Little Things II …

 * One morning, I come into living room with Abhi and see P is trying to change Achu’s diaper. 100% of the times, Achu doesn’t like staying in one place (You know, it’s just such a waste laying down when she could be walking and walking and walking). But, to my surprise, she is staying put and letting P do her job. The reason is the smart phone in her hand. She was talking to Tom Cat (the funny cat that repeats everything we say in funny cat tone). Achu says something, Tomcat responds. This went on until diaper changing was complete. I was finally happy that there is something that’s catching her attention now. Few mins later, Achu still has the phone, talking to tomcat. Suddenly comes to me and hands the phone back to me. She says something lie ooh..ooh..ooh. I understood what she was saying and couldn’t stop laughing. She got bored talking by herself, so she wants me to talk to the cat and then she just keeps listening. (until eternity, I think ) :).

* Abhi and Achu are great imitators. They copy all of us. They copy each other too. Half of the things Achu does are like when she is trying to copy Abhi. 🙂 The recent one from Achu is that she loves to sit on the couch, just doing nothing, you know, like us adults.

* Abhi is so interested in reading. In fact, that’s his top favourite thing. Most of the play time he will spend reading his little books. He understood how we read different books to him, so even he pretends to read something by holding the book like we do. Not just that, he has pretty awesome grasping skills to. He can identify all the objects we ask him to correctly. There is the TV, light, crow, fan, painting, flowers..etc…

* Achu on the other hand, pretends to sleep on her blanket, when we take a book to her. 🙂 But, because she wants to copy Abhi, each time we ask something, she just points her finger towards something. Sometimes even before we finish the question. Not that she doesn’t know, but she is more interested in copying her brother.

* One of the things, we have been teaching Abhi is alphabet flash cards. He got pretty good at it. Out of all the cards, he will go find the one we asked for. Yesterday, Nanny P conducted a test for Abhi and he passed with flying colors. 🙂 He identified all the cards here correctly. Each time nanny asks him “Where is the Turtle?”, he will pick that card and keep it to himself. Btw, ladybug is Abhi’s favourite.


* Guess what Achu was doing when this was happening. She was beating the walker with an empty plastic bottle and then pretending to drink from that bottle. This girl, I tell you, is going to get so many complaints from neighbors and kids. 🙂

* Abhi and Achu are trying to also copy us by talking like we do. They try to repeat the words we do. In fact, when Achu is doing her now-a-days favorite thing i.e. walking, she also goes babbling random words. Abhi is the same. Yesterday, I asked him, “Abhi, say booster seat”. Immediately he tried to repeat it and said something like ‘boootataa’. The next second, Nanny P and I are laughing so hard and you know, even Abhi was laughing at how he sounded. After that, I kept asking him the same question. Each time, he gives me a different sound and starts laughing at his own joke. 🙂

* When Abhi is busy with things like reading and playing, you may ask what Achu is doing. Well, currently her top most priority thing is to learn to run. Which is why, she is seen walking all the time. And by all the time, I mean, all the time. If we see her sitting down or crawling, we all get surprised very much. Yesterday, not sure if she got bored of just walking, she walked to spot A, sat down and started scooting backwards (imitating Abhi, may be). She would do that, go to spot B, get up, walk to Spot A and then scoot to spot B, again. 🙂 Can someone find out from her, why?

* Weather was little better yesterday evening, so we went on stroller walk. Abhi and Achu made their first trip to library (officially=they were awake). We took them to children’s section, handed them some books. They pretended to read. 🙂 Good for now, I think.

5 thoughts on “Little Things II …

  1. I want to cuddle them this moment 🙂 🙂 I am so happy on reading this post and they do lot of things in their small age 🙂 🙂 abhi rocks with identifying things 🙂 🙂 I must admit again that he is having a biggggg magnet in head 🙂 🙂 coming to achu 🙂 🙂 I am sure, out can outsmart your bro 🙂 🙂 you make me laugh with your walking activity 🙂 imaging you walking all times makes me to blush 🙂 the small feet will pain a lot baba take some rest and crawl for some time okie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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