Little Things I …

Every day I want to write about all the small things with Abhi and Achu. They are at that age when they grasp and learn things we teach them. It’s such a bliss to watch them show us what we teach them. Sometimes they just mock us or mock each other. It makes me more happier to see them repeat something we havent taught them. 🙂 I really was wishing that I write down more and more about all the little things, so that I can come back and read them whenever I want. So, in yesterday’s news..

♥ Weather has not been that friendly the last few days, you know the normal creepy, cloudy, cold skies are coming back here. And we don’t like it one bit. And by we, I specially  include Abhi and Achu too. You see, cold weather means no stroller walk. And Abhi and Achu love going out for a stroller walk. So, this evening when weather was good enough, P and I took them out for a walk.  Now that Achu seems to be interested in talking like us, she goes mixing random letters, makes words, some funny sounds and goes babbling all that. 🙂 Today, Achu also decided to wave hi to everyone passing by while singing her songs. Other than that walk was pretty normal today, Abhi kicked the front seat only 10 times and Achu threw her blanket away onto the road only some 4 times. So, pretty normal. 🙂

♥ We could have walked a little longer, but, I had other plans. As of today, we make food separately for Abhi and Achu. I was thinking of getting them started on eating what we eat, so that, they get something more tasty (Both of them have been making lot of fuss about eating nutritious food these days, so I guess its time). We came home early and I made spinach dal, prepared their meal. Now, you may already know that I am a terrible cook, but I have been trying to cook cautiously now that I have to feed AA the same thing. But, that doesn’t mean that items are turning out fine. So, I just add more ghee and make it tasty. Good idea. Dont you think? 🙂 Well, may be the idea was good, but Abhi and Achu didn’t think so. As per their pediatrician’s advise, I have been trying to give them more meals, because they eat less quantity each time. So, sometimes they eat and sometimes they are full from their last meal, so they say no. Today, was that day. Abhi refused food after few spoons and Achu got back to spitting food out. And mommy was dreaming of making them empty that small bowl of food. So much for mommy’s grand plan. 😦

♥ Highlight of the day was Abhi doing something on his own. We have little booster seats (that we put on the carpet) and AA eats their meals sitting in them. Last week or so, Achu sat in the seat herself and even tried to put the tray on her. :). And this evening, Abhi did it too. Abhi is kind of very special in that he doesn’t do things the usual way. Like others usually would. Achu tries to sit in the seat, like we usually do. Turns her back and pushes herself into the chair. But Abhi was sitting in the chair like, facing the chair, he gets into it and then turns 180 degrees in the chair to face us. 🙂 It was very very amusing to see him turn his little body in that little chair. 🙂 And because we were applauding him, he kept on doing it. One time, he was about to fall from the chair, trying to twist and turn himself. I had to say bye-bye and put the seat away to stop him.

♥ Another accomplishment today has been, Abhi sitting down on his own. While Achu has been very busy crawling, walking, sitting, standing, twisting, turning, rolling, pushing, pulling (you get the gist, right), Abhi has been doing things a different pace. So, now, he can stand all my himself, but he didn’t know how to sit. Each time, he is done standing, one of us makes him sit. 🙂 When he was little and learning to roll over, he would roll over onto his tummy, but couldn’t roll himself back, so, one of us to had turn him back. 🙂 Looks like he is following a trend there. Anyway, today, all of sudden, he figured how to make himself sit, all by myself. He was doing this holding onto couch, but at least it’s a start.

♥ And in Achu news, she had a pretty normal day. No, no. Let me correct. She had a normal Achu day. You know the one in which, she demands that, everything in the house is her toy, Amma is 1000% hers (and specifically not Abhi’s), that all of her toys are hers and all of Abhi’s toys are hers, that she be not asked to eat anything, not asked to sleep. Wait..I think this should be another post. :). There is just that much to write. 🙂


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