The Weekend Post

♦ It all began when I decided to leave work early Friday evening (that would be at around 5:30) and go get some chat snacks for Murali to eat when he comes home. (He comes home at around 7 pm and there is no way I can make something tasty by then. I mean even if he were to come by 10, there wouldn’t be anything *tasty*. You get it, right?). So, P and I stop by the new chat place and get Kachori Chat,Pani Puri,Sev Puri and Dabeli togo.

♦ Somehow Abhi got the wrong impression that I was getting all these snacks for him, because he was waiting without eating anything. So, I start my own tricks to make him eat. Finally, adding yogurt to all his food works. Meanwhile, I outsourced the task of making tea to P. We dont know what she did, but, later, Murali said it tasted like something I would make. Hmm. I am the bad influence on her, I guess.

♦ I don’t want to sum up the whole weekend, before I even properly begin the weekend post, but I have to say that, Achu and Murali stole the show this week. Achu clinged to Murali for everything, even refused to come to me, you know. And the girl that has been making a ton of fuss to sleep for the last one year, slept all by herself, just because her dad put her to bed.

♦ Then, Daddy, Amma, Abhi and Achu raced in the living room. Murali and I crawled on all four, Achu walk-crawled (don’t ask me) and Abhi scoots (He doesn’t crawl, but scoots forward like a chimpanzee. Exactly like a chimpanzee. :)). Guess who came first. Well, Abhi borrowed the technique from our ancestors, so he came first. In all the tries. The only problem was that, each time, he decided where the target destination was and we just had to follow him. 🙂 Achu openly complained about this runtime destination change, but we couldn’t help her.

♦ In my last post, I only mentioned Achu will be a super woman someday, but Murali made her take the first steps Friday evening. He got her a cape. Achu is a big fan of walking, these days. Bigger ban of holding something while walking and the biggest fan of blankets. Obviously super duper uber fan of walking while holding a blanket in her hand. So, Murali just folded one of her blankets and tucked it in around her top on the back side and voila..Achu turned a super girl. She was quite busy when all her favourite things happened at once, so, she said, she didn’t find time to pick herself a cool super hero name.


♦ And then the weird thing happened. P asked Murali and me to go watch a movie (after we put kids to sleep). Murali said ‘Lets go’. I don’t think they planned this before, but it just happened. I wasnt sure if I could leave the kids at home and go watch a movie, but I knew I wanted to go watch a movie. Luckily, movie theatre is just 5 mins away, so we watched Elysium. I don’t think movie was bad, but, I didn’t enjoy it a bit. I wasnt prepared to leave the kids at home, somehow. I don’t think I even noticed what was happening on the screen for few minutes. Plus, the movie was war-like and it added to my tension. I came home and declared, I need at least a weeks notice to leave the kids that way to go out and then I was given my weekly notice for the upcoming week. 🙂

♦ I woke up Saturday morning to Murali building this and AA patiently waiting to knock it down. Abhi and Achu know the word ‘Wait’, so they usually wait when we say so, but this was something no kid can resist. I only had a chance to take few pictures and Abhi knocked it down in 5 secs.


♦ During the week, Murali and I decided to go visit the Seattle wheel, but weather Saturday was very cloudy. Plus I saw this beautiful vase of our empty. So I made up my mind to go to Wal-Mart to get some flowers for it. Ofcourse, P and I are always in favour of shopping, but Murali is not. :(. So, after lunch,we stepped out to go to seattle and luckily, the route was pretty jammed. We took a u-turn and went to Wal-Mart and I got my beautiful flowers. 🙂


♦ *** Point of at most importance *** – During the trip, Murali stepped on my feet so bad that I had so much pain when walking in the store. One of the fingers is still swollen up. 😦 And he didn’t even buy me an ice cream to compensate for what he did. Sob. Sob. Sob.

♦ On our way back home, we stopped at local Starbucks. This was Abhi and Achu’s first official trip (Last time we were here, they were sleeping in their stroller). So, they got to sit in their own couch and watch people around. Achu even gave thumbs-up to someone (We didnt teach her that before, she just did it). Abhi just put two of his fingers at right angles. Yeah, that’s how he says thumbs-up. They twisted, twirled, pushed each other in that little leather seat. They had fun, they must have finally felt happy that amma is letting them touch things around. (Yep. They touched the dusty window many many times. Hmm..Its okay Dil..)

♦ I dont remember what brought up this topic, Murali reminded me of how he used to make a ton of food for me during my pregnancy. There was his famous chole recipe that I loved. I asked him to make it again for dinner, so, we all got to eat the famous chole again. (And I made chapathi..very proud…I was at least able to avoid the trapezoid-ish shapes this time)

♦ Last Sunday will always be the special day Achu slept on her own. (Yes, this deserves a double mention. :))

♦ After kids slept in the afternoon, I sat in front of TV with a cup of coffee and watched my show on Netflix. BLISS. 🙂 🙂 :). Prepare to clap your hands for me, because after that, I prepared pakodi snack and dinner before Murali could leave. (That’s it. Clap now.)

♦ My heart always beats faster Sunday evenings. It’s that time when he has to leave. I don’t say anything much. I know it’s not right at all. I have never asked for a crazy, celebrity life style. All that I want is us living in one place, Murali and I going to work leaving Abhi and Achu with a nanny, coming home to them in the evening. It doesn’t look that much to me from my view here and yet I don’t see this happening anytime soon or without major hiccups. Is this really too much to ask for?


10 thoughts on “The Weekend Post

  1. HAhah.. Achu does look like a super woman 😉 And that was a tall structure, had to scroll twice to check it on my phone.. Aww, do plan in advance for movie or outing 🙂 Your house looks pretty, the carpets and the flower vase and frame..

  2. no ice cream for standing on the leg 😀 he he you are suchaa kiddo at times 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can see a small karate kid with in Abi 🙂 🙂 🙂 and the painting in the wall is awesome I may may may draw one like that so pluzzz don’t mind 🙂 🙂 and and and boy that flowers are too cute, 🙂 🙂 look at that super women 😀 😀 😀 touch wood 🙂 she is looking too cute in the dress 🙂 lol on avoiding the tri shape on roti 🙂 🙂 loud and thunderous clap on the work done 🙂 🙂 next time plan and go well to a super movie,

  3. Achu looks very cute. You should plan more movie outings.. your weekends and weekdays are so packed. I am sure it must be hard to find even an hour where you are sitting and doing nothing.

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