Expecto Patronum

See, its simple. When we have to fight death eaters, we must fill ourselves with happy thoughts and then we can drive the death eaters away. So, in the context of me fighting Achu’s sleep issues, let me try write some happy and cute moments of what I find lovely about Abhi and Achu’s sleep.

  • Now that Achu sort of starts her sleep in my lap, each time she feels sleepy, she comes and rests her head on my legs. Last time I had Abhi sitting in my lap and Achu wanted to sleep, she came and rested her head on my ankle. 🙂
  • Achu loves loves loves blankets. As soon as she sees one (even if she already has one or the blanket is on Abhi), she grabs it and pretends to sleep on it.
  • Because she is very mobile, Achu now sleeps on a mattress on the floor (I can’t get anything like a crib for her here) and one of her favorite pass times before sleeping is watching the shadows on the wall. She, somehow, figured out that the shadow is from her hands, so she moves her little fingers and keeps watching the shadow change.
  • Although my goal is make her sleep all by herself, for now, I have to sit next to Achu because she will crawl away from her bed. I stack up a bunch of pillows in all needed directions and she continuously tries to knock them down and get out. She cries after trying for sometime but doesn’t give up. 🙂 She eventually wins. It’s really impressive to see her efforts.
  • Abhi now likes to sleep at right angles, so he is sleeping next to me and his feet are almost always in my face.
  • Abhi and Achu both move so much in their sleep. They twist, turn, roll over in all possible directions. Abhi will eventually settle on his side, where as Achu likes to sleep on her tummy (with the big blanket under her tummy).
  • Achu sings her own lullabies, sometimes. It goes like “Ungai Lai Lai” in a continuous loop.
  • Last time I was trying to put Abhi and Achu to sleep, I ran out of lullabies so I started singing Jingle Bells…I even joked to myself that by the time they sleep, it might anyway be Christmas time.
  • Abhi’s current favorite sleep song is “Chitti Jabili” from the movie Kadali.  It plays in loop until he sleeps. Even when I just repeat the words “Chitti Jabili”, anytime of the day, Abhi turns into all smiles. 🙂
  • Abhi and Achu have two sleep toy pets. I am hoping that they would associate the toy with sleep and fall asleep on their own. Achu’s is called JoJo Kutti and Abhi’s is called JoJo Kitti.

Sleep war is still on and is getting worse by day. Please wish us good luck. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Expecto Patronum

  1. he he !!!! I am laughing to the core 🙂 I love the craze for blanket!!!! Abhi is too poor on this 😀 I wish you can put this as a chart in near future 🙂 ) they will blush for sure 🙂

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