The Story Of A Jumper

There once was a perfect little Jumper. It was called, well, Jumper. All kids loved it.  Kids loved to jump and jump in it. It had cute little toys hanging from what looked like branches. It made cute monkey sounds when kids jumped. It had an arch that looked like a rainbow and there was a bright looking sun smiling above the rainbow. There also was this peeking tiger. It was indeed perfect. Who wouldn’t love this toy? Even in Baby Abhi and Baby Achu’s household, it was very loved. Months ago, Amma saw that Baby Achu was desperately trying to sit down. So, Amma thought maybe Jumper would support her well and help her learn to sit. So Amma asked Jumper to come home. Very soon, Jumper arrived at Baby Abhi and Baby Achu’s house. And then, something sad happened. When Amma put Baby Achu down in the Jumper, Baby Achu cried. She Said. “No, Amma. I am very scared. I don’t want to be in the jumper. Hold me”. And, so Amma took Achu out of Jumper. Of course, Baby Achu was more important to her than Jumper. Jumper felt sad. After all, it was used to being loved and jumped in. Then Baby Abhi came to Jumper’s rescue. He said, “Fear not, My friend! I am here”. Seeing that, Amma put Baby Abhi in jumper. Baby Abhi loved being in Jumper from that minute. Their bond grew stronger by every jump. Not only would he jump in it, he would also pretend to hide under the Jumper seat and play peekaboo with others. Baby Abhi just loved everything about it. Seeing all this, the ‘greatest imitator of all’, Baby Achu wanted to try the jumper again. Apparently she got over the fears by watching her little baby brother. So, she went on happily jumping too. That time, Baby Abhi, Baby Achu and Jumper were living very very happily. Baby Abhi and Baby Achu even fought for their turns in the Jumper. Jumper couldn’t be more happier.


Then, Baby Achu decided to try new things. She wanted to try some adventure in it. She started jumping very hard. She would pull her self down in the jumper and release like she was trying to shoot herself into the sky. She would rock Jumper back and forth, round and round, in all directions. She would jump so hard and so fast that neighbors downstairs could complain. She literally shook Jumper with her every jump. Not only that, she would pull away all the attached toys from the jumper, the rainbow, the hanging monkeys, everything and throw it away. Poor Jumper endured all this. After all,it loved kids too.

Weeks later, Amma decided to take kids to a far far away place. Jumper was worried this time. So was Abhi. Do we have to part ways, already? Was Jumper going to the storage, as well? Is it good-bye time already? Jumper was really worried. But, amma knew it all. She said, ‘We are taking you to the far far land with us, Jumper. Dont you worry’. Jumper was so relieved. So was Baby Abhi. And thus, Jumper became the first Jumper to have travelled to the far far land. (Amma was sure, this should be in news. She just didn’t find time to report it.)

In the next few months, Baby Abhi’s and Jumper’s bond grew even more stronger. They loved each other. Even though Baby Abhi was getting busier with this new explorations, he was always making time for Jumper. Jumper was so content. Baby Achu, meanwhile, was taking her Jumper adventures to a new level. Jumper didn’t complain a bit.

When it was time for everyone to come back home, Nanna asked amma, “Is Jumper coming with us?”. Amma said, ‘Ofcourse it is. Baby Abhi wouldn’t agree to leave it here. That’s how Jumper became the first Jumper to have travelled a round trip to far far away land. Back home, things were no different than before.

One Saturday morning, Amma and Nanna wake up and bring Baby Abhi and Baby Achu to the living room. Nanna, suddenly asks, ‘Who wants to go into the Jumper, first?’? Both Baby Abhi and Baby Achu were ready. But, amma said Baby Abhi goes first. So, Baby Abhi starts his first jump for the day. It was very emotional moment for Jumper. After a long night alone in the cold living room, Jumper’s favorite baby is back first thing in the morning, jumping, which Jumper wouldn’t love that? So they jumped and jumped for few minutes.

Then, Amma said, ‘Enough Baby Abhi. Its Baby Achu’s turn’. Baby Abhi smiled and said, ‘Bye Bye for now, Jumper’. Baby Achu was in the jumper, jumping and jumping. Pretty hard and really really fast. Nanna, who was making coffee for himself in the kitchen, suddenly said, “Is that Jumper still safe for Baby Achu to use?” (First stroke of coffee should have touched nanna’s nose, by then). Amma replied, “”I don’t know”. Baby Achu continued to do what she does each time. She rocked it faster, she pulled and threw all the toys away. Amma and Nanna were watching her admiring her activeness. Baby Abhi was watching her and thinking, ‘Poor you, Jumper’. Everyone watching her was encouraging Baby Achu even more. This time, she rocked the Jumper more than ever and then, and then, she bought the Jumper down. Amma was near by Baby Achu, so she took her to hold her. Baby Achu started her usual, “No, No, This is not happening. Why are you asking me to eat? Why are you asking me to sleep? This jumper crashed and I fell, I am safe and yet I will still scream and pretend to cry” routine. Amma still held her.


This was THE moment for Jumper. It was nervous once again. “Was this it? Am I going to the storage, now?”, Jumper was thinking. Amma handed Baby Achu to Nanna and checked what was wrong with Jumper. And told Jumper, ‘Dont worry, our dear Jumper. Nothing happened to you. Baby Achu only managed to pull one of your supporting cords off. I can fix it now’ and immediately fixed the Jumper. Jumper was relieved. It asked, “So, Baby Abhi will continue to jump in me?”, Amma replied, “Ofcourse”. Jumper continued, “Will you make sure Baby Achu will stay away from me?”, Amma said, “I will”.

10 thoughts on “The Story Of A Jumper

  1. hehe 😀 nice narration .. Is mama really sure that she can keep Baby Achu away from the Jumper? 🙂 While watching Baby Abhi playing in the Jumper, I am sure Baby Achu would also love to do the same again and again 🙂

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