Happy Birthday Mr.Vinayaka

Last Sunday was Vinayaka Chavithi for us. I say for us, because, no matter what day of the week any festival falls on, ours is always celebrated on the weekend. Luckily, this time Vinayaka Chavithi came on the weekend, so we didn’t have to do a belated birthday party for Mr.Vinayaka. This was Abhi and Achu’s second Vinayaka Chavithi. For their first one, they were even tinier and we had them sitting in their car seats while Murali and I performed the pooja. Abhi was the cranky baby then, so he was crying and shrieking throughout the pooja. Looks like even Mr.Vinayaka was bothered with the disturbance last year, so he blessed Abhi with good behaviour and hence Abhi became the mellow baby he is now (Although, I think he is now changing back into screaming Abhi again. Watch it Mr.Vinayaka, your birthday will come again next year). Ofcourse, last year this time, Achu was the good girl and this year..hmm..lets not go there :). But, she was a very very beautiful baby this time. When I was in India, I shopped a lot, especially ethnic wear, for Abhi and Achu. Abhi is still so small that those clothes for one year old baby are way too big for him, even now. :(. So Abhi was wearing a new T-shirt and jeans. Ms.Achu dressed up in a dark green and pink Ghagra. I bought ethnic wear with minimal work, so that it will be comfortable for them. It was tough to find not so gaudy clothes for kids this age. Anyway, Achu didn’t complain, so I guess she was comfortable wearing it. Did I mention the ghagra was backless? (Hmm..Even amma never wore anything like it, Achu… :)) Along withΒ clothes, I bought various matching bangles and bindi for Achu and she wore her green and pink ghagra with mutli-colored bangles and a red bindi (which went missing like in few seconds. God knows in whose mouth it ended up. :))

A special mention to Murali for getting Abhi and Achu ready (I mean, putting their clothes on them without anything sticking out), especially for the ordeal with Achu. :). When I was going to get Achu ready, it was time for Abhi’s nap, so, I asked ‘do you want to put Abhi to bed or get Achu ready?’ He chose the second one. Apparently, wrong choice because, when I was making Abhi sleep in his crib, I could hear Murali saying things like, ‘Achu, stay here’, ‘Achu, give me your hand’, ‘Achu, where is your hand’, ‘Achu, handdddddd’,’Achhhuuuu..’ . I had a good time laughing :).

Oh! Right, It was Mr.Vinayaka’s birthday, right? Not Abhi and Achu’s. I know. I know. But, nothing can begin *properly* when Abhi and Achu are up. So, after they got ready, we put them to bed (which almost always takes forever), took bath and got into the kitchen. (Yeah, Yeah, we wore new clothes too, but, who cares about us, adults, right?). Our plan was not to dish out a tasty and exotic feast, but something minimal and edible. I completed preparing Abhi and Achu’s lunch, while P started out first and prepared kudumulu and vada. I was doing some background work for my cooking later done then, and Murali got Mr. Vinayaka all ready for the pooja.


And guess who was up by then? Abhi and Achu..yayyy..I put bangles, bindi and anklets on Achu, then (Achu, your mom got you a little bigger size bangles, because, she thought, it wont hurt you. But you see it as something you can take out as and when you want. Pch! Achu, as of now, has a good habit that when I put things back on her and say, ‘Achu, this stays on’, she leaves it alone. :)). Btw, we also tried to change her ear rings, but she was very Achu about it. So, no change in ear rings (See, Achu can fight 3 adults, She is going to be a super woman, someday). Abhi wore a small gold chain. Boys, I tell you. I have no idea what special to do for him. 😦

P and Murali (wow, super dad today, huh!!) fed Abhi and Achu while I went back to kitchen and prepared Rava Kesari (sweet), Pulihora and dal (yes, it counts too). By the time, AA finished their lunch it was some 1:30 and then we started the pooja. P, Murali and I took turns reading the slokas and the story in Sanskrit/Telugu (Me being the fastest reader and Murali being the slowwwwwwesst reader), we finished pooja in an hour, I think. Abhi and Achu were with us for some time, or playing in the living room. But, they were very curious as to what was happening in the kitchen. They both love Fire Dishipama (or haarthi, as we adults call it. :)).


It was their nap time again, by the time we finished lunch. I was so tired and wanted to sleep, But, I knew Achu wasnt going to sleep. I just can tell sometimes. And she did exactly that. We slept for a while, she was playing around the bed and then she got all monkey Achu and pretended to jump from bed. Murali woke up and took care of her, while I slept (I told you, super dad that day :)).

Rest of the day was usual, we visited a friend couple of ours. That was Abhi and Achu’s first trip to a friend’s home after we came here. One thing is ,Achu is all so active when she is at home, but the moment we go out, she becomes scared and quiet. She has that thing where she has to get comfortable with place, people and only then she will start playing. Abhi is as usual wherever he goes. Our friends had a huge huge teddy bear. Abhi liked it instantly, Achu, too, but she wont go near it. Later they both crawled around (Abhi, a little more than Achu), rested their heads on bear’s belly and posed to relax. πŸ™‚

So, anyway, Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mr.Vinayaka. I know, just like with the rest of your categoryΒ of Gods, you and I don’t get along well, but please be kind to us.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr.Vinayaka

  1. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to the Dil family πŸ™‚ I loved the pictures, Abhi Achu look so cute trying to cross the barricade, growing up fast.. πŸ™‚

  2. Wishes to you guys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ nice idea of celebrating belated birthdays if it comes in week day, lemme remember : ) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ A big tap on ji’s shoulder, he has decorated tastefully and I love the white flower in the vase πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ its super cute πŸ™‚ and I can easily see, vinayaka had a super feast πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ lil I say, they does the opposite, loved their activity during the day, wish you write more about them, I love reading their chuttithanam πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ between Achu dress is sooooo cute, I must accept its really hard to get a simple but lil grand dress for girls and its the same for boys nothing new πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ always a shirt pant 😦 first time seeing the twins they are super cute, they play silently πŸ™‚ touch wood πŸ˜›

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