits next to us, watching Abhi cry and keeps patting him like I told her until Abhi stopped crying. 🙂

Future Professions

Sometimes I think about what Abhi and Achu can be when they grow up. I have actually decided what I think they should be. But based on all the naughty and funny things they do, I think they could be so many things. But, to start with what I want them to be…

-> Achu will be a cop. Yep, she will put all the bad guys behind the bars, locked up for ever. She will be like the ninja fighter combined with cat woman combined with Hermione Granger. She is just many things and she will become a cop. There are good chances this could come true, you know. You should see her in action, kicking her legs when she is upset or angry. If only there were bad guys near her, all their bones will be broken from one kick. 🙂

-> Abhi will become a superhero. I know, I know, I have to, but I haven’t picked a cool nickname for him, yet. Of course, costume too. I am thinking he could just wear a T-Shirt with a hood. That would be simple. Don’t you think? I mean who said superheroes have to wear those ugly and uncomfortable costumes? Anyway, coming back to the main thing, when he turns a teenager he will go to the Himalayas and acquire superhero powers. He can fly, he can be invisible, he can do magic. After he gets his super powers, he stops crime even before it happens (he just knows magically when bad things are going to happen and he will be there in no time) and then handover the bad guys to Achu. Achu will lock up the bad guys for ever and ever.

Then, all will be fine with the world. Isn’t it? But, who knows what they are going to be. I mean, going by the clues they are dropping now, they could be anything.

-> In one of Abhi’s newest books, Abhi combines the pictures of Shark’s head and a Whale’s body. Guess what, he could be a scientist who do these things (or just a tailor). If this is not a field yet, he will be the first one to be a….what shall we call it…huh…who cares…all superheroes need a dull and boring real life job…this sounds like one.

-> After I watched the movie Gravity, I decided Achu will be a space cop. She does a pretty amazing job doing stuff like hanging upside down, rolling backwards etc., so zero gravity will not be a problem for her.

-> When I watched a zombie apocalyptic movie last week, I learnt that zombies are drawn towards sound. Apparently, sounds make them stronger. I didn’t know that before. You know what, that’s exactly like Achu. She is also super drawn towards sound or even the tiniest little little little scratch of sound. She could make a perfect zombie cop. Common, even zombies need a cop. 🙂

-> Abhi and Achu could be gymnasts. Two reasons; One, they are pretty flexible doing yoga positions, so they could teach that. Two, everyone in the house is always running behind them. That’s got to burn a ton of calories.

-> Achu could be a DJ. I handover my touch phone to her (my nephew copied a ton of movie songs on my phone, teenagers…I tell you) and Achu does a perfect job of mixing songs with a touch of her little finger. Its something that keeps her occupied, so I let her do that, but the only problem with her DJing is that no one will actually listen to any song for more than a micro second.  Hey…who know may be that will be the trend then… 🙂

-> They both could be those ‘who pick stuff off of carpet’. If it’s not a real profession, we will make it one, by then too because they both are super awesome at it. Achu, even has a specialty. She will very carefully pick up hair strands she sees and hand them over to us. But, there is a side-effect if Abhi takes up this profession. We have to be ready waiting next to him to make sure he doesn’t put it in his mouth. He doesn’t have a preference. Anything he will put it in his mouth…err…pick it up from floor…I meant.

-> Abhi is super at opening and inspecting handbags or purses. So…he could be a….thief. 🙂 I know, it doesn’t go with his superhero avatar, but it will be a perfect disguise, don’t you think? No one will suspect him. Ofcourse, he is also going to be like a good thief, the ones who steal and give money away to those who need it.

-> Achu could also be a videographer. One of the side-effects of handing a 15 month old, a smart phone is that there are lots of videos of our carpet. But, I swear, they are very very artistic. 🙂   So, tell your friends our little baby is ready to shoot.

Who knows what they will be. But, until I know what, I can have fun imagining what all they can be. 🙂


Him: Do you want to get a boy cut? It will be like fall special.

Me: No. Why boy cut? and Why is it fall special?

Him: Remember one time you cut your hair very small

Me: Yeah. Did you like it?

Him: Yeah. That was good. Did you not like it?

Me: Well, I got a hair cut 3 weeks ago, but no one noticed.

Him: I did…twice. First when I saw you and then when I saw the credit card statement.. 🙂


Him: Make a note …this can go to your blog.. 🙂

(I am still laughing. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, it’s on the blog.)


Me: Look at this funny bug in my code.

(and show him some code issue)

Him: Is it a runtime bug or compiler bug?

This will be the unintentional and funniest joke he ever cracked because his programming skills are as good as Abhi and Achu’s. 🙂


Him: Lets order some take out food.

Me: Okay (and I start thinking about where to get food from, what to order etc.)

Him (almost immediately): So, what name should I use when ordering food?

He has this fantasy for saying weird names on the phone when ordering food. Sometimes he is BalaKrishna, Sometimes he is Chiranjeevi, sometimes Amitabh. Last time he even said his name was Vijay Khanna on phone. 🙂 Sometimes, I think, he only orders food over phone so that he can do this. 🙂


Me: I taught Abhi donkey yesterday. He says aww-ee-aww–ee now. He learnt it fast.

Him: Cool, I was thinking about teaching them how to read elements and symbols from a periodic table the next time I am there.

Me: (Speeeeeeechlessssss)


(Last Saturday night I was upset over something and wanted to eat ice cream. We were out of ice cream and I was really hesitant to ask him to get ice cream from the store. It was late and really really cold)

Him: Are you sure? I can go get it, no problem

Me: No. Its too cold.

Him: That’s okay. No problem. Store is pretty close anyway.

I said no couple of times, but I was feeling low, so I asked him to get it for me.

I was waiting for him later and thinking he is doing the sweetest thing for me, getting me ice cream that late and in that cold weather. There I was, thinking that this was very romantic really and guess what he comes home with, our favorite ice cream and a zombie movie DVD.

What a combination really !!! 🙂

Being A Mom

You know, I am really that sort of person who wants to anticipate and plan for the future, but, in reality does nothing. 🙂 I know I have to do something, but I don’t. (And the very few times I do succeed in planning properly, it all fails utterly, but that’s a different story). Becoming a mother was one such thing too. I knew life was going to change, but, had no clue how. It was just something we all do, that we don’t really see what it means for the future. At least, I was like that. I am not complaining at all, but I was quite surprised at how it all changed. But, in no time, it all came naturally. It certainly didnt happen the day Abhi and Achu were born, but, over the last 15 months. Like I said, I didn’t even know when. Before I knew it I was doing things I have never done in life. Some responsible, some funny, some crazy…

* Being a mom means that during lunch, I can have conversation about constipation in babies with another mom colleague. No feelings at all. We discuss it all just like we were meant to talk on that subject. Did I mention this was during lunch? 🙂

* Being a mom means that I would gladly take some object out of Abhi’s mouth (which he probably picked from the floor) and bite it to see what it actually is. (In my defense, I fed him something with cinnamon stick an hour before and I wanted to make sure somehow it didn’t end up in his. And to kill myself over how I fail sometimes if it was cinnamon stick. Oh btw, It turned out to be a small wooden piece Abhi broke from the wooden basket).

* Being a mom means that no matter how much I prepare myself or want some me-time, I always feel the guilt of not being with Abhi and Achu. I am at a movie which I have been looking forward to, I feel guilty. I am eating lunch with some friend, I feel guilty. I am staying late working, I feel it.

* Being a mom means that when I go to any restaurant with kids, I finish eating as fast as I could and continue panicking that all hell is going to break loose any second. That they are going to start throwing some tantrum or cry uncontrollably or get sick touching things around. There are endless reasons to panic, really. 😦

* Being a mom means that there is my favourite song playing on TV finally, but, because I am feeding Abhi and Achu (who happen to be also interested in the same song..yayy to that), I focus on making them swallow the food. And by the time task is complete, Mr. SPB is also done singing my favorite song before I even hear the song for a second.

* Being a mom means that I get all chores done in the morning, get ready for work and look at Abhi’s face one time before he goes for his nap and wonder, ‘God!!! Do I really have to leave that face and go to work?’

* Being a mom means that I hate hate hate falling sick. Falling sick is such a terrible thing to happen to a mom. The last weekend I was sick, I had no energy to even pickup toys and put them back in the toy basket. There was a time when falling sick meant, staying in bed and getting rest. But now, I hope no mother ever falls sick.

* Being a mom means that if I could wish for a wish to come true, I would ask for infinite energy. So that, I could do it all. So that, I can be there with them all the time, then work, then cook, everything.

* Being a mom means that, for the first time in my life, I am thinking of doing something to fix my cooking. First time I am thinking about how edible food will be. Whether its more salt or less. Whether it’s a good combination of vegetables for taste or not. It’s not easy, really.

* Being a mom means that I am so occupied in thoughts about taking care of Abhi and Achu that I pick up jam bottle, spoon from the kitchen countertop and put the spoon in the fridge and jam bottle in the sink. (I did take away the jam bottle later, you know, no one should disrespect jam like that 🙂 And its jam really, how can I throw that away)

* Being a mom means that I am now, officially, scared of watching zombie movies. Sucks, doesn’t it? I mean, earlier, I was like, ‘Oooh..Look at that…zombie coming in…’ excited and all, but now, my first thoughts run like, ‘God! How am I supposed to take care of Abhi and Achu when zombies attack!!’. So, in short, no more zombie movies. 😦 (It’s really a tough situation, guys. I am really looking for solutions on what to do.)

Talking and Singing…

Abhi and Achu’s vocabulary is growing by the hour. Some times when we are talking to them, they are just trying to imitate what we said. Sometimes I don’t even hear clearly what they say, but its super funny how those words come out of their mouth. When nanny P comes in the morning, we say Good Morning to her so that Abhi and Achu will learn to say it every time. One morning, nanny P says Good Morning and Abhi says Good morning back. 🙂 He said something like Goog Mommin…something..It was super funny. 🙂 P, Nanny and I laughed so much. This morning, Achu tried to repeat saying spider…The day before she tried to say Panda..and said..something that started with P and ended with D.. I can’t laugh enough on how these words sound. When they try to say something, we focus on those words to teach them. Now a days, as soon as I go home or someones comes in, Abhi and Achu say hiiii..all by themselves. Yesterday, nanny was getting ready to leave. As soon as she wore her sweater, Achu started saying byeeee waving her hands.

It’s funny for few words, how the last letter never ends..like. instead of hi, they say hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Bye is Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂

Nanny plays animal sounds in the morning when they are eating breakfast, so the latest theme of new words/sounds they are learning is what animal says…

Dog says…

Abhi & Achu: Baw baw..

Cow says…

Abhi & Achu: Mooo..

For some reason, sometimes cow says amma.. 🙂

Snake says…

Abhi & Achu: Ahhhizzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. (That means hisss…That zzz… never ends too)

Say Queen..

Abhi & Achu: eeennn..

Say Hen..

Abhi: Ennn

Say stop

Achu: Top..

How does rain fall?

Achu: Tup tup..

How does YoYo goo?

Achu: tskk..tskk.. (She also makes a face expression for this…)

As soon as she sees the Fish on the flash card,

Achu: Ishhhhhhhh

Abhi’s latest obession is donkey. The minutes he comes out of his room, he finds the animal book and points donkey from it. And yes, according to Abhi, it says….eeee..aaa..eee..aaa

As soon as we open a number farm book and sing, baby mcDonald had a farm..Abhi and Achu start..eeee..aaa..ooo. 🙂

One weekend I was in the kitchen cooking and singing Todha Sa Beat Bajao… Abhi was in the living room next to Murali. As soon as I sang those lines, Abhi starts saying…Beatu baooo..:) It was a such a lovely surprise for us. I didn’t hear him sing that first and when Murali mentioned he repeated the last two words, I didn’t believe him. Finally I requested Abhi to say it again many times and finally he started signing again for me..Beatuu baoo..beatuuu baoo… 🙂

Abhi and Achu watch TV only when they are eating. They watch some songs channel that almost always plays the same songs and Abhi, Achu like it. One of the songs has a tune somewhere in the song like..maye..maye..maye..and these days Abhi and Achu sing along with the TV or sing with us…They repeat it exactly like..maye..maye..maye.. 🙂

They knew the words Up already..So, now when we are singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..How I wonder what you are..They join us and say “Upp aaa…” (Pointing their hands up..For up above) 🙂

Last Saturday, Abhi wakes up from his morning nap, and starts repeating his name..Abhi..Abhi..Abhi…He was like trying to experiment with how the name sounds..so he says like Abhi..Abhe..Abheyyyy…Abhi… 🙂 Next day, I taught him to say this when he is asked Whats your name? Now we ask him, “Abhi, whats your name?” and he replies, “Abhi..Abhey..Abhi..Abheyy”. Really, Abhi repeating his name like this is the cutest sound I have heard in my life. 🙂 This and they repeatedly and randomly calling everyone around amma..amma are my favourites. 🙂

Two Weekends

* Last to last weekend was very different for us. Good different and as well bad different. Good because Murali was here for until Tuesday night. He had some training on Tuesday, so he took monday off, attended his training on Tuesday and left that night. Bad because Abhi and Achu fell sick with cold and running noses. It’s very hard when kids catch cold. Especially with twins, when one of them is sick, other one falls sick immediately. In this case, Abhi caught cold first and then Achu got it in no time. We try to be careful when one of them is sick, like we feed them from different bowls, don’t let the same toy get into others mouth, but, its difficult. They are always playing in the same area, so close to each other, touch the same toys, so it spreads easily. They are doing better now.

* One of the nights of this weekend, reminded me of our first year with twins. Achu crying in full force, on and off, for about some 2 hours. She was having difficult breathing because of cold and somehow she thought I did something wrong :). So, she kept crying and crying. By the time she slept, it was 11. I came out to see Abhi coughing, I lift him up to pat him a bit and then he threw up his entire dinner over me. Before that, Achu did the same exercise in her crib. Yep, Just like our first year. :).

* Winter time means that our outings are very limited. Murali and I like to go out and do something every weekend, but I am usually tried by the time kids finish their lunch and we do ours. And then its their nap time etc etc. When that’s done, it’s too cold outside. Stepping out means wearing thick jackets, scarfs, shoes, socks and still feeling cold. Naturally, I feel lazy or tired about getting Abhi and Achu ready and still make them feel cold. So, these days even a run to local grocery store counts as an outing for us. That’s the only thing we did.

* I never thought I would do a food related post on this blog, but it’s happening. I have a favourite food now. Murali and I ate some appetizer with Brussel Sprouts at a Thai restaurant last time and loved it. So when we spotted a frozen bag of this sprouts in the store, we got it to try it at home. And Murali made it super yummmmyyy. Recipe is very simple. Just point to the bag at the store and Murali will take care of the rest. 🙂 I loved them so much that I had him make this three saturday nights in a row. First time, Murali served this with Fried rice, second time with Pasta and last weekend with noodles.



* Monday, I took the day off too. Slept in the morning while nanny watched the kids. Afternoon, Murali and I stepped out to eat Thai at a restaurant near our house and then watch Gravity 3D. Food was okay, but the movie was very good. It’s difficult for me to not feel guilty when I am doing things like this when kids are at home. I don’t know when I will overcome that. But, I really liked the movie. It was worth watching in 3D.

* Ofcourse, we came home with two sets of 3D glasses. Abhi and Achu had fun with them. (I still have it) Achu wore the glasses and walked (ofcourse, what else would she do :)). Abhi took some to examine them. He wanted us to wear it. You know, just making sure we are not tricking him or something. 🙂 Here is Abhi putting the glasses on little teddy bear. 🙂


* Coming to last weekend, Murali and I were like real full-time parents. P was out this week, so I was doing cooking/cleaning and kid stuff back to back. Murali helped me a lot watching kids while I was in the kitchen. And he still cooked sprouts dinner for us. He didn’t get any rest either. I was so tired by Sunday evening that I couldn’t stay awake. I felt sad we didn’t step out at all.Especially for Abhi and Achu. We are planning a trip to the aquarium for next weekend.Hopefully we can take them out.

* Sunday was Dasara. What a crap, festival celebrations are turning into at our house these days. Except for dressing up Abhi and Achu, and some extra cooking, there is nothing religious about a celebration. I don’t think this is what I want for Abhi and Achu. I want them to be as excited as I used to be as a kid when a festival was approaching. I want them to see what each festival really means and how it should be celebrated. Hopefully we will do better next time.

* Sunday night, P came back and couple of our friends came by too. And they bought new set of toys again for Abhi and Achu. Abhi and Achu probably went to sleep thinking about the new toys that will be waiting for them when they wake up in the morning. 🙂 Yayy..New toys to fight over… 🙂 This is the living room Sunday night. I already took the building blocks and the flash cards away because kids were coming and they might step on it and still, this is how the living room looks after Abhi and Achu play. Beautiful, Isnt it? 🙂 You see the three little ducks next to the big orange ball, you have no idea, how many fights are happening between Abhi and Achu for those three ducks. Poor duckies.