A Very Happy Birthday

I love love love celebrating birthdays. In fact, any special occasion.  I think these are just extra occasions for us to be happy and have more fun. I had the best birthdays when I was in Hyderabad  My love for a special birthday celebration increased over the last few years. So last year, when Abhi and Achu were 2 months old, it was my mom’s birthday. I got her a pearl necklace. I didn’t leave her any clues about the birthday plans. We took her to temple and when we came back I asked her to wait for a while in the car with some excuse and rushed upstairs to arrange the surprise cake, balloons and her gift. She came upstairs with Abhi and Achu after few minutes and was so surprised.  I actually also asked my dad to be ready and on Skype to say surprise with me, but dad couldn’t be there on time as he was travelling. Anyway, mom had a good surprise.

 IMG_2695 IMG_2681

Mom was shy saying she was old to celebrate birthdays that way but I insisted. When I say a celebration, all that I mean is a cake, new dresses, wishes from everyone,  gifts, pictures and lots of love.  How can anyone can ever be old to celebrate such way?

Anyway, how special that occasion must be when the birthday girl is a new mom. Gosh! I don’t know what it is, but, just the thought of celebrating a first birthday as mother just brings tears to my eyes. It’s supposed to be the best birthday ever. My friend P had that birthday yesterday. I was so glad to see her have a birthday just the way she would love it. She was the happiest I have ever seen her. She had gifts from everybody ( one even named from her baby 🙂 ), her dress looked so elegant, she was really the happiest. They couldn’t go out to eat as the baby was still small, so they had good food at home. Had such a great time. Her only concern was that someone really really close to her gave her a really simple gift. We initially told ourselves that its the thought that counts, but later when we saw the price tag still attached to it and how cheap the gift was, we were just wishing that this person didn’t gift anything at all. She was upset but compared to rest of her day she wasn’t bothered much.

Here is to wishing everyone more and more fun celebrating birthdays….


8 thoughts on “A Very Happy Birthday

  1. that was a nice surprise for your mom. I want to do something like that for my mom too sometime. I love birthdays and surprises but unfortunately, hubby doesnt know how to surprise 😦

  2. If I were in your mommy place I would have cried in happiness for the surprise 🙂 🙂 : ):) I love the balloon glued near to cake 🙂 🙂 lovely moment 🙂 glad that you captured!!!!! and very very happy happy birthday to your friend 🙂 🙂 hope she had a great day 🙂 🙂 people at times make this mistake of taking the price tag 😦 😦 and low end gift from a expecting person always turns down 😦 hope she forget that 🙂 🙂

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