Summer Evenings….Stroller Walks

The main reason we moved to the same place as we used to live before is that Murali and I love the trail that runs right next to our community. Its all paved. Very popular with families, joggers and bikers. So, when P and I come home in the evenings and are done giving Abhi and Achu their dinner, we put them in their double stroller and head straight for a stroller walk with the babies. It was very very good to get out of the house (because we were mostly house arrested in Hyderabad because of weather, dust and people). I was feeling relieved that I could step out of the house and enjoy some time to myself. And Abhi and Achu love the stroller walk too.

This trail is really pretty both on summer days and cloudy days.

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There is a water trail that runs next to the actual trail and Abhi and Achu love watching the little ducks near the water. If P and I decide to take another route on the trail, Achu now insists that we go near the water and see the ducks. She cant really say Quack Quack yet, but she picked up some sound of it and goes cack..cack..cack.. 🙂

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Both Abhi and Achu can point at things they know now and as soon as we say stroller walk, their little fingers point at the stroller parked near the main door. Abhi may stop there and look at us like, ‘Can we go now, pleaseeeee?’, but, Achu wants us to stop whatever we are doing and head out for the walk. No matter what time. One evening , when P and I got home, Abhi and Achu were eating their dinner. P said, “Yayyyy! Stroller walk after you guys finish eating”. Unfortunately, Abhi and Achu heard the line only until Stroller walk. 🙂 Abhi kept pointing at the stroller, while Achu was trying to kick her high chair and find way out of it. :). (Yeah. She can shake the whole thing.)

Weather here, now-a-days is beautiful, and the evenings are so lovely and pleasant. Abhi and Achu sit in their stroller and watch everything. Occasionally they dose off (if they miss their afternoon naps), but otherwise they would stay awake and active all the time. While they are busy that way, P and I keep chatting about every thing in the world.  Fulfilling one thing on my wish list, I have been wearing nice summer dresses after I came here. I think, P would kill me if I wear anything not-so-nice. Its been a while I wore my jeans to work (which was my normal wear always), but I am enjoying the new clothes and the feel that I am looking better (On a side note, now that I lost very few pounds, I do seem to think that I lost a lot and can fit into anything. Hmm…Not true… 😦 )

Once in a while we finish our grocery, clothes etc. shopping during the walk time. Abhi and Achu don’t complain… I guess they just need to be sitting in the stroller and taken out. Well, until they learn to insist to do only particular thing (which, as I can see, is not too far away 🙂 ), we will just keep taking them out for walk where ever we want to go. I just wish this beautiful weather lasts forever.

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Phew!! We are back. Back from Hyderabad and the tiring trips. I have so many things to say and nothing specific I want to write about now. Just saying Hi. Our trips went mostly as planned. Best part, according to me, was the hike to Tirumala by foot with Abhi and Achu. Climbing the first hill was so bad, but, after that, it all went fine. End of the day, It as very proud of what we accomplished. Murali and I didn’t get sick, but kids caught cold and cough. Two weeks Murali was in Hyderabad, we did all the official activities we planned. I didn’t get to take a night off and go sleep somewhere quiet, but , I guess, in reality, I wasn’t expecting that to happen anyway, so I wasn’t disappointed. I should write more about those two weeks. Flight back to Seattle was as usual. Good thing, as I see it now, is that all those things are over now. We are back to our home. Murali is back to Vancouver and is visiting us on the weekends. P is with me and she is ton of help. P and Abhi are officially room mates now. :). They even wear matching dresses once in a while, you know, just to show off :D.  I thought life was returning to normal when something freaky shook me up again. And then you know what happens, right? We just adjust and get back to being normal. So, that’s what I am now. By the way, I got back to work two weeks ago, things are slow for now (touch wood), but I have pretty big projects coming up soon, so I will get more busy. As of today, we are trying to find a new nanny for Abhi and Achu. This time, hopefully we will find a good one.

Abhi, Achu, P and I are so looking forward to the weekends, because Murali will be here and we plan (and sometimes actually do) fun things to do.

Hope you all are doing great.