It’s Always Her.

* Abhi and Achu are playing in the living room while I am in the kitchen.  Suddenly, Abhi starts crying or screaming.

Me: Achu, leave Abhi alone.

* I am in kitchen, cleaning/cooking. Nanny P is giving Abhi and Achu their dinner.

Nanny: No, baby, don’t try to cough and vomit.

Me: Achu, don’t do it.

# Abhi, Achu and I are on stroller walk. They each have a blanket with them. Suddenly, I see one of the blankets is thrown out onto the road.

Me: Achu, Why did you throw the blanket away?

(It was actually Abhi who threw it away :))

# I am trying to find the TV remote. I look for where it is supposed to be or on the couch or on the countertops. Roam around a bit more and look behind the barricade in front of TV. It’s there. (Along with many other things)

Me: Achu, why did you drop these things here?

(TV remote is the not the only thing. Recently I have recovered my phone, my ID card, alphabet cards, toys, power cords, building blocks from behind this gate. In fact that’s the first place I look now, if something is missing).

# I come back into the living room and find food spilled on the carpet.

Me: Achu……Why did you do this???


This scenario is few very short years down the lane, but, we are sure it’s going to happen. 🙂

In future school…

# Abhi: It’s okay Achu. Leave it.

Achu: No. I wont. Common out now, who the hell tried to beat up my brother. Common, out now.

(All kids run away from school…)

# Abhi: (comes running and yelling) Amma, Amma..

Amma already knows what it is. She runs out to get Achu out of that fight she picked up with neighbors kid.

11 thoughts on “It’s Always Her.

  1. My niece takes her Dad’s ID card, wallet etc from his bag and keeps in her purse everyday.. 😀 I loved the after few years story… 🙂

  2. its too bad eh 😦 lol I wish she gives you a rolls eye for blaming her for the act she didn’t do 😀 😀 I adore this girl eh!! wish the guy do’t take the activity of pulling her leg 😦 🙂

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