Great Patient

When I am at work, it’s never a calm moment when I receive a phone call from our nanny. I always think something went wrong. Otherwise why would the nanny call? Fortunately, first 3 or 4 times she called on my phone it was to remind me of something baby related or ask me about their schedule etc. Last Wednesday afternoon, I just came back after having lunch with V ( where we were discussing something that conflicts with what I had to take for the rest of the day, but, that’s another story). We had some office party that afternoon, which I was going to skip to get some work done. Just about when I unlocked my machine, I got a call from our nanny. She started saying something about Abhi standing next to a kitchen gate, he losing balance and falling on his hand, something I didn’t quite understand because byt then, with that story I thought Abhi was hurt pretty bad. She said, she thinks Abhi hurt his hand, he is not crying anymore, but he doesn’t want to move his hand. I know I overreact most of the times, exaggerate what could have really happened to Abhi or Achu, so I asked if we should take him to the hospital. Nanny said she doesn’t know but maybe that he is hurt. I was thinking, maybe he got scared and is not moving his hand after he fell. I wasn’t really serious about taking him to the hospital that moment, but I had to see him, see him for myself. So I told nanny I was coming home. On the way, I called nurses’ office and asked for an appointment. Nurse said they have different rules to diagnose a fracture and I have to call back with exact symptoms to confirm and then schedule an appointment. ( I never understand how these hospitals work. I mean, atleast for kids, don’t they want to checkup and be sure the kid is okay? 😦 ) I wasn’t surprised, anyway. I have seen too many of these things by now, so I just rushed home. I drove faster than I normally would or I ever did. Just wanted to go home, see Abhi and hold him.

When I reached home, nanny was holding Abhi. Achu was being herself, roaming around, screaming, walking….doing everything. Whenever I go home, both, Abhi and Achu, are soooo excited to see me. They always crawl towards me (even competing with each other 🙂 ). Achu saw me, let out a happy scream and was coming towards me and Abhi was very silent, just staring at me, not excited at all. That was my first clue that he wasn’t well. Abhi, does occasionally get scared and cry, but he is usually okay in few minutes. This time, he continued to be silent. I went to him, held him, took him into the patio. He seemed to be doing fine, but wasn’t really moving his left hand. I asked nanny what happened exactly and she told me the story again. I guess, this time, I actually heard what she was saying. It did seem like he wasn’t super hurt, but something wasn’t right. When I showed Abhi wind chimes, he showed interest, moved his left hand, but wasn’t raising it to touch the chimes. He started using his right hand for everything after that. When I bent his hand a little, he wasn’t fine with that. I called the nurses office again, let nanny explain how he exactly fell. There was no bruising or swelling, so the nurses office was reluctant ( 😦 ) to see him, but they finally asked us to come over.

We reached the hospital, I was sure that Abhi didn’t have anything really bad, because he let me put on the seat belt etc without complaining. After few minutes, doctor came over, we repeated narrating the whole incident again. She said it could still be a fracture or probably that his elbow was dislocated, but we have to get an x-ray, either way, to be sure. And I didn’t want him to go through the x-ray stuff. You know, just the thought of Abhi having one was scary enough. :(. (Now, I feel really stupid for saying no). So I asked, if he really had a fracture, wouldn’t he be in pain? Abhi, was looking very calm, not excited much, but not like he was in pain. Dr. started checking out Abhi’s hand. So thankfully Abhi let the dr. examine his hand without any complaints (I think, if that would have been Achu, there would be no way she would let anyone hold her hand. 🙂 ). This time, luckily dr. said she also thinks it wasn’t a fracture and she could try correcting the dislocation, but she needed our consent (if the bone was broken, its bad to try twisting the arm). Both nanny and I agreed. (Each time I think about this, I feel more and more stupid for bluntly agreeing because of my gut feeling or because I didn’t want to see his bone broken 😦 )

Dr. wanted me to sit Abhi on my lap and asked me to hold him tight. Some times, I can get few things done with Abhi or Achu, only because I don’t think about it. Like now, my mind automatically stopped thinking about what Abhi would be feeling. I have no idea how I do that, but I am really thankful I do that. That moment, I was only focusing on holding him straight. Taking care of what he needs than crying myself about his pain. Correcting the displacement only took like few seconds, that time, I really didn’t think what Abhi would feel and it was all over. I did feel the bone click its position back into place. I actually heard it (and can still hear it 😦 ). Abhi cried for like few seconds, I showed him around the room and he was fine in no time. Thankfully it was all over. Dr said, because it happened once, there are good chances that it might happen again and we have to be really careful. She also gave Abhi a ‘Great Patient’ sticker. :). Abhi totally deserved it for being so calm during the exam. Had he been any crying, dr would have asked to see the x-ray first. And I don’t know how I would have survived that. Anyway, just glad it was all over. The real trouble for me, always starts, after I process what actually happened. Now, each time, I think about Abhi in pain or how he bared the pain for over an hour or what he felt during the treatment., I go silently crying. I cant imagine his little body feeling that pain. I really feel more and more pain each time I think about this. He was really a brave boy. Wasn’t he?

Here is sticker Abhi got from the dr. Abhi baby, Thank you for being such a brave and lovely baby, but I hope you will never have to go through this ever ever ever again. Be strong, healthy and happy always.



16 thoughts on “Great Patient

  1. awwww!!! I was close to tears while reading!! He deserves the sticker and How patience he is in this small age, and you, boy how bravely you have reacted, if I were put up on this front, seriously I would have cried and cursed that, that second was a dream!! I would have acted just like achu, I can’t see the kids being in pain, no mother can digest, but still isn’t it hard to tackle this situation! I don’t know how come you managed to hold him, Hugs to you, hope Abhi never undergoes this type of difficult situation in near future.

    This Doctors acts too difficult, how come it is so easy for us to check while we are at the top of panic mode! I seriously couldn’t understand till now, what if we decide wrongly, and they take our words seriously and they pursue the treatment!! arrrggghhhhh, at times I feel indian hospital prevent us from this type of struggles!!!!

    Stay blessed kid, never put forth yourself in suchaa case! hugs to you abhi, you proved the age is no bar for being patience!!! mwaahhhh

  2. Hey be careful dear.. If you leaving the kids with the nanny, make sure she is alert.. And I guess anyways you should get an X-Ray done just to check if everything is fine… I understand your appreciation, but its better to get it done 🙂

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