Seattle Great Wheel

That time of the year is here. It’s always cold, raining or drizzling, windy and chilling. Some time in the evening, sun might show up. But even then, the weather feels pretty much the same. Sometimes, however, that crazy, cold, crappy weather turns into a beautiful day. Last Saturday, as usual, weather was expected to be bad, but, by the time kids finished their lunch, it was getting beautiful outside. Warm,really. So, we set out to go see the Seattle Great Wheel. I got one last chance to wear my pretty dress, Yayyy!! (I guess I should officially say good-bye now; For another 8 months at least :().


WP_20130921_017 WP_20130921_020

Seattle Great Wheel is actually on the bay, by the downtown. So it has beautiful views of downtown and the bay. Because the weather was perfect, all our pictures came out beautifully. This wheel turns really slow, its safe for all. And so for Abhi and Achu too. Luckily, we found parking close to the wheel, so we didn’t have to walk a lot. By the time we got down the car, Abhi was asleep (He always falls asleep right before we reach the destination), so we let him sleep in his car seat until we got into the queue. Ms. Achu, of course, didn’t want to waste her time on trivial things like sleeping, so she was up all the time, doing her usual things. By the time we were near the boarding, Abhi woke up too, but he was still sleepy for a while.

(Abhi and Achu in their double stroller. Abhi is all sleepy in his car seat at the front. See Achu, she already has the pink blanket, and will still hold onto the blue one. )


This trip had lots of first for Abhi and Achu. This was the first time we took Abhi and Achu out to visit something specific. (All the times we went out before, we were either driving or shopping or hiking or something general.) This was the first time Abhi and Achu rided a wheel. It was also the first time Murali, Abhi, Achu and I tried to take a family picture from the photo booth. We now have the first family picture strip on the fridge. 🙂 But, the most important first time thing is that Achu walked on her own outside. She was wearing the cute little shoes I got for her from India. And because she is all interested in walking these days, I tried to put her down and see how she does. P and I were holding her hands on both sides and she walked like a princess. Didn’t tumble-down, wasnt scared at all; In fact, after she realized she can do the walking outside too, she didn’t let us hold her. She refused to even sit in the gondola, wanted to stand. :). Right, I forgot, this was also the first time, we experienced toddler tantrums of Achu outside. She really refused to be carried around or sit in stroller. Just wanted to walk on her own. (Huh! that time is here, isn’t it? I knew terrible twos would come to us earlier than usual).


After we waited in the queue for few minutes, we were the first ones to board the wheel, so we got to enjoy the beautiful views while the rest of the gondolas were filled. Like I said, it was just beautiful.

WP_20130921_039 WP_20130921_054 WP_20130921_059

Seattle space needle and downtown Seattle …

WP_20130921_064 WP_20130921_073

Ferry to the islands on the other side…


This ride was for some 5 minutes but we enjoyed a lot. Took lots of pictures and videos. We caught Achu’s first tantrums outside on video too. 🙂 Later, we stepped into the little shopping place next to the wheel. There was this beautiful carousel inside the mall. The second I saw it, I imagined myself taking a ride in it. And you know, to my major disappointment, it was for kids-only. Really? That wasn’t fair, right? Who decides only kids can have fun it it. I was so disappointed. Abhi and Achu were too young for it, so I didn’t even have the chance to be there accompanying them. 😦 I miss these rides so much. Its been years I was on a thrill ride. Hopefully we will get to go on one soon.

WP_20130921_057 WP_20130921_086


11 thoughts on “Seattle Great Wheel

  1. did you capture their reactions 🙂 🙂 I love the way kids hand coming out of stroller 🙂 🙂 Is it achu hand 🙂 🙂 one thing I love about US is these rides!! their roller coaster is my dream ride 🙂 🙂 I just wanna run and go on an on 🙂 🙂 wishing you to enjoy these rides soon with the two in toe 🙂 they will grow up soon and you can enjoy things with them 🙂 🙂 🙂 Why you can’t wear the dress 😦 fit in it and squeeze it 🙂

    1. Yes, that was Achu’s hand. 🙂 I love these rides too. Come on over here, we will go together. I dont have company..

      Its all really cold now chipmunk. Thats why…Even in jeans and a sweater, we will feel cold…

      1. even in jean will shiver 🙂 🙂 wish i carry a warmer all the way i go 🙂 touch wood if i get a chance i will surely come and give you the company!! let me search a groom who lives near to your place or in US so that we could enjoy all these 🙂 🙂

        Achu always know when you guys take photo, almost all her photo so far i have seen, there is a hand of hers showing like this 🙂 🙂

  2. hey lovely pictures 🙂 And I am so fond of giant wheels.. your pictures tempt me to go for a ride on a giant wheel soon 😀 .. And it’s nice to know that Achu has started walking already.. She is turning into a big girl really soon..

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