Busy and Crazy times are here. We have so many things back to back. Phew! I am at least, feeling excited about them now. Also, I am trying to write down as much as possible, even it will be in drafts, I do wanted to make the next few days memorable, so, I will try doing that. But, I am afraid I will be missing out on reading all you guys. I promise, as soon as I find time, I will stop by and catch up. Have fun!


July 2013

I am soooo looking forward to …

… Receiving Murali at the airport (yayy!! I already decided what I am going to wear :)).

… Watching Abhi and Achu’s expression seeing Murali after some 3+ months.

… Wearing my wedding saree (for the second time) at the homam.

… Getting lots and lots of pictures of Abhi and Achu clicked at the party (I am thinking I can have some laminated).

… Watching Murali eat Mirchi bajji and say mmmmmmm.. 🙂

… Clicking a picture of Murali, Abhi and Achu holding a Mirchi Bajji each. 🙂 (I will make sure they wont eat it…They will definitely try. )

… Doing the by foot trip to Tirumala from Tirupathi. (Hope it will go well. 😦 )

… Seeing how Achu challenges the  barber guy when he tries to shave her head 🙂 (Achu hates when someone touches her hair).

… Shopping at the tiny little road side stores on the Tirumala streets.

… Wearing all my pretty dresses I brought in the last month.

… Eating again at Paradise, Minerva and Emeralds with Murali.

… Drag Murali to jewellery store and buy something. (Not that I am interested in buying jewellery but the recent times I was dragged to these stores along with my family and relatives, Abhi, Achu and I were mostly sitting in the corner watching, while everyone else was buying something. So, this time, even I want Murali to buy me something. )

… Taking a night off from kids and just go sleep somewhere (All that I want to do is sleep on a big bed, watch TV (without mute On), and eat breakfast in bed).

… Going back to our home where Abhi and Achu will grow up and making more sweet memories.

… Finishing setting up our home, buying new decor and decorating our home again.

… Getting Abhi and Achu adjusted to the new surroundings, new house and people around.

… Getting a pedicure, facial, watching movie, shopping trips etc etc etc with P.

… Celebrating and Wishing Abhi and Achu a Very Very Happy Birthday on the 24th. Yayy.. My little people will be turning one this month. 🙂 La la la la la…


July is here and it doesn’t look good. (yeah. I known its only been 2 days). I fell sick on Day 1. I got dehydrated, no solids and was feeling very tired. And today, P is leaving for Seattle. Believe me, I have been trying to stay upbeat about July and the next few months, from a long time. I try to see the happy little things I will be doing when I am back. I imagine everything will go super smooth. Even when I fell sick, I took it as a good sign that I can finally get some rest while someone else attended to Abhi and Achu. With P leaving, I am glad, she is at least coming to Seattle. But some weak moment, the reality strikes and I realize what next few months could be like. I will have to be everything I do now, plus go back to working full-time, handle house chores and not to mention, have in-laws around (Honestly, If they don’t turn out to be what I am thinking they will be, I will be first to apologize). Add to all this, Abhi and Achu’s constant changes. Abhi hasn’t been sleeping well for the last 2 weeks. Everyday, I rock him to sleep, just like I do with Achu. He wakes up 2 or 3 times too, waking Achu up. I was hoping it was just a phase, but its turning out to be a new change in him. I was hoping by the end of my vacation time here, Achu will get close to sleeping like Abhi does, but whats happening is the other way round. he is refusing to eat. Crying a lot because he wants to be held all the time. I don’t know how in the next few months, Abhi and Achu will start shaping up without having me around. We haven’t found a nanny yet and I am in, no way, favor of leaving kids alone with super pampering grandparents who wont set any limits. I am worried about how I will transition back to work after all these, how I will be able to focus, knowing that I am not there taking care of Abhi and Achu. I am worried about the night time wakings. I am worried about they skipping their feedings. I am worried about them falling sick and how I will be able to handle it. Murali will be gone for another 3 months, and 3 months is an super optimistic deadline for his project. I am worried about the whole transition. The whole transition after we came to Hyderabad really messed me up, so I can not stop worrying about every tiny thing. I made a list of little things I am looking forward to, just trying to make myself feel better. But I didn’t feel like finishing it. Maybe I should and tell myself again that it will all go smooth.

Baby Tricks

Abhi and Achu are at that age where I can teach them something and they respond to me. Its so much fun when they repeat the little things, each at their own pace and in their own style. 🙂

* Abhi loves loves bath time. I can see him getting excited from the moment I take him to the bath tub. He used to hold onto the bath tub sides earlier, but now he feels secure about the bath time that he will go round and round sitting in the bath tub, touching water, rubbing soap on his tummy, stopping the water flow etc. I leave the tumbler with little water in it and each time he empties it on himself, looks at me and laughs. :).

* While I am dressing up Abhi, Achu will crawl to us to apply moisturizer over Abhi’s tummy. I leave a little cream there and she goes rubbing it all over Abhi’s tummy. Of course, sometimes she ends this with little patting and then I have to tell her it’s enough. 🙂

* When Achu thinks that she doesn’t want some toy around her, she grabs it and throws it away. Even when Abhi is playing with that toy, she grabs it from him and throws it away. Now-a-days she has progressed to the next level by grabbing everything Abhi has and starts playing with it. Even if I had offered her the same toy couple of seconds ago and she refused taking it then, the moment the same toy is in Abhi’s hand, she grabs it away from him.

* Abhi is reciprocating the same these days. He is trying to grab whatever Achu has, pulls her hair when he can. During the play time, they grab every toy from both sides and keep pulling it towards themselves. Poor things those toys; If they had any life, they would be getting tortured every hour.

* One of Abhi and Achu’s favorites is switching lights on and off. They notice light bulb turning on and off and their face glows so much. Now, Abhi tries to turn the light on himself, he simply touches the switch and looks at why the light wasn’t turning on. 🙂 See, you cant blame this gen kid to not expect that the switch was a just a touch button.

* Abhi probably saw me cleaning a spill with the wash cloth and he knows I wipe his mouth with it too, so when he found a wash cloth, he tried to wipe the floor, one of his toys and also his mouth. See, I told you he was mommy’s little helper. :). Now, Achu does the same too. But I am sure she learnt it from the maid, because she goes on cleaning the entire room while crawling with the wash cloth in one hand.

* I read that babies learn through repetition. Abhi and Achu are just  realizing that they can do what Murali and I have been showing them for last couple of months. I show them things like namasthe, bye bye, govinda, left, right etc. They are only trying to repeat some of these for now, but the sequence amuses them like nothing else.

*  Sometime back, Murali said that Achu will learn by doing and Abhi will learn by observing. He is so right. There are few things I was doing with Achu and Abhi learnt and started doing them by just observing. Like, when Achu was able to sit by herself,  I used to leave her on bed and was teaching her something like, I say, Dhamaal Dhamaal Dhamaal and she falls back on bed. That time, Achu didn’t pick it up, but few weeks later, I said that to Abhi, just for fun, and he fell  back. I was so surprised. I didn’t know he was observing something even when I wasn’t teaching him. You know, he will only fall back when he is on bed. On hard floors, no way. 🙂

* Abhi, Achu can both wave bye-bye, clap and wipe their hands like cleaning them. Achu, the Curious George, picks everything off of floor now, after she throws whatever-it-was away, I say, Achu clean and she goes wiping her hands. 🙂

* I can point to some object, say its name and when I later ask Abhi, he will look at it. He has been doing so well with tagging names to objects. He can now point to some 20 different things in our house. (For my record, he can show monkeys, Murali’s picture, TV, Fan, Grapes, Radio, TomnJerry picture, cooker, microwave, All-out, Tiger etc). But, somehow he refuses to identify people.  When I ask him for something that is not in the room, he will look in the room’s direction. He also has a pretty good sense of where he is in the room, because no matter where I put him, he will turn in the right direction to point at the object.

* If anyone is keeping track of youngest little people to own a phone, let me know. I need to enroll Abhi in. Because he sure does own my smart phone. There is a baby top app on the phone that he loves to play with; He listens to music, even changes songs; Or he just holds it like he really owns it. Even when he is not doing anything particular, he just loves to touch the screen and see things change by touch.

* Achu is becoming the super imitator of all. Last week, Abhi was coughing, so dad gently patted his back. Achu, then, immediately crawls to Abhi and starts patting him on his back too. 🙂 If only, she was gentle, I would have called it love for her brother. 🙂


OMG! Look. Look. Look What happened. I adjusted my expectations. You know, part of my letting go problem. It seems like I have taken a step towards letting it go. It’s just not that I lowered my expectations, but the important thing is that I seem to be doing fine after that. Finally, whatever signals brain was sending out have reached the heart. And apparently, now I can even write a story about the funny and stupid thoughts.. 🙂

This was in connection with an event that was supposed to happen next month. I was savouring my 20 minutes of rest at night before Achu will wake up (again!) and I started dreaming of this upcoming event and how it could be. Not that I dreamt of something very unrealistic, but, just for fun, lets say, I wanted three live dinosaurs. And then, suddenly, P popped up. You know, like in the small cloud above my head. Yes, she was wearing white clothes, but for some reason she had the maggi baal hairstyle 🙂 (Hmm. That seems to be common in all the babajis. Isnt it?). She then held her right palm, started nodding her head and said

‘Bhaktha Dil…Remember what we talk about almost everyday. Adjust your expectations’.

The real me, of course knew P was right. So, I started thinking,

‘Well, may be..I can do with two dinosaurs. Right?’.

Dreamy Dil started acting again. (Yes, she was wearing white, angel feathered dress too, but she had gorgeous hair. :)), She screamed,

‘No Dil. Remember our dream.’

Hmm. I thought for a second and remembered the dream. That moment, another cloud popped up (surprise..me again..) and the very realistic Dil said..

‘Mmm..That’s not happening. Remember blah..blah..blah.’

and quoted a past experience. I looked at dreamy Dil and said..

‘Sorry dear…You lose this time’.

She replied..

‘Okay. Maybe just two dinosaurs??? 😦 ‘.

Before I could say something, P came back..she was wearing the devil’s red and black cape, teeth and horns this time. She hit me on my head once –

‘Lower..Even lower’.

I sighed. Realistic Dil was nodding looking at P. Dreamy Dil started crying..

‘No. You are killing it all’.

I guess my mind was already made up, so I ignored dreamy Dil..

‘Shhh..Okay..only one dinosaur’.

Dreamy Dil continued to cry and before I could say anything else..P hit me on my head again and started chanting..


Realistic Dil joined her too. I looked at Dreamy Dil and said

‘Well, we do have our super awesome dream world. We will live there for ever. Okay?’.

She didn’t fight anymore. She left; Sadly, of course. I turned to P and said

‘Okay. Fine. You win. No dinosaurs needed. Whatever’.

All sorts of clouds and Dils were gone after that. Not because the conversation was over, but because Achu was up and screaming. 🙂